Hindi Film 101 Index

This is a loose collection of what I call “Hindi Film 101” pieces.  Things that give you a basic grounding so that you are able to understand the films, and the film industry instead of feeling lost and confused.  And which might also make you think a bit even if you are already familiar with the industry.

Straight History

Remember Mangal Panday, Let’s talk 1857

Sridevi Final Post: Putting It All Together

Sridevi: Her Life, Without Scandal

Starter Kit: Hindi Film Romance Through the Decades

Happy Birthday Madhubala! Beautifully Inhumanly Human

Cricket and Movie Star Romances

100 Years of Indian Film History in 10 Producers

100 Years of Indian Film History in 10 Songs

100 Years of Hindi Film History in 10 Stars

100 Years of Hindi Film History in 10 Movies

100 Years of Hindi Film History in 10 Producers

The Kapoor Family Part I: Prithviraj

The Kapoor Family Part II: Raj and Nargis

The Kapoor Family Part III: Randhir and Babita and Karisma and Kareena

The Kapoor Family Part IV: Rishi and Neetu

The Kapoor Family Part V: Ranbir Plus the Last Kapoor Brother

The Kapoor Family Part VI: the “Other” Kapoors Boney and Anil and Sanjay and Sridevi

The Kapoor Family Part VII: The “Other” Kapoors Sonam and Arjun Plus Shahid and Ekta and Jeetendra and Panjuj

The Khanna Kumar Kapadias Part I: Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia

The Khanna Kumar Kapadias Part 2: Dimple Again, Twinkle, and Akshay

The Khanna Kumar Kapadias Part 3: Unto Death

Tata Family Saga in Filmi Terms

Rekha Part 1: Childhood and Launch

Rekha Part 2: The Amitabh Years

Rekha Part 3: After Amitabh

Poor Parveen Babi

The Samarth-Mukherjee Family Part 1

The Samarth-Mukherjee Family Part 2: the Ganguly Branch

The Samarth-Mukherjee Family Part 3: Nutan and Tanuja Arrive

The Samarth-Mukherjee Family Part 4: Kajol and Tanisha and Ajay and Nyssa

RIP Vinod Khanna One of the First 70s Heroes to Leave Us

Amitabh and The Coolie Incident

Amitabh from ABCL to Mohabbatein By Way of KBC

Meena Kumari Part 1: The Years as a Daughter

Meena Kumari Part 2: The Years as a Wife

Meena Kumari Part 3: The Last Loves

Meena Kumari Part 4: Pakeezah and the Epic Death

What is Osho

Nargis Dutt Part 1: Nargis Before Raj

Nargis Dutt Part 2: The Great Love Triangle

Nargis Dutt Part 3: the Congress Party, the Black Sheep Son, and Death

The Chopra Family Part 1: Yash and BR Chopra

The Chopra Family Part 2: Yash Raj Films Founded and The Mahabharata

The Chopra Family Part 3: Aditya Takes Charge, Gets Married, Has Baby

Fearless Nadia Wadia, Queen of Stunt Films

Shashi Kapoor is No More and an Era is Over

Case Study of Stardom: Shahrukh’s Filmography Part 1

Case Study of Stardom: Shahrukh’s Filmography Part 2

Case Study of Stardom: Shahrukh’s Filmography Part 3

Case Study of Stardom: Shahrukh’s Filmography Part 4

The Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 1: The First Generation

The Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 2: China

The Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 3: Sanjay and the Emergency

The Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 4: 1984

The Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 5: Rajiv and Sonia and Rahul

Top Hits of the Indian Box Office Part 1: 1940-1955

Top Hits of the Indian Box Office Part 2: 1955-1970

Top Hits of the Indian Box Office Part 3: 1971-1985

Top Hits of the Indian Box Office Part 4: 1986-2000

Top Hits of the Indian Box Office Part 5: 2000-2016

Bombay, the Mafia, and Hindi Film Part 1

Bombay, the Mafia, and Hindi Film Part 2

A History of Yash Raj and Dharma Films


Everything Else

Learn Indian Primary Narratives (Ram Aur Sita, Laila-Majnu, etc.) Through Song

The First Problem with Shahrukh: Feminism Doesn’t Mean Treating Women As Your Special Pets

