DCIB Book Club: Ponniyin Selvam Book 1 First Half

This is a very confusing series! I read the newest translation of Book 1, then started an older translation of Book 2 and went “wait, this doesn’t seem like it makes sense”, went back to another translation of Book 1 and found a whoooooooooooooole other part of the book! So I am calling this post “First Half” and trying to cover all my bases.

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Weekend WatchAlong: Shakuntala! Sunday or Saturday Morning! Anyone Interested?

Thank you for the suggestion Angie!!! It’s been a very weird week for me, lots of work stuff and lots of weird errands (I had to take my sewing machine in to be repaired at a very strange show that is only open 6 hours a day), so a nice watchalong with the nice people sounds just about right.

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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to While I Worry About My Lawn?

Happy Wednesday!!!! I seeded my lawn about two weeks ago and the little tendrils are just coming up. Which is of course the most fragile moment, and I am so worried about them! I just want them to make it through to next week when they will be nice hardy plants.

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DCIB Book Club: Ponniyin Selvan Vol. 1 Fresh Floods! Discussion Sunday May 21!!!!

Woot! BOOK CLUB!!! I picked Ponniyin Selvan because I’ve almost finished the first volume, it’s very fun, the movies are great, and it’s on topic for the blog. Oh, and the English translations are pretty readily available, at least digital copies (physical you may have to ship from far away).

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Ponniyin Selvan 2 Review (SPOILERS): Well, That’s Not What the Summary of the Book Promised Me!

Hey! They changed the plot! Like, quite a bit! Mostly by cutting things out. But for those of us (me) who rely on online summaries to follow the dang thing, it was very confusing. Once I let go of what I thought was going to happen and just enjoyed what was happening, it was fine.

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Housekeeping Post: No WatchAlong Again, and Also No More Twitter Alerts Because Elon Musk Hates The World

Two weeks without watchalongs! Y’all HATE me!!! Or, more likely, it’s spring and everyone is rushing to do stuff. Including me, instead of watchalong I’m going to be repotting things. And in other news, if you rely on twitter to know when I put up a new post, that won’t work any more. WordPress had a twitter integration that meant they put up the tweet without me having to do anything. And I just got an alert that Elon has decided they no longer get to do that, so no more automated tweets with every new post. Just in case you are relying on that.

Polite Society Review (No Spoilers): Great Radical Feminist Girl Power Movie With a “Mard Dala” Scene!

Well, I loved it! And the friend I watched it with did not, felt like it was too try hard and not real enough. I’m counting on MOST of the DCIBers loving it though. Not everyone, because it is more on the lines of girl power comedy than sappy emotion, but a lot of you.

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