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Christmas Songs Post: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Judy or James?

I was listening to my Great Christmas Playlist Shuffle and this question popped into my mind. Let’s groupsource it! I’m curious what other people think. And if nothing else, you get to listen to two shockingly beautiful simple musical recordings.

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TGIF: What Hindi Film Actors Match What Thanksgiving Dishes? (WARNING: Needless Ranbir Insult Included)

Happy day after Thanksgiving! This is just the best holiday, isn’t it? The day after I mean. No work, tons of food, and everyone is just sort of sleepy and well-fed and happy. At some point I’m gonna have the energy to leave my parents’ and go back to my place and set up my Christmas tree, but not yet.

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Thinky Post: Ali Zafar Update and How We Choose Who We Believe

This is the slowest time in blogville, holidays are getting everyone busy and stuff, so it seems like a good time for me to post something controversial. Only my old friends who will read carefully and thoughtfully are hanging around. You don’t have to agree with me, but I know the DCIB regulars will at least take me seriously and consider what I say.

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Chopsticks Review (No Spoilers): A Pleasant Little Film, No Songs But a Great Heroine

I finally watched it! Over a year after it released on Netflix and most other people saw it! But whatever, in this strange world of sliding release dates and straight to streaming products, I am still giving it a “no spoilers” and a “spoilers” separate review.

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Wednesday Watching Post, What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on MY FATHER’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! And Happy My Father’s Birthday!!! And one of my closest friend’s birthdays! And one of my sister’s closest friend’s birthdays! And also, Mickey Mouse!!! Isn’t it funny how some days you know loads of important people with birthdays, and most other days you know no one?

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