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DCIB Book Club: Cotillion in ONE Week, in Two Weeks “The Soul of the Croupier”!!!!

Oh boy, another Christie! This is a recommendation from Emily, a short story with a satisfying love triangle. And a nice little easy read after several weeks in a row of full novels.

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Silly Sunday: Charles Sobhraj Inspired Netflix Miniseries Starring SRK and Katrina Kaif

Great, Netflix finally does a Charles Sobhraj miniseries like I have been wanting, but there is only a little bit of Sexy Desi Cop which was my MAIN requirement for a Charles Sobhraj miniseries! I mean, there is still some sexy desi cop, split between two separate sexy cops, but it’s not the main storyline like it would have been in my more fictionalized version.

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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Week of ANGIE’S BIRTHDAY????

Happy Wednesday! I’m off to a bad start, I just realized I washed my hair and forgot to use conditioner. I hate that! Now I either have to have a tangled mess of hair, or re-shower which is just a waste of time. And redry and re everything. UGH!

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TGIF: Happy Easter! It’s Time for Our Annual HOT JESUS Post!!!!

Jesus! Not the historical dude, but rather the fellow as is commonly imagined by Western artists. Tall, longish wavy hair, beard, great abs. Let us look at all the Indian film actors who have, in their own ways, been inspired by Jesus! (and in case you are wondering, these are ALL NEW PHOTOS! No repeats from previous years!!!)

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