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Weekend WatchAlong: Bachelor Mother! Cute, Short, Romantic, and a Baby!!!! Sunday or Saturday? And What Time?

After soooooooooo many weekends off, I am back! I really really REALLY want to watch a movie with y’all! So the most important question is, what day and time works best?

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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day Before Thanksgiving???

Happy Wednesday!!! And Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! I am so excited to have a day off work. I’m gonna make Christmas presents and cook and get things out of the storage unit and all kinds of good things. Oh, and then go over to my parents to actually celebrate Thanksgiving, that too.

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What Are Y’all Looking Forward to Over Christmas Break?

Happy Tuesday! I am feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and it’s not even December yet. JUST POSSIBLY I set too high standards for myself in terms of what I have to do for Christmas (the 8 homemade presents, the multiple social events, the live tree, the family heirloom decorations that all have to be out, etc. etc. etc.).

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Phone Bhoot Review (No Spoilers): Jackie Shroff is HOT!!!!!!

Is that a spoiler? I guess it is a small spoiler. Because sometimes Jackie is hot, and sometimes he is a yuck old man. But in this film, HOT! Don’t know what magic pill they gave him, or maybe the pandemic was just very good for him in terms of making him look rested and healthy, but dude looks GOOD. Oh, and also there were other people in the movie and they were also okay. And the movie itself was clever and made me laugh. But Jackie, HOTTIE!

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