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Author of book Don't Call It Bollywood, Indian film obsessive, recently graduated Masters student in film studies, person who bores everyone in her real life with her out there theories and thinking on any and all pop culture topics

Only Murders in the Building Review/Discussion Space: The Rare Art that Does Right By Characters Both Elderly and Young

What a good show! And I know at least two of you are also watching it, and maybe this will inspire others to watch it, and we can all have a nice chat. I like chatting.

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Shahrukh Month Personal Discussion Post: What Is Your Current Personal Favorite SRK Film? Even if you Aren’t a Fan, You Must Have a Favorite!

Let’s get personal! After all, what is more personal than your Shahrukh fandom? Or even non-fandom, this post is for ALL. Including our few hidden non-SRK fans. Even if you aren’t a fan-fan, you must still have a favorite out of all his movies! Something you hate the least.

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Shahrukh Month Silly Sunday: Spooky Sunday! What Kind of Ghost Movie Should SRK Be In? Classic Horror, Not Romance Like Paheli

Shahrukh Khan Ghost Movie! I SHOULD be writing my Little Things reviews, but I don’t wanna. I already did stuff today, subbed as a teacher for the church youth group (do teens just not talk? Courtney, how do you make them talk? It’s so BORING), and took my car in for an oil change, and all kinds of useful things. I don’t wanna do more stuff! I wanna do fun brainless stuff! Like write Ghost Movies for SRK!!!!

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Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: If You Could Have Any Shahrukh Based Art Item, What Would It Be? Body Pillow, Statue, Wall Hanging, Oil Painting, Mural, Something Else? And Would it Be a Headshot, Full Body, In Character or Out?

Not sure if this is a clear question. But I think it is? You have the money to hire an artist to make a custom Shahrukh thing for you, what would you have them make?

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