Breathe Recap/Review (SPOILERS): Episodes 5 and 6, Opposing Forces Find their Places

Happy Thursday!  Sometime around midnight tonight (I haven’t figured out the schedule exactly yet) the last episode of Breathe will come out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a second series at some point, so the story may not necessarily be over, but at least the first part will be resolved. (part 1 of my coverage here and part 2 here)

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Andaz Apna Apna: Is It Just Too Irreverent to Be Popular?

Happy Aamir Day! No reason besides my being swamped at work and needing to fall back on reruns.  And also wanting to pull together an Aamir index to go with my Shahrukh and Hrithik and Salman indexes.  So, today you get a bunch of Aamir reviews I wrote and posted already being reposted!  Fun fun fun!

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Talaash: A Very Strange Love Triangle and a Wonderful Picture of a Marriage

Welcome to the beginning of Aamir Day!  No real reason, I just want to give him his own index just like Shahrukh and Hrithik and Salman, and now’s as good a time as any.  I’ll be re-posting his reviews as I dig them out, and then ending by posting a nice Index for him.  Also, a good time for me to finally get around to giving Talaash the post it deserves.

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Wednesday Watching: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking This Week, and What is the Filmi Couple You ‘Ship?

Happy Wednesday!  I am halfway through my tedious tedious work week.  Thank goodness I have my awesome playlist to get me through.  Oh, and I also have a question for you all that will be super fun for us to discuss!

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Tuesday Tamil: Breathe Review/Recap, First 2 Episodes (SPOILERS), Dark Interconnected Crime Drama Comes to India

I finally watched it!  Partly for Maddy, partly for my beloved Amit Sadh (if you like him in this, WATCH RUNNING SHAADI!).  They were both good.  And I am putting it up as a “Tuesday Tamil”, even though it is in Hindi, because really we are all watching if for Maddy mostly, and he is a Tamil industry guy. (part 2 here)

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Monday Malayalam: Ennum Eppozhum, Mohanlal and Manju Reunited

This was a nice movie!  Not a great movie, the plot kind of went up and down and all around, but a very pleasant movie.  The kind of sunshine and nice people movie that the Malayalam industry does not quite like anywhere else.  And which was perfect to watch on an overcast late winter day in Chicago.

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Songs to Reward Me During a Tedious Task

My company is switching payment systems blah blah blah, the end result is that I have to reenter and check data for 400 separate accounts.  It’s very dull, but at the same time I have to stay focused and make sure I am accurate.  So I am pulling out the super super good extra best songs play list that will keep me happy and energized.  The songs I save as a special treat for when I really need a mood lifter.

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Hindi Film 101: Marriage and Movie Stars

On Friday I did a “TGIF” of happy couples, and then I realized that I was kind of skipping to the end, posting the couples without defining “happy” before.  And I also find it legitimately fascinating how tricky the public versus private requirements of Hindi film industry marriages are.

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Bonus Silly Sunday: The Woman Who is Dumped, What Happens to Her?

I just wrote about Dil To Pagal Hai, and the general consensus in the comments was that we don’t want Karisma and Shahrukh to get together,  because she deserves better, someone who really truly loves her as much as she loves him.  And then I started thinking about the other strong interesting women who got dumped by the hero just because they weren’t his “true love”.

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Silly Sunday: Stories for Maddy!

Angie in the comments, my dedicated Madhavan corespondent, said that Maddy has been talking about how he wants to do another love story but no one is offering him a good script.  That is so sad!!!!  Surely we, as a blog community, can come up with something for him.  Or many somethings.

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Aiyaary Review (SPOILERS): Wait, So That Was 4 Days/3 Hours To Get Us Back Where We Started?

Well, this was a pointless movie!  As in, the whole plot happens, and then you realize at the end “wait, that had no effect on anything”.  Not in a clever ironic way, but like the scriptwriter didn’t think it through.  And that’s on top of  the themes and characters just not being what they promised to be. (no spoilers review here)

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Aiyaary Review (No Spoilers): Neeraj Panday’s Usual Con Fails

Well, this was a bad movie.  Not a “I want to die” bad movie, more like a “maybe I will just take a little nap until it is over” bad movie.  Great actors, wasn’t their fault, but terrible script and terrible direction, just boring and unengaging.

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TGIF: For Valentine’s Day, Cutest Couple Photos

First, if you are in a grumpy “I hate romance and love and couples!” mood, that is your right, and you should go watch Anjaam and look at yesterday’s “men in wet shirts” post.  But if your mood is more “falala, happiness and flowers and my boyfriend/husband is so awesome!”, then this will just serve to increase that feeling.  Or, alternatively, if you are in a sort of miserable “there are no happy couples or true love in the world” vibe, this will convince you that is false.  Also, I have a clear and declared winner for the Best Couple Award, you will have to convince me out of it.

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Here’s The Only Way My Blog Will Grow, and You Are the Only Ones Who Can Do It

I actually ran the numbers for 2017.  Claudia, my German reader, by posting 9 times in a German language fan forum, gained me 506 new readers.  Not all of them stayed, but 506 separate people clicked through from her comments to my blog.

Someone else who I don’t know posted twice in the comments on a Bhawadraj Rangan review and gained me 177 click throughs.  In contrast, I wrote a guest post for srkuniverse, a massive fan community, and that post with their official stamp of approval got me only 66 views.

So when I say to you that the best way to gain me new views is to put a link in the comments of another site, or in another forum, I’m not kidding!  It’s practically the only way.  And it isn’t something I can do for myself, no one clicks through links posted by the author.

So, here’s your monthly request to please help by posting links to my related content on other sites.

Oh, and also, COMMENT!!!!  My view count goes up with each comment, and down with each non-comment.  That is, during times when people have been busy elsewhere, not commenting here, my view count takes a drastic hit.  Which means I drop lower in search engines, lower in the WordPress priorities, lower in all kinds of ways besides just the 0.000000000000000000001 of a cent I get per view.

Anjaam, Female Vengeance with Madhuri, Or How I Celebrated Valentine’s Day

I watched this movie with my friend for Valentine’s and, truly, it is the perfect Valentine’s movie!  All the romantic relationships are a different variety of horrible, erotic love leads only to misery, and happiness come from embracing inner strength and aloneness and killing EVERYBODY.  (it might also be the perfect PMS movie) I should also mention, just to complete the picture, that my friend and I ate 2 dozen mini-eclairs straight out of the container while watching this film.  The Perfect Evening.

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Please Give Me Money! Or Purchase My Book! Or At Least, Turn Off Addblocker

This is your general reminder that the internet economy has gotten us used to receiving something for nothing, but that isn’t necessarily fair to the creators of that “something”.  If you have the money and are able to, I would appreciate a donation of whatever you feel is fair (donate here). Or at least, a purchase of my book (purchase here)!  It’s really good, and I want more people to read it.

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Hindi Film 101: Stars as Commodities, Directors as Parents, Money Money Money

There were 3 interesting industrial news stories in one day, which I want to use as  jumping off point to discuss how money and art intersect in Hindi film.  The first two are short and kind of set the stage, the last one is the very interesting one that relates to the whole history of how film finances work. (this was originally posted as a news round-up, but it really makes more sense as a Hindi Film 101)

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