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Marshmello Video Translated! All About Shahrukh

I have really and truly never heard of this artist. But some nice person in the comments told me that he is really really famous even outside of India? So now I get to do a post that maybe/hopefully gets picked up outside of my Indian blog by people who are the opposite of me, having heard of Marshmello but not Shahrukh Khan.

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I’m Having a Sucky Day, How About You?

Well, I am feeling absolutely miserable and just trying to crawl through until spring. So I am going to vent a bit here, and then you are all going to say Cheerful and Encouraging things. And if it isn’t Cheerful and Encouraging, then I don’t want to hear it!!!! Dogs! Happy stories! Sunshine and Flowers!

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Valentine’s Week Review: Chameli Ki Shaadi! Anil and Amrita Reach Out for Love and What’s Wrong With That?

Thank you filmilibrarian for recommending this movie! It is a total delight! Because it was back in a time when couples were allowed to just be in love and get married without dragging the whole thing out and turning into a tragedy.

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Valentine’s Week, Humpty Sharma and DDLJ Part 2!

I already compared and contrasted the first halves of DDLJ and Humpty.  And that got so long that I decided to break at intermission and talk about the second half today.  This may be slightly too much thought to put in to Humpty (although it is a very good movie.  With a terrible title), but it is interesting as an example of how DDLJ has forever changed and influenced the Indian romance film.

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Gully Boy Review (SPOILERS): The Poor Don’t Drag Each Other Down, They Lift Each Other Up

This is a movie that is about the music and the moments (Zoya is such a beautiful director) more than the plot. So it isn’t that bad to SPOIL yourself. But if you want to go into it keeping some of the tension of not knowing what will happen, you can skip this review and read the other one instead.

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Valentine’s Week of Romance! Sanam Teri Kasam

I know this is a fond favorite for some of my readers, but you don’t mind if joke about it a little, right?  Like, you are aware that this is a little sappy and fantasy-fulfilling and ridiculous from the plot side of things?  If your reaction is “This is the most realistic and perfect presentation of love I have ever seen!”, then maybe don’t read on.  If your reaction is “This is like a romance novel come to life and that’s why I love it!”, then go for it.  Because that was my reaction too!

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Valentine’s Thursday Tamil: 96! A Romance in Two Eras

This is a very well-made movie. And confirms my feeling that Trisha is secretly a brilliant actress, as good as Parvathy, but less likely to be given really good roles (partly because the Tamil industry just isn’t as good for female characters as the Malayalam). And also confirms my feeling that Vijay Sethupathi was put on this earth for women who like big natural bodies and sensitive souls. Oh, and this is a very VERY long review, once I get into the SPOILERS section. Watch out!

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Valentine’s Week Romance! Daawat E Ishq, Pari’s Other Overlooked Romance

I would say “why didn’t anyone tell me how good this movie is?”, but then there have been people screaming at me in the comments to watch it for months now, so I can’t really say that.  Anyway, it’s good!  Really good!  Running Shaadi good (my gold standard for overlooked brilliant little rom-coms).

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