News Round Up: Salman Supports Heroines, Shahid Signs Heroine

I’m trying to put up tiny little news posts every day even when I don’t have much to say and there isn’t much news.  So enjoy these two small non-news news items!

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Monday Morning Questions Post: Tiger Zinda Hai Week!

Happy Monday!  Only one week to Christmas!  And 4 days to Tiger Zinda Hai!  So I am sure we will all have lots to talk about.  Also REMINDER: THIS IS THE POST FOR RANDOM QUESTIONS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WEEK LONG!!!!!  YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK AND PUT THEM HERE.

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News Round-Up: Aayush Sharma Will Romance, Ayushmann Khuranna Will Action

I’m going to try to be better about putting out news posts for these smaller stories just so you can discuss them.  Although also, REMINDER, you can always mention these stories or post links to them in the Wednesday Watching post.  That’s what it is there for!  Even if it’s not Wednesday.  Just like you can always ask me any questions on Monday Morning Questions, even if it’s not Monday.

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Rakesh Sharma Biopic-News and Rumors Including SRK

This is one of those “I’m not a news source and can’t report the actual facts, but I can give interesting discussion around them” kind of posts.  I don’t know who’s in or out of the film right now, not for sure.  I don’t know the details of the filming schedule or anything like that.  But I can delve a little deeper into what has been reported.

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Honeymoon Songs, Just For Fun

We were talking about the endlessly iconic “Suhaagraat” sequence from Kabhi Kabhi yesterday and Amrita challenged me to think if there were other similar sequences before that.  I couldn’t really think of any, but I could really really think of others after it!

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Starter Kit: Top Jodis Of Hindi film

I was going to do a “100 years of history in 10” list, and then I realized there AREN’T actually 10 jodis of equal level.  So I am just going to introduce you to the really really big ones and without worrying about how many I include or putting them in order or anything.

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Happy Birthday Raj Kapoor! 63 Reasons I Love You

You’re dead, but that’s no reason to stop celebrating.  Your legacy lives on in many ways.  So I am going to count down 63 reasons I love you, one for every year you lived (until you died). (obviously this is a reposted post from last year, I don’t have time to come up with 63 new reasons every year, not even for Raj)

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Wednesday Watching Post: I’m Home Sick!

Happy Wednesday!  This comes to you from under a mountain of blankets.  For once, I called in sick even though I could technically walk.  I feel so guilty!
So, what am I watching? Mostly old sitcoms while I drift in and out of consciousness.

Reading, nothing!  Books are so heavy.

Thinking, thinking about when it’s time for my next Advil.

And now, a thematic question for you! What is your home sick movie, the one you can watch over and over and it makes you feel better?

Happy Hanukkah! Let’s Talk Filmi Jews in India!

This is a sort of updated post, but really totally new.  I put it up for Rosh Hashanah a couple years ago, but back then I didn’t even know Aditya Roy Kapoor was Jewish, so it was woefully incomplete.  Not to say that this post is complete, but it is at least more complete than the previous one.

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Happy Birthday Dilip Sahib!!!!! I Read Your Autobiography for Your Birthday Part 1

I finally read it!  Don’t tell my friend who brought it for me all the way from India 2 years ago, only for it to sit on my shelf unnoticed unloved and unread.  Until now!  It took a while, but I finally finished it.  And it was fascinating in lots of little “history of the industry” ways.

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Silly Sunday: The Christmas Story, in a Hindi Movie Trilogy

I’m excited about this!  In spitballing back and forth in the comments on last week’s post (which was more about Christmas as a festival of lights and social experience and sexy holiday romance), it was suggested that I should just do the whole story.  And I think I can!  If I break it into 3 bits.

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100 Years of Indian Film History in 10 Songs

Well, enough avoiding, time to do songs.  Music is NOT my area.  I have never studied music history seriously at all, and more importantly, I am next door to tone deaf.  I can enjoy music.  But on a very very very superficial level.  Like someone who looks at a beautiful sunset and sees it as 3 simple stripes of red orange and yellow.  That’s me!  So, treat me gently and kindly as I attempt to put together this post based on my knowledge of film history and what people have told me is beautiful.

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