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Happy Birthday Prabhas! Two Dozen Reasons I Love You!

Last year I did only one dozen reasons, but now I am going to challenge myself and try to find two dozen!!!  And not just Bahubali related reasons either.

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Golmaal Again Review (SPOILERS): Better Than Secret Superstar

What a fun movie!  Sure, not all the jokes landed for me, but a fair number of them did.  And the cast was clearly having a great time.  And most of all, the filmmakers knew what they were doing!  I could relax and let go and be aware that I was in capable hands.  And to talk about that, I need to get into SPOILERS.  Which kind of matter for this movie, so if you think you might see it in theaters, maybe read the No Spoilers review instead.

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Silly Sunday Post: Happy 11 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 11 Adaptations He Should Be In!

I am sure you will all have Thoughts in the comments about what I should have included and did not, along with what I included and shouldn’t have, and various other changes I should have made.  And that’s fine, think of this as just a starting point!

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Golmaal Again Review (No Spoilers): Spookily Good

Two movie weekend!  Secret Superstar Friday night, Golmaal Saturday afternoon.  And it was So Much Fun!!!!  Not a great movie, not by any means, but a very fun silly movie.  I liked it, the two young men sitting behind me liked it, the big family sitting in front of me liked it, and the little boy of the family really really liked it.

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Secret Superstar Review (SPOILERS): An Everyday Story With a Once in a Lifetime Solution

I already put up my No Spoilers review, now this one will give me a chance to talk about the plot in specifics.  I should say, there’s nothing exactly surprising here, the movie could only end one way once the situation was established, but maybe if you want to be surprised by the details of how it plays out, don’t read on.  On the other hand, if you are unable to see the film for any reason, here is where you can learn what happens and what it is about.

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Secret Superstar Review (No Spoilers): An Odd Mixture of Fantasy and Reality

I finally saw it!  24 hours after most other people.  Stupid job, keeping me from watching movies in the middle of the week.  Anyway, I’ve seen it now.  There was a lot done really well, but there were also some things that were missing.  The message was holding back a little somehow.

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Last Minute Secret Superstar Post: Khamoshi: The Musical, and a Heroine Who Just Has to Sing!

Not much else to write about today, and I felt like I couldn’t just let it go with the Shahrukh birthday post and Happy Diwali, so let’s throw in a last minute post on the Secret Superstar theme!

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Happy 14 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 14 Best Performances

Yesterday I did “top characters“.  This is a post that pairs with it, top performances.  But is different, characters were wonderful people imagined by the script writer who Shahrukh was lucky to play.  These are characters that Shahrukh elevated through his performance. (part of this post is the same as last year, but most of it is new)

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Happy 15 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!!!! 15 Best Characters He Has Played

Just to be clear, this is not best performances.  “Performances” would mean he brought something extra to the role.  Which of course he did, but here I want to focus on characters, characters as written in the script, who would have been interesting no matter who played them.

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Tuesday Telugu: Manmadhudu, Harmless Misogyny

Happy Tuesday!  And a return to Telugu, after a brief visit to Tamil over the past few weeks.  A totally silly soothing film that I could have on in the background while blogging/quilting/cooking.  A film that, I think, is ultimately harmless although it sure sounds harmful in description!

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Happy 16 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! A Bit of a Silly One, 16 Bridal Adornments

I was running out of ideas, so I asked around, and a friend of mine from Delhi said I HAD to do this idea.  And I couldn’t resist!  So, Shahrukh and the traditional 16 bridal adornments (Solah Shringaar).

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Want to Know How You Can Help My Blog Grow? Read On!

Yesterday was the monthly reminder of how to donate, today is the monthly reminder of how you can help promote me.  Again, feel free to skip if you read this whole thing last month.

One of my greatest personal flaws is an inability to promote myself in any way (including to my own family, half of whom are unaware that I have a Masters.  And my friends, 100% of whom have no idea when my birthday is because I don’t want them to make a fuss).  Which means I am throwing myself on your mercy and asking you to help me promote myself.

So, here’s your monthly reminder that I have no money or time for promoting myself so, if you think more people should be reading this blog, I need your help to make that happen.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to help more people find me:

  • If you participate in any real life Indian/Indian film community (meet-up group, friendly movie night, a Hindi class, a dance class, just being alive and in India), please mention my blog.
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