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Little Things Episode 3: 3am Sandwiches and Condoms

This is a happy episode. About a happy safe time, 3am all alone together, with your own jokes and laughter and being together.

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Shahrukh Update! Stuff From His Twitter Feed to Make Us Happy

I’ve been avoiding anything that even comes close to “news”, because I don’t want to bring stress and distress to this Happy Place. However! I took a little peek at SRK’s twitter, and there was nothing stressful or distressful there, just things to make you feel happy and loved and good.

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Mentalhood Episode 1: Karisma is the New Girl in School

ALTBalaji! The little streaming service that could! It’s the streaming branch of Ekta Kapoor’s entertainment empire, and while on satellite TV she is know for inventing the sweet saccharine family drama, on streaming she is all about groundbreaking quality. This show isn’t the best of what she’s done, but it’s pretty darn good! Especially if you like mommy problems dramedies (Big Little Lies, the Bad Moms movies, etc.).

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Little Things Review Episode 1: the Warm Coziness of Live In Relationship

I’ve been thinking I need to do more streaming series reviews, so I sat down all ready to finally watch Family Man on Prime, deep and complex and clever and critically acclaimed, deserving of lengthy in depth reviews and discussion. And I just can’t do it. So instead, I went the total opposite direction and started Little Things on Netflix. Cozy, happy, uncomplicated, 15 minute episodes. Awwww. It’s like having a little piece of chocolate instead of a full meal.

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Watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Right Here in 23 Hours!!!!

I decided! Jhoom Barabar Jhoom! This may have been a terrible terrible mistake. I love it, but whose to say I am right? But you all like Preity, right? She has the dimples? And also, sorry, I messed up scheduling this post. Notice it is TWENTY-THREE hours from now, not 24. So, this time tomorrow, minus one hour. 3pm Chicago time.

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Happy April Fools! Songs in Which the Hero Plays the Fool

I love these songs! It’s not that the hero is foolish, it’s that he is trying to cheer up the people around him (love interest, small children, etc.) by ACTING foolish. Like a court jester. Which is a movie that is now on Prime by the way, and you should all watch it and share it with your children. For Happiness.

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