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3 Lesbian Film Trailers!!!! Which is Your Favorite?

Thank you RGV for cheering us up with your terrible terrible movie and terrible terrible trailer! It’s so bad, I can’t even find it offensive.

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Time to Dance Review (No Spoilers): Makes Student of the Year 2 Look Like Shakespeare

You think “it’s a dumb dance movie! I know it will be bad, no biggie, I have seen dumb dance movies before”. But, you have no idea! It’s so SO bad! The greatest value in it, is that it makes you appreciate the high comparative quality of other dance movies.

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Pack and Break and Pack and Break and Pack

Happy Saturday! I woke up feeling all discombobulated, I think because I had too much screen time yesterday. We had our watchalong, and then almost right after I had a Friends movie watch and we did K3G. Great fun of course, but got me all weirdly hyper and funny feeling. Plus, of course, my apartment is being destroyed and moved into boxes.

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Discussion Post: What Are Your Favorite Cross-Cultures Real Life Love Stories?

Angie was just complaining about a memoir she read that was supposed to be this woman’s real life love story, but it was all dramatized and hyped up. Which made me think about the amazing “truth is stranger than fiction” real life love stories that exist in the world. Let’s share our favorites!

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DCIB Book Club: Getting Rid of Bradley This Sunday, “The Prince of Ebon Rih” Next Sunday!!!!

Oh boy! It’s all romantic escapism all the time now! I cannot encourage you enough to read this week’s book, it is SO FUN. And next week, I picked a long short story, so it should be super easy. And if you like it, the author has many other books in the series.

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