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Author of book Don't Call It Bollywood, Indian film obsessive, recently graduated Masters student in film studies, person who bores everyone in her real life with her out there theories and thinking on any and all pop culture topics

War Third Watch! New Theory, What if Hrithik is Tiger’s Father?

I have a new theory, and new small things I noticed. Let’s talk about them!

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Month of SRK: 11 Best Songs of SRK, Ranked

I’m exhausted from baby hosting, so I am going to put up a post to get a discussion started! Yes, I am going to be brave enough to attempt to RANK the best SRK songs. I expect all of you to disagree with me in some way.

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day I Meet My Nephew?

Well, now I am getting all nervous about jinxing things. The baby’s going to get a cold! The flight will be delayed by weather! I will have temporary spontaneous blindness! Something is going to keep me from seeing this baby for real, instead of just in ten million photos/videos.

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Silly Sunday: Expansion of the “14 Plots to Take a Second Pass” Post! Kuch Kuch, Kal Ho Na Ho, Asoka

I was trying to come up with a new idea, but I just kept cycling back to yesterday’s post, so finally I decided to lean into it and write the additional ideas that were in my head.

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Month of SRK: 3 Playback Singers in 15 Songs for SRK, Udit or Arijit or Sonu, Who is Best?

desivoltiare suggested this, but I put off doing the post because, well, this is impossible! To make a true judgement, you would need to listen to/watch every single SRK song, then categorize them based on singer, than decide which singer over all across all his songs is the best. I’m not doing that, and you shouldn’t have to either. Limited to these songs in particular, which is your favorite playback singer among them? The best match for SRK?

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News Round-Up: Are These Good Ideas or Bad Ideas? Sara and Kartik Dating, Bhansali and Alia Collaberating, Amitabh and his Liver, Rajkummar and Remakes, and More!

So many things happening without my supervision! I’m going to try to summarize them all and we can decide if they are good ideas, or bad ideas.

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Daily Hrithik Shipping Post: War Sequel!!!! What Jodi Do We Want Next?

I have Ideas!!!! And you can pick and choose among them. Don’t limit yourself, if this is like the Bond or Mission Impossible films, it could go on and on and on with a different love interest each time. Pick one, or two, or three!

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