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Silly Sunday: Happy Pride (Repost)! Many Many FanFics, Including Shahrukh/Arjun and Rani/Vidya

You understand that I mean “gay” as a genre, not an insult, right?  Kind of horrible that I have to make that clarification.  There used to be a movie store in the gay neighborhood of my city that had a series of shelves called “Neighborhood Favorites”.  Which was their little pseudonym for movies with same sex romantic plot lines.  So maybe I should say that instead, all the Khans, plus Amitabh, should be in “neighborhood favorite” movies.

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Dabangg Reloaded Chicago Show: Literally Unwatchable, WHAT HAPPENED????

Well, that was a disaster!  And not in the way I was expecting, but rather the complete opposite.  Salman and all the performers were great, it was everything else that was shockingly bad.  And I can look at video from Atlanta and see that they got a totally different show than I did.  WHAT HAPPENED IN CHICAGO????

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Friday Classics: Badal! For Amrish Puri’s Birthday and Bobby in Race 3

Happy Friday!  I’m feeling lazy after my very very very very long post on PC and SRK yesterday, so I am going to throw up a short post on a bad movie.  My favorite kind of lazy post to write!  And if you want to be a lazy reader, I highly recommend watching all the song videos instead of reading, because this movie has really GREAT songs.  And a stupid plot.

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Hindi Film 101: Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan

Apparently, this is going to be a story again.  So I will try to address it again.  The first time I tried, I got so much anger in the comments (by Priyanka defenders who misread it as the strawman version below) that I had to pull down the post, but maybe it will be better now.  Mostly because I will try to be more clear in my writing.

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Well, My Day Started HORRIBLE!!!! But I am going to find a bright side in everything, because that’s what I do

Not a great start to the day here!  Hopefully it gets better.  Or else I will get a pizza on the way home tonight (my soothing stay inside treat) and hide from the world with Dog Hazel, that works too.  Or just rely on my natural optimistic instinct to find the silver lining and force myself to be happy.

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Happy Summer Solstice/My Aunt Bernice’s Birthday!

Never actually met Aunt Bernice, she was my great-great-aunt, but every summer solstice my grandmother would mention that it was also Aunt Bernice’s birthday and now that is burned into my brain, the two go together.  Pagan earth based sun rituals, and a spinster who worked for a mail order catalog company for 40 years.

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Bonus Wednesday Question: Which Era of Hrithik is the Best Era of Hrithik?

This is inspired by the fanvid post I put up earlier today with a gabillion Hrithik videos, which just reminded me how many different varying shades of Hrithik there are.  It’s a bit like learning to appreciate fine wine, at first it all tastes the same, but as your palate deepens, they become very different from each other.

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Autism Pride Day, My Name is Khan

I just randomly felt like writing about this movie.  I’ve been avoiding it, because this is one that is really close to my heart and I know it isn’t close to the heart of most people, which is going to be heard for me to take when you comment.  But then on the other hand, I should write about it for that very reason, so you can understand what I am thinking, and I can understand what you are thinking.  And anyway, it’s Autism Pride Day today, and it was Eid a couple of days ago, so it seems like the perfect time.  Plus, I am planning to cover Vishwaroop tomorrow and the two kind of go together.

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Snow Songs to Cool Me Down

It is extremely hot today.  I am looking at my poor wilted flowers on the windsill in my office and feeling even more wilted than they look.  And also a wee bit worried about Dog Hazel who is all alone all day in my third floor apartment.  I left the a/c on for her, but it’s not really enough.  And what if the power goes out or something?  Poor little hot doggie!

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I’m on Instagram! Just Like The Young People

Welp, I finally figured out how I could use instagram.  It only takes like half an hour per image (find the image, find a quote, add the quote to the image, email it to myself, open it on my phone, load it from my phone, add caption, DONE!!!!)

I’ll be keeping an eye out and seeing if this actually gains me any new readers, or if it runs into the same issue I have with other sites like this, that no one is willing to click out of the site to go somewhere else on the internet so all it does is gain the site traffic.

Anyway, please share, repost, whatever it is people do on instagram.  And feel free to make similar image posts yourself if you want, the point is just to get a DCIB quote out there with the website address attached.