Saturday Small Talk: Ranbir! Is He The Worst, or, alternatively, The Worst?

I don’t care that I am anti-meanspirited gossip and so on and so forth! Ranbir is the exception! As he is so proud of telling us, he is Different From Other Stars.

Unconfirmed rumor that he and Shraddha are not promoting their movie together because they had an affair during filming, while Alia was pregnant. THE WORST. (thank you Kirre for alerting me to this)

Confirmed quote from recent interview in which he, once again, lowkey negs his wife:

“I told Alia I hope she (Raha) looks like you. She will be a nicer-looking person if she looks like you. I just hope she has my personality and not your personality,” Ranbir said during an interview with GoodTimes.

He described his wife as having a “very loud personality…she talks a lot; she is very vivacious.” He added, “Now I think two girls like this at home would be quite a daunting task for me. So, I hope Raha is quiet like me so that we both can handle Alia.”

My take: Okay, really, is there ANY WAY, you can read this as okay? At heart, it’s saying “I hope my kid isn’t like my partner”, right? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that. Because, don’t you love your partner? Wouldn’t you be happy to have more people like them in the world? Also, “Handle Alia”????

Oh, and he’s telling this as a story of what he straight up said to Alia? “I hope your daughter isn’t like you”? EESH!!!

Final thought, I was gonna ask parents out in DCIB land if they ever said things like this as parents, and then I realized they probably weren’t so much “boy I hope my 4 month old baby doesn’t talk to much” as “boy I hope my 4 month old baby stays healthy and happy and everything else I don’t care”. SHEESH!!!!

Okay, now y’all talk about that and try to find a way in which it is okay.

Honestly, I find the quote more disgusting than the rumor.

UPDATE: I just realized, the normal reaction to someone being a parent of a 4 month old is “well, they are so sleep deprived they are essentially delirious”. Not Ranbir! He’s promoting his movie, while Alia is filming (4 months after birth!) and taking care of the baby on location. He’ll see the baby…sometime. Whenever. When he takes a break. Probably depends on if the baby is too loud.


22 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Ranbir! Is He The Worst, or, alternatively, The Worst?

  1. Parent to a 7 year old here. For someone that young the norm is to cutely hope the kid is like the other parent or the best of both – not neg your partner using your just-born child!! Also lbr Alia is barely 4 months postpartum and the postpartum months are just as if not more stressful so IMO it’s even worse?

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    • Another thing that occurs to me, the parents I know of babies, by 4 months the baby had a personality. Like, a baby personality, but still something. You’re no longer saying “I hope the baby is —–” you are saying “she laughs all the time! And she loves to be around people. But she gets overstimulated and needs her alone time too”. Maybe when it’s, like, a 3 day old lump you can say “I wonder what it will be like”, but at 4 months that’s a little person there already.

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  2. Ohhh I saw the ‘hope the baby doesn’t have Alia’s personality’ bit and I wanted to come here to bitch about it but didn’t have time!

    It was a horrible thing to say! I’ve never heard anyone saying anything like it in public – maybe I can see a private joke about it (?) but saying it right in public like that is nasty. Ranbir is even worse than I thought he was, so he’s the worst-worst.

    As for rumours, they’re always circulating so I dunno, but if true he’s the WORST.

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      • More than the other articles THIS – having a writer compose your messages to your fiance – this is weird.

        The other stuff… Well we want all people to be super sweet and nice, but sometimes they aren’t. A messy bathroom does bother a lot of people. I would not want to marry Ranbir. But at the same time, there are plenty of people who are not sweet and nice in happy marriages. He is being honest about what bothers him. We are not used to honesty from famous people. He is an imperfect human, but his own father was so terrible he probably thinks he is a gem because he isn’t abusive and drunk. Alia loves him. Most marriages have kinks to work out. He can grow, if he doesn’t grow as a human I don’t think the marriage will work out, because Alia is young enough that she will DEFINITELY grow. She won’t be fawning over him forever.

        Attachment theory – your first attachments affect your relationships throughout life. I’m pretty sure Ranbir didn’t start out with secure attachments.


        • Hmm. You know what it is? It’s that he is using Alia in particular as a public punching bag. He never says anything bad about his friends, his directors, his relatives. But apparently it’s open season on his wife. Again, if this was not a movie star, and I were at a social event where someone spent their whole time talking about the things they don’t like in their partner, while the partner silently smiled, I would be…concerned.


  3. I have a brother in law with mental health issues. He is in therapy, but he can be so charming I’m not sure the therapists really get a sense of what is going on. I think he may have borderline personality? Think Crazy ex girlfriend, but where instead of actually having a terrible family you are terrible to your family but blame them for all your problems. But this brother has a tick in that he talks ALL THE TIME. And I remember, being pregnant with my first child, and saying out loud that I really hoped he wasn’t like this brother-in-law. I can’t NOT pay attention to people, so being around non-stop talkers is exhausting for me.

    I’m gonna read all the article links in your post and in Kirre’s comments. But I do remember thinking their marriage was not going to go well when Alia said she could LEARN SO MUCH from Ranbir. It seemed like a giant red flag. He wants to be adored, she adores. But fawning adoration doesn’t last the years. And I suspect Ranbir has always been told he is special, and that he had a terrible model of what marriage is. I’m hoping he is really good in bed, hopefully the women in his life get some pleasure out of their time spent with him.


    • I should also say, that if I want to be generous, Ranbir is showing the world that new parenthood is scary. We are all so scared of failure. His willingness to express his fears is probably healthy.


      • Eh. I think fear that your child will have a personality you dislike is one thing, still sticking on the “and that personality is my wife’s” part of it.


    • You are such a nice person, finding the goodest interpretation. I will just point out that it is very different to say “I hope my child isn’t like this random relative” versus “I hope my child isn’t like the person I have chosen to spend my life with and claim to love”.


  4. I don’t understand why he keeps talking. Like really, who cares about what your wife does in bathroom? Especially when none of you have to clean this mess coz you’re rich and have maids.
    He is all “I like to be mysterious, and don’t even have social media” and then tells all this private stuff to journalists.


    • I would say “maybe he just comes off really terribly in interviews” except, again, it’s always Alia who bears the brunt of his bad interviews. Also, you can LEARN to give good interviews! Like, if he saw what he was saying as a problem, he could practice responses in advance and put restrictions on topics and stuff.


      • He isn’t a young inexperienced newcomer. Its 20 years he has been giving interviews. At that point I think he is stupid and unable to learn.


        • Yep. Aamir is bad at interviews, Salman is bad at interviews, Hrithik is bad at interviews. And they all recognized that about themselves and worked on it and figured out how to make it work. Okay, not Salman so much, but he figured out how to make it work by just not doing a lot of interviews.


      • Yes, it’s always Alia, and earlier it was Katrina, and sometimes Anushka. Everytime he talks he must say something stupid about his partner or female co-star. Is it insecurity, misogyny, malice or stupidity?
        I think his PR team should write “Speak good or remain silent”on his hand before every interview.


  5. Few days ago an old Neetu’s interview resurfaced, where she talked about Ranbir’s mischiefs in childhood, one of them was pushing a maid, who couldn’t swim, to the pool . And today I saw an article about a “prank” he made Priyanka during Anjana Anjani filming – she was in the ocean, and he was supposed to jump to help her, but instead he decided to move the boat and see what will happen. Fortunately Priyanka is a good swimmer, and nothing happened. The source said Ranbir was angry that the prank wasn’t succesful.


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