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Happy Chocolate Day!!! Movie Stars and Their Chocolate Spirit Animals

Happy Chocolate Day! I am celebrating by not having chocolate because there is none in the house (the TRAGEDY!!!). So instead I will have virtual chocolate by trying to match Indian movie stars with their ideal chocolate treat.

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Discussion Post: What Are Your Tricks to Beat the Heat?

The heat wave rolls on here, and I am about to go spend 2 weeks at our family’s lake house, which is lovely but unairconditioned. So, let’s share tips about how we all deal with the heat in non-airconditioned ways! In a desperate effort to keep Margaret alive as she lives like they did in Olden Times for 2 weeks!

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Happy 4th of July! Let’s Talk About Indian American Movies

Happy 4th! I celebrated by doing a purposeful long and meandering drive for curbside pick-up orders, and then returning home and immediately becoming overheated and exhausted. Which is why I didn’t even reply to comments until just now (sorry!). Anyway, for a nice American themed post, I am going to have a mini-discussion of the Indian American film genre.

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Discussion Question: If You Could Show One American Movie to All of India, What Would it Be?

Opposite! I already asked the reverse question on the morning post, Indian movie for America. Easier in some ways for this crowd I think, not because we know more about India than Hollywood but just because we are used to introducing people to Indian films more.

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