The Second Problem with Shahrukh: Rebranding Brand SRK

The 4 Stages of Life in India

Hindi Film 101: KriArj versus John Abraham, Professionals Versus Artists

Why I Give Thanks to Aamir Khan

Hindi Film 101: Fan Identities and Shifting Stardom

Me Too, Indian Style-Jeetendra Accused of Rape

Discussion Post: Skin Tone in India! Discuss and Educate Us!

Sridevi’s Death and Looking “Healthy”

Shahrukh Speaks on Film Controversies, Agrees With Me, This is Why I Am His Fan

Hindi Film 101: Marriage and Movie Stars

Fan Studies, “Female” versus “Male” Fans, and Fan Power

A History of Islamaphobia in Hindi and Western Popular Culture

Stars as Commodities, Directors as Parents, Money Money Money

Marriage and Movie Stars

Swara and a Reply to Swara About Padmavat as a Case Study in Appropriate and Inappropriate Public Discussion

Padmavat/Padman: Does Bhansali Just Not Care About the Rest of the Industry?

90s Male Stars, Shahrukh Khan, Virat Kohli, and Upside Down Mortgages

Box Office and What it Does or Doesn’t Mean

Musical Digital Rights and Indian Film

Why Do We Keep Seeing the Same Thing Over and Over Again? Risk Reward in Hindi Film

Happy Birthday Manish Malhotra, In Your Honor a Post About Costumes

Some Famous Indian Baghdadi Jews

A Brief History of the Crime Film

The Rise of Corporate Studios

Queer Content in Indian Film

The Rise of Franchises in Indian Film

Shakespeare and Indian Film

Gross Versus Net Profit Points, Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart

Bajirao Mastani and Indian Film Structure in 10 Points

Bajirao, Mughal-E-Azam, Jodha-Akbar and the Evolution of Interreligious Romance

Who Was Really the Top Actor of 2015?

Ratnam-Rahman and the Importance of the Director-Composer Relationship in Indian Film

SRKajol: A Historical Overview

Indrani Mukerjea, Tevar, and the Power of Parents in Indian Society

What Makes DDLJ Unusual as a Romance and What Other Movies Have Managed the Same thing?

India and the Oscars and Why They Never Win

Argo Versus Airlift and Adaptation Versus Inspiration

Nepotism in Hindi film Part 1

Nepotism in Hindi Film Part 2

Woman Filmmakers, Why So Few?

American Musicals and Indian Film

The Two Types of Hindi Film Romance

Development Wing at Dharma Productions

The 4 Kinds of FanVids

Christmas Means Hope and Why I Find That in Hindi Film

Feminism Versus Feminist Film Criticism

The Three Phases of an Actress’ Career

Politics and Film, Politics and Hatred, and Padmavati

What Shahrukh Khan Means to the Overseas Audience

Padmavati Orientalism History and Art

Hrithik and Kangana, Mental Health and Class

9 Reasons I Love Shahrukh

How a Film is Made Part 1

How a Film is Made Part 2

India and China

Box Office and the American Press

The Future and Past of All-India Hits

A Very Very General History of Dance

How to Cheat Your Way To the Top Ten Box Office List


6 thoughts on “Hindi Film 101 Index

      • Thank you so much for this!

        At least half the content under “Everything else” is stuff I didn’t know existed on your site.

        For box office, if every box office post is tagged Box Office, then clicking the Box Office tag is sufficient, or making the menu item do the same thing as clicking the tag is sufficient. Unless you want to group then in different ways. Usually chronological would make the most sense.

        Same for News Posts (are they tagged as News?).

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        • News Posts are “Filmi News You Can Use”. Box Office in the menu should take you to all of them. The irritating thing is, it’s not chronological, it’s in order of popularity I think.

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