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Ponniyin Selvan Review (SPOILERS): Read This Before You See the Movie If You Want a Cheat Sheet

When I was growing up, before we went to see a Shakespeare play, my Mom would always read the synopsis aloud to us. Because you don’t want to be distracted by trying to follow the guaranteed-to-be-complicated plot while enjoying the performances and everything else. This is very much that kind of a movie, super SUPER complicated plot and it’s gonna be easier to appreciate the experience if you can relax and know who everyone is without trying to follow things.

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Weekend WatchAlong: Saturday or Sunday Morning? Satyamev Jayate 2 or A Gentleman?

Happy Thursday! And Happy Gandhi Jayante Weekend! In honor of which, I think we have to watch a big stupid action movie, right? Satyamev Jayate 2 I’ve heard is epicly delightfully stupid, and A Gentleman is secretly BRILLIANT and FINALLY has subtitles on Hulu.

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Life Update Post! I Will Update on My Life, You Can Update on Yours! Or Not

I’ve had a bit of a hectic few weeks since the start of September and I realized I haven’t update you, my Internet Friends, on everything that’s happening. And I haven’t gotten updates from you either! How are Emily and Angie and Genevieve’s kids doing with the start of school? Are FilmiKudhi and Saira’s babies teething yet? Is Shelomit prepared for another horrible Boston winter? And so on and so forth!

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Thinky Post: The Pretty White Woman Success Story and How to Deal With Her

This post is inspired by reality TV! Specifically Ananya Panday and Paris Hilton in context of their (successful powerful) families, and their social status as very attractive young famous women. But does that mean they accomplished nothing? Or we should treat them like they accomplished nothing? How do we make fair judgements?

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Weekend WatchAlong: Miss Braganza! Are You Still Around? If So, You Get to Pick Time and Movie! If Not, Dangerous Ishq on Saturday Morning!

Happy Autumnal Equinox! For once it is truly the start of fall in Chicago, it was 80 degrees yesterday and dropped to 60 today, and looks generally gorgeous outside. Makes me excited about staying in and watching a cozy movie this weekend.

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New Homework Assignments for ME! 9/24 Review of Ante Sundaraniki, 10/1 Review of Ponniyin Selvan!

Once again, giving myself deadlines and assignments so I will do it! I’d be reviewing Ponniyin Selvan anyway, but maybe not Ante Sundaraniki, and I should watch new things! Yes, I will review Thiruchitrambalam, it’s rumored to possibly be hitting Netflix, so I’m waiting to see if that happens.

Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week of the Autumnal Equinox?

Happy Monday! I was super productive this weekend, if “productive” equals “buying stuff”. Which I guess it might in this case, since I bought stuff I needed like a new space heater and chest of drawers. Anyway, very excited for both those to arrive and my apartment to be all autumn-y.

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Bollywood Wives Season 2 Review/Discussion Post: Rich Ladies Be Rich! Rich Men Be Jerks and Also Chunky Panday!

I watched it! My goodness this is a sunny silly show. I highly recommend it if you are interested in watching a sunny silly show that has more of a “plotline” than the first season (thank goodness). Oh, and I’m extra proud of myself because I gave myself a deadline of Saturday to finish, and I have finished and reviewed today!

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Saturday WatchAlong: Signature Move! 8:30am Chicago Time Saturday!

I’ve decided to be totally selfish. I’ve been wanting to see Signature Move for ages, and I like watching movies on Saturday mornings. And it’s only 90 minutes, so even if no one else shows up, I will be happy talking to myself for 90 minutes (more than that and it gets weird).

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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on Ayushmann’s Birthday?

Happy Wednesday! My house is all in an uproar. My monthly cleaning person is coming, and I woke up early and cleared out my under-stairs closet, and I dropped my sofa slipcovers off at the dry cleaners yesterday so now I don’t have a sofa. It’s just so much muchness.

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