News Round-up: I was a little wrong, but also super right! (Box Office, and one film canceled and another release date announced)

Kind of a slow week news-wise, I think everyone is still in shock from the one-two of the Farhan and Ranbir-Kat break-up news.  But there were a couple of low-key industry news items that have filtered out.  Some of which I predicted, and one of which I did not.

So, first, I was a little wrong.  Based on the current figures, I predicted yesterday that Airlift would hover around 10 crore a day for the rest of the week and then go back up to 12-15 crore in the weekend.  But, nope!  Apparently, it only took in 6 crore on Wednesday.  Which is only a  little wrong, Wednesday is the worst day, it will probably go up on the weekdays closer to the weekend.  But I would feel guilty if I didn’t admit the mistake and try to atone publically (Germanic guilt is a terrible thing).

But I was super right about something else!  Karan Johar just canceled Shudhi again.  I mentioned twice that this film has been a hot-potato for years, and I suspected it was never actually going to come out.  And, yep, it’s off again!  Varun Dhawan was in, now he is out, no one else is in, the release date is scrapped.  (check out the header image to see all the many many potential stars who have been announced over the years)

And finally, something I said in real life but didn’t put on the blog so I have no way of proving I guessed it!  Back when Aditya Chopra’s next film as a director, which will also be his first film not working with Shahrukh, was first announced, the rumor was it would be released in January 2017.  More specifically, it would be released as a birthday gift for his daughter.  And, yep!  The stars (Ranveer and Vaani Kapoor) just released a video announcing that the release date will be December 9, 2016.  Not January 2017, because little Adira Chopra arrived a month early.  So her Daddy moved up his filming schedule, and it is still coming out on her first birthday.


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