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Advent 7: Barn Dance Time!

Who was it who loves this movie? I can’t remember!!!! One of my Americans I think. Anyway, that person saw this headline and went “oh, of course”. And everyone else went “huh?”

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Discussion Post Courtesy of Shreyans! What Characters Would We Dislike/Like If They Were The Reverse Gender? And Which Would We Feel the Same?

Yes! We are all going to THINK! Even though it is December, and FilmiKudhi is having a baby, and Eva and I are in mourning, and just in general life is insane (Genevieve, I’m I remembering right that you are in the midst of a sweep of birthdays?), we are still going to DISCUSS and THINK and STUFF.

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Friday WatchAlong: Jab Tak Hai Jaan! 3pm Friday Chicago Time! Let’s Get SNOWY

Thank goodness, the people decided for me so I didn’t have to decide what to watch or when to watch it. And it’s a nice movie for us to hate on! Let’s talk Vows, and Promises, and True Love, and all those things that ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY EXIST. And also, how believable/unbelievable SRK is as a 25 year old.

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Wednesday WAtching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day I GET MY COUCH???

Happy first day of Advent! I already gave Albie Dog his Advent treat (video to follow), but I am saving mine until after coffee. And my nephew sent me a wonderful Advent greeting of him saying “Happy Birthday Jesus”. He’s big on birthdays right now.

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Friday WatchAlong: What Time, What Movie? I Have Decision Fatigue!!!

Happy Tuesday! I saw Om Shanti Om IN THEATERS last night! It was the weirdest thing, this very esoteric and pretentious film group in Chicago randomly has a reel of it and they showed it in the most esoteric and pretentious way. But whatever, me and my friends hooted and danced along as you are supposed to. And today, I am sleepy.

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Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week I GET MY COUCH!!!!

Happy Monday! Last night I got to help pick out Grandpa’s funeral clothes. Did you know he has to wear pants? Doesn’t that seem kind of silly? In fact, doesn’t all of it seem kind of silly when you think about it? Anyway, today is Monday! No funeral stuff until Thursday! WOO-HOO!!!! And on Wednesday I am supposed to get my much much MUCH delayed couch!

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