An Important Question For Our Time: What is the Sexiest Scene in Indian Film?

I don’t think anyone has formed a definitive answer to this before?  Or, perhaps, even been brave enough to pose the question!!!  But I feel like if anyone is qualified to answer such a vital open research topic, it is the DCIB community.

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Silly Sunday (ReRun) Shameless Pandering Fanfic: Shahrukh as a (sexy) Angel

It’s Christmas Eve, I will give you an early present: Shahrukh fanfic, because it’s the only kind anyone reads/wants.  And Christmas themed, Sexy Angel Shahrukh!  Sexy Sacrificial Family Man Angel Shahrukh!

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Raees Reviews Combined and Reposted, I Think It Went Wrong At the Election Sequence

I wrote 3 reviews of Raees in rapid succession, before doing a detailed scene by scene.  For us all to have a chance to remember it and talk about it before Zero, I am going to combine all 3 reviews in one handy place!  Even with the combining, BE WARNED!!!  This is a LONG review. Continue reading

Friday Classics: Raju Ban Gaye Gentleman, Shree 420 Meets the 90s

Yaaaay, another Shahrukh review!  See how I am sneaking them in under the guise of “Friday Classics” even now that Shahrukh Month is over?  Oh, and plus Juhi in a really nice role, for her birthday.  Although Aaina is a better Juhi movie, remember to watch it for this Sunday if at all possible!  It’s also a wonderful Amrita Singh movie, if this film makes you want more of her.

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Diwali Repost! Swades, Shahrukh Argues that Ram is Within Us All and We Should Save Ourselves

I think it’s one of those Big movies that I was avoiding, ones that are really good, and I also really like and I want to be careful to explain why I like them in a way that makes you like them too, not just appreciate their quality.

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New Jab Harry Met Sejal Discussion Post! (remember, you can watch it with me on twitter starting at 2pm Chicago time TODAY, Use Hashtags #JHMS and #DCIB)

Happy Jab Harry Met Sejal day!  Shahrukh may not have a Diwali release this year, but that just means we get to keep up the celebration for his last film.  I’ll be reposting some of my reviews, and the index of coverage, and of course the tweetalong starts at 2pm.

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Shahrukh Birthday Month: JHMS, Happy New Year, Raees, Om Shanti Om, JTHJ Rewritten So He Can Play His Own Age

There are a large number of films where he actually is playing his own age, or close to it.  But for those few where he is clearly far far distant from the character age, here are my suggestions for how to fix it.  It’s not hard, I don’t know why they didn’t just right it this way to begin with!

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TGIF Shahrukh Birthday Repost! Silliest Photos

Well, I got no sleep, and it is overcast today, and I am very much looking forward to finishing work, going home, leaving again, going to a movie, and then falling into bed for about 20 hours.  In the meantime, to keep me going, I am going to post the silliest SRK Photoshoot Photos I can find.  And please feel free to post more in the comments if you can find them. (down a line, past in the url of the photo, down another line)

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