FilmFare: What They All Wore and What it Meant

The actual awards list went up earlier, but we all know that doesn’t matter nearly as much as what people wore!  Not even joking, in terms of people tuning in for the show, it’s all about who showed up and how big they went.  And in terms of how seriously people are taking the awards, and their careers in Hindi film, it is also about how big they went (remember in 2016 Priyanka didn’t even come?)

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DCIB Best of 2017 Awards! Top TGIF, Top FanFic, and Top Editorial!!!!

The final (and most important) awards post: Awards for ME!!!!!  I am a guaranteed winner, because I am only competing against myself.  But let’s see what I won FOR!  Oh, and the most exciting news, thanks to these posts I have a good start on indexing the TGIF and FanFic posts, so look for those indexes to be going up sometime soon.

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FilmFare Winners! What Does It All Mean?

Well, the FilmFare Awards happened.  We didn’t get to see it because, unlike the Oscar producers, the FilmFare people are too smart to do a live broadcast.  We’ll get to see a version that is edited down to just the good bits on whatever channel buys the satellite rights.  Which also changes a bit who might be winning these awards.

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2017 Hindi Film Awards: Promotion Related, Biggest Surprise and Biggest Disappointment

I already put up the winning real life stories of 2017, now lets move on to where film and real life overlap, the promotions that try to drive people into the movies.  What films were over-promoted, leading to disappointment.  And what were under-promoted, leading to delightful surprises?  And what were just plain wrong promoted, leading to both?

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TGIF: All Women in Anarkalis! For the Women’s March Anniversary Tomorrow

Also, all women in pink!  Because I want to see if I can make joyomama’s head explode in the comments (for those who don’t know, regular commentator joyomama is a fashion historian who writes about gender color preference).  Oh, and also because I’ve gotten a couple of people pushing back against the standard TGIF.  So no objectification and no men and no SRK in this one!

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Friday Classics: Yuva, for the Start of Election Season

Happy day before the Women’s March to the Polls!  Which is a kick off and a reminder that it is all our responsibilities not just to vote, but also to run for office if possible.  So, the perfect week to talk about Yuva!  (yes yes, I know Aaytha Ezhuthu is better, I can’t find it, and I’ve already seen Yuva)

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DDLJ Scene By Scene Part 43:”Mehndi Laga Ka Rakna” Ends and Amrish Puri Spoils Our Fun

It only took a month, but I have now finished “Mehndi Laga Ka Rakna”!  There’s really a lot in that song, much more than in the other ones.  It’s also, I think, only fully “real” song, even “Ruk Ja” feels like it has some fantasy in there, and certainly all the other songs are a mix of real and not-real. (full index of DDLJ coverage here)

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Dabboo Ratnani 2018 Report!

Okay, there are a few images beginning to filter out of the calendar-that-isn’t-a-calendar.  For newbies, Dabboo is the biggest celebrity photographer.  And every year, he gets together with his celebrity friends and shoots a calendar.  24 images, which are revealed at a party in January, and then 24 copies of the calendar are made and given to the models.  That’s it, you can’t buy it, and the images aren’t made available to the public.  Except through illegal fuzzy reprints that slowly leak out on the internet over the course of the next 24 hours.  Which is their purpose, to be leaked so we all know Dabboo’s name and he gets publicity.  Dabboo Dabboo Dabboo.

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Learn Hindi From Film Songs! Part ??? (the “Choli Ke Peeche” one)

I have completely lost count of how many of these I have done.  Oh well, they are just for fun, it doesn’t really matter.  And I’ve had a high number of “thinky” posts over the past few days, it’s okay to throw in one that is just for fun.

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Hindi Film 101: Virat Kohli, Shahrukh Khan, Upside Down Mortgages and Starpricing

Well, here’s exciting news!  For the first time since these things started being tracked, Shahrukh Khan is NOT the most valuable celebrity brand in India!!!!  Instead, he has been knocked off his perch by Virat Kohli.  Which made me start thinking in a different way about Virat, about Shahrukh, and about all the other perches Shahrukh should be knocked off of.

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News Round-Up: Emraan and Ajay and Mouni Have New Movies, Censor Board Still Has Issues, Everyone’s Got Scheduling Issues

More news!!!!  Yaaaaaay!  Lots of little things that are interesting to keep an eye on and see how they pan out.  And of course Padmavat, the story that will never die.

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Tuesday Tamil: Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, a Modern Version of Thugs of Hindostan

This was fascinating!  Started out a typical police film, and then somewhere it turned into an interesting discussion of crime, regionalism, caste, and all kinds of neat things like that.  A lot of it being the same things that Aamir’s big ridiculous Thugs of Hindostan is about to cover, but in modern day instead of colonial times.

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Are You Interested in Helping My Blog Grow? Here’s What You Can Do That I Cannot

I actually ran the numbers for 2017.  Claudia, my German reader, by posting 9 times in a German language fan forum, gained me 506 new readers.  Not all of them stayed, but 506 separate people clicked through from her comments to my blog.

Someone else who I don’t know posted twice in the comments on a Bhawadraj Rangan review and gained me 177 click throughs.  In contrast, I wrote a guest post for srkuniverse, a massive fan community, and that post with their official stamp of approval got me only 66 views.

So when I say to you that the best way to gain me new views is to put a link in the comments of another site, or in another forum, I’m not kidding!  It’s practically the only way.  And it isn’t something I can do for myself, no one clicks through links posted by the author.

So, here’s your monthly request to please help by posting links to my related content on other sites.


Oh, and also, COMMENT!!!!  My view count goes up with each comment, and down with each non-comment.  That is, during times when people have been busy elsewhere, not commenting here, my view count takes a drastic hit.  Which means I drop lower in search engines, lower in the WordPress priorities, lower in all kinds of ways besides just the 0.000000000000000000001 of a cent I get per view.

Monday Malayalam: Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal, the Perfect Use of Underwater Photography

This is a film that was recommended in the comments last Monday, after I admitted to an affection for Asif Ali.  A fascinating film, about big fish and little fish and swimming with the water and seeing what is underneath.

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Monthly Request for Donations, Book Purchase

New year, new post!  I mean, same ask, but I’ll put it in different language for you.  This is your general reminder that the internet economy has gotten us used to receiving something for nothing, but that isn’t necessarily fair to the creators of that “something”.  If you have the money and are able to, I would appreciate a donation of whatever you feel is fair (donate here). Or at least, a purchase of my book (purchase here)!  It’s really good, and I want more people to read it.


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