Upcoming Movie Reviews! In Case You Want To Watch the Film in Advance


12/16: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (youtube, googleplay)

12/16: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (youtube, googleplay)

12/17: Hum Saath Saath Hain (Netflix and Prime)

12/17: Maine Pyar Kiya (Netflix)

12/18: Ohm Shanti Oshaana (youtube, googleplay, Hotstar)

12/18: Kumbalangi Nights (Netflix)

12/19: Anand (Hotstar and youtube free)

12/19: Fidaa (youtube, googleplay, Prime)

12/19: Godaveri (youtube free)

12/20: Dhanak (Netflix)

12/20: Badhai Ho (Hotstar)

12/21: Bharat (Prime)

12/22: King Uncle (youtube free)

12/22: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha (Netflix)

12/23: Dilwale (Netflix)

12/24: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Prime, googleplay, youtube, itunes)

12/24: Baghban (Prime, youtube free)

10 Days of Christmas! Indian Movies With that Loving Family Christmas Feel!

Just to be clear, these are NOT movies about Christmas!!!! They are family friendly loving sweet hopeful films about “the human spirit” or whatever. And I thought it would be nice to have a little festival of family happy love movies as we all get in the holiday spirit.

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Silly Sunday: My Favorite Christmas Movies Remade in India! White Christmas, Best Man Holiday, Frozen

Ready for a silly silly indulgent post? But whatever, I have now both wrapped and mailed all my presents (meaning I am better than all y’all!!!!), so I can afford to be indulgent. Oh, and also, even if you don’t read all of these, take the movies as recommendations. Assuming you enjoy emotional love stories with happy endings (mostly) and random song sequences.

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Hindi Film 101: Anushka Sharma, Angry Feminist Dressed Up As Innocent Harmless Movie Star

Again, I don’t like to do 101s of people who are in the middle of their careers. Things that happen in the future could make everything look different, the most important part of their lives could be still to come. But as of this snapshot moment in time, at the end of 2019, this is how it looks.

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Discussion Post: 10 Days of Christmas Movies! What Family Love Warmth Movies Should I Include?

Rani Week ends on Sunday, which is also exactly 10 days before Christmas. And I think what I would like to do is 10 days of Christmas-y movies, but I need help thinking of them! So I am throwing it out to all of you. And because I really REALLY need help, I am sticking this post to the homepage until I have enough movie ideas.

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Rani Week: Talaash! Rani and Aamir's Last Great Collaberation

Rani is technically just a supporting character, but her role is the secret motive and power and goal of the hero. It’s a fascinating kind of role, she has to be isolated from the rest of the plot, but at the same time not isolated, since her reactions drive Aamir in everything he does for the rest of the plot. It’s her sadness, happiness, strength, sorrow, and so on, that make Aamir angry, confused, dedicated and so on.

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Rani Week: Best Rani Songs With Salman, Ranked! (I Defy You to Watch the Top Song and Not Fall A Little Bit in Love With Them)

I can’t really think of a time that Rani and Salman were “sexy” together, but they have had a lot of really great dance numbers! Especially the last song on this list, you can skip the rest, but give yourself the joy of watching that one.

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News Round-Up: Mahesh Bhatt and Jio Dig Up Parveen Babi Again, Ranveer's Next Heroine Cast, Everyone's Talking About Sonakshi

Oh there is so much to talk about with today’s stories! Not the actual stories, they are the usual fake bland PR stuff, but what they mean and what we think about them and all KINDS of things!!!!

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Chhapaak Trailer: What is the Purpose of a Trailer? Does This One Fulfill It? I Say NO

Well, this is a bad trailer! Just, as a trailer. Which is a specific kind of art form that can be done poorly or well and have no relationship to the movie it is promoting. Except for indicating the skill and understanding of the producers of the film for the product they have.

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