Massive Combined Birthday Post!

Happy Birthday Shotgun Sinha, Dia Mirza, Dino Morea, and Priya Gill!  Phew!  I’m exhausted!  Obviously, they are not going to each get reasons I love them.  Let’s see, how to be fair?  Okay, each person gets 3 reasons, either 2 songs and one fact or two facts and one song.  Whatever I feel like.


Happy Birthday Dharmendra!

Okay, big day today, and really really big day tomorrow.  But at least tomorrow I won’t feel guilty for sort of combining people, whereas today Dharmendra and Sharmila clearly deserve their very own posts!  So, Dharam-Garam, here are 10 reasons I love you, one for every decade you’ve lived (counting the 9th one you are…


Monday Morning Question Post! With Caffeine!

Happy Monday!  I’m sad the weekend is over, but glad I get to have coffee this morning! (5 more Christmas presents left to find and buy, 12 arriving by mail today, second Christmas party hosting tomorrow night, and Befikre comes out on Friday!  And that’s not even mentioning the Raees trailer celebrations! I’m exhausted already…


Happy Navy Day! Time for Boat Songs!!!

Huh.  There really aren’t that many navy-based movies in India.  At least compared to America.  Although Navy-movies is kind of an odd genre, maybe it’s America that’s the weird one for having so many.  On the other hand, plenty of songs with boats!  Because, similar to songs with cars, it’s a nice way to get…


Happy World AIDs Day!!!

I just got an email from Howard Brown reminding me (donate to them!  They do good stuff), and I thought it might be interesting to look at the few times Indian film as acknowledged the AIDs epidemic in the country.  It’s about the same amount as American pop culture has acknowledged it, but more musical!