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Author of book Don't Call It Bollywood, Indian film obsessive, recently graduated Masters student in film studies, person who bores everyone in her real life with her out there theories and thinking on any and all pop culture topics

What Non-Indian Movies/TV Shows/Whatever Would You Be Interested in Me Reviewing?

After almost a year of lockdown, my brain is not functioning. Also, there simply aren’t that many new movies out there, and I’ve already reviewed every single old Indian movie I feel like watching. Which means if I am going to write new reviews, they have to be of non-Indian stuff I’ve already seen. Lay it on me! What could I write about?

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Help Me Keep My Resolution! Don’t Let Me Post Too Much!!!

Well, I am a failure. I made this big announcement about not doing things I don’t want to do for the blog any more, because it is just a blog, and the only point is to build a community, not treat it like a job. And then I immediately went back to treating it like a job. HELP!

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Chatty Check In Post: Who Are Your Favorite R-Rated Romance Authors?

I am feeling a bit thrown by the Bridgerton series success, since I read the books years ago, in private, and didn’t ever think they would be something out there in the world. But, why not? What’s wrong with enjoying well-written female focused r-rated romances?

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