Dangal Trailer!!!!!

So, this is the movie that everyone is like “The best movie of all time!”?  So far, I’m not seeing it.  A good movie certainly, probably a very good movie.  I’m just not having my mind BLOWN by what I am seeing.


Sick Day Songs

I’m still sick.  Way too sick to deal with anything emotional or challenging like a post about a movie, or even gossip news or box office.  Instead, I am sitting around listening to super soothing songs.  Just in case you are ever this sick (and I hope you aren’t!  This is terrible!), I’ll share my…


Kishore Kumar’s Death Anniversary

Unfortunately for poor Ashok Kumar, his brother Kishore died on his birthday.  After which Ashok stopped celebrating his birthday.  I didn’t stop celebrating it, but I will acknowledge Ashok’s wishes by also putting up a post in honor of Kishore’s death.  And also, I am still really sick and a Kishore themed post seems like…