Important Discussion: Is SRK’s Neckline Too Low in His New Photos?

How low is too low? Is there a too low? Does it depend on the context, the rest of the outfit, etc. etc. etc.? These are the things we need to discuss.

Thank you Angie for alerting me to new FilmFare photos!

I will start the discussion by, controversially, arguing “Too Low”

If it were just a shirt and jeans, I would be okay with it. But with the necklace and the jacket, and the black pants, it feels like “black black black SKIN” in a way that is beneath him.

Also, the teased out lock of hair looks sleazy.

Overall, it’s giving me “try hard uncle at wedding trying to be cool and hit on women too young for him”. Instead of “cool confident uncle at wedding who all the women are hitting on”


25 thoughts on “Important Discussion: Is SRK’s Neckline Too Low in His New Photos?

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  2. Yup that would look much better. In a related note, does he have any control over what he wears at these shoots? I feel like he’s often said w/r to film that he trusts the Director and makes very few changes, offers few opinions. Bc he basically wants to wear black cargo pants and a t-shirt is it likely that someone put him in this outfit and he’s like ‘whatever, it’s the art director’s vision?’


    • Hmmm. The few stories I’ve heard about the shoots make me think it’s mostly the photographer’s vision. Very rarely he will offer suggestions. I remember for the Suspenders shoot, there was this deal about the Suspenders being the photographer’s vision and Shahrukh going along with it. But also, it might be that he is raiding his own closet for clothes? Like, I could believe this particular black t-shirt was his own already (the man does love a low neckline), but putting it with the jacket and necklace and those pants and the weird hair was the photographer/stylist.


  3. I kind of see why you think it’s too low, logically. However, the only reason it MIGHT work is that as soon as the page loaded, my brain went, “whoops, looks like Margaret uploaded a picture of Aryan instead!” And if it were Aryan, it works…so the fact that he can be mistaken for Aryan so easily here may make it work?

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  4. There was a huge Ambani event this evening in Mumbai, full of stars. Shahrukh’s family was also present, but without him. They was posing with Salman. But I think that he will come also and this is his look for the event.

    I personally love Shahrukh’s look and find him so hot. The neckline is not too low, it’s perfect.


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  6. There is this idea in fashion where you always leave something to the imagination. I feel that’s generally what I consider is sexy as these are people who will always tease but always leave things to the imagination. These photos while hot are not better than SRK in Jab Harry Met Sejal, Don 2, Dear Zindagi,etc. I completely agree that these are too low and doesn’t give SRK his general aura.


  7. Saw this photo on twitter when for some reason only the point of the neckline was showing, and I came here fully prepared to say “Yep. Too low.” but then when I saw his whole face and everything I just couldn’t do it. He looks perfect.

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  8. He looks impeccable in this – the styling and the outfit.

    That being said, it’s giving me “HNW greaser at a nightclub”, the kind that hang out in bottle service with their crew and never get on the dance floor. It’s not giving me “movie star”. Maybe he’d look more mysterious if he looked askance instead of directly into the camera.


  9. Margaret you need to make a Monday post so I can get excited about Arjun Kapoor’s new mullet.

    Also, I unsurprisingly love the plunging cleavage (and the necklace! It’s beautiful. I’m almost annoyed it’s not tacky) and this is one of the rare times I’ve fancied SRK.


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