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Blinded By the Light Review (SPOILERS): That Moment When Your Whole Life Opens Up

What an interesting movie! The plot isn’t really a “plot” as such, it is just a series of things that happen to our hero after he starts his journey to finding his own identity. I recommend reading my No Spoilers review if you want to avoid spoilers, but honestly, reading this review first won’t “ruin” the movie for you, because it is about so much more than plot.

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Blinded By the Light Review (No Spoilers): Art That Unlocks the Door to a Shared Humanity

I watched it! And boy, it is way easier to watch a British movie than an Indian movie, it was playing at like 5 theaters within 15 minutes of my house, instead of the 3 theaters within an hour and a half that I am used to. The same is probably true around you, so you have no excuse not to go see it.

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Shahrukh Summer/Silly Sunday: Tabu and Shahrukh Fun Comic Romance Adventure, Two Versions from Me and Emily!

This idea comes courtesy of Emily who requested a fun silly adventure where Tabu gets into wacky scraps and Shahrukh has to keep rolling his eyes and then coming in and rescuing her. And then she wrote a fantastic multi-starrer herself and let me add in a tiny bit myself. Oh, and we both ended up casting Saif, which is perfect since it was his birthday last week!

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Mission Mangal Review (No Spoilers): Akshay, SHUT. UP.

I think this might have been the most unpleasant movie I have ever watched. It was like having wooden stakes driven under my nails for 20 hours. Needless to say, I do not recommend it to you. And if you read my posts regularly, you know that it is a rare thing for me not to encourage you to see a movie, so take it seriously.

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Hindi Film 101/NRI Week: The Evolution of the NRI on Film and in Reality

You ready for an incomplete history and incomplete list of films? I’m gonna take a stab at describing Indian/South Asian immigration patterns based on the class I took in college 10 years ago and various articles and stuff I’ve read since. It’s not really that expert. But at least it will get the discussion started! And to help with discussion, some filmi examples.

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Happy Independence Day! Let’s Watch Indian Songs Celebrating Other Countries!

I feel like there is a certain amount of Indian patriotic content that can exist in the world before the world is too full. At this point, the Hindi film industry all by itself is filling the world to overflowing. So there is no need for my blog to add on any more. Instead, OPPOSITE!!! Songs about “hey, this not-India country is totally awesome and I love it here.”

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NRI Week: The Soiled NRI Woman, Purab Aur Paschim, DDLJ, Befikre, and My Name is Khan

Another common NRI trope! I was thinking these films didn’t fit because the hero is still desi, and then I realized it only doesn’t fit if I consider the national identity as residing in the man. It doesn’t of course, a woman can just as easily be an NRI.

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