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Hindi Film 101: Politics and Propaganda, Film and Fantasy, the Basics of Media Studies Part 1

This is one of those Big Big essays.  And I am very sleep deprived and stressed right now which, strangely, puts me in the perfect frame of mind for this particular discussion.  My brain craves theoretical instead of practical concerns.

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Dog Hazel is sadly waiting while I try to put up hashtags and write posts while stories are trending.  If only kind people would help make sure my content is more visible, I could spend more time with her.


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Happy Independence Day! Let’s End With a Forgotten Hero, Dr. Kotnis

I wrote this review back before Tubelight came out, but it is worth talking about and remember today as well.  Dr. Kotnis, a real person who sacrificed his life for a foreign country because it was the right thing to do.  That, to me, is a real patriot.  One who loves the people of his homeland, but loves the people of other countries as well just because they are people.

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Happy Independence Day! Rang De Basanti, Today and Always

I refuse to watch this movie one more time (ha!) because it makes me way way too sad.  So be aware, this will all be based on memories from like 4 years ago, the last time I felt masochistic enough to watch it. (I’ve written on this film before, and promised then that it wouldn’t be the last post. You can read it here)

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Happy Independence Day Again! A New Patriotic Classic, About the Cost of Patriotism, Raazi!

This is an actual excellent film, and a very fun watch.  It doesn’t really matter if you know what happens, you can still enjoy watching it play out, but if you like being surprised and having edge of your seat thrills, maybe wait and read the No Spoilers review first, and then this one after you have seen the movie.

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Happy India Independence Day! My Favorite India Patriotic Songs

I am not, in fact, Indian.  So anything song that goes “Rah Rah Rah, Indian Over All” is not really going to work for me.  But a song that goes “Rah Rah Rah, Let’s Love Our Home Because it Is Our Home And Try To Make It Better”, that works for me because it works for everyone in the world, you know?  And these are my favorite of that time.

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Twitter Update: Karan Snaps at Trolls, How Do We Feel About That? And Shahrukh is With Cute Kids, How Do We Feel About That?

Twitter update!  And something for us all to chew over today as I continue with my Sister Weekend (did you know Hasee To Phasee on Amazon does not have subtitles?  Because ErosNOW is THE WORST????)

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Silly Sunday: Hindi LM Montgomery, Shahrukh as a Dashing Mature Man Romancing Shy Old Maid Tabu

Okay, prepare yourself for a very very deep cut.  This is my absolute favorite LM Montgomery short story.  So, not an “Anne” book, and not one of her other lessor series either.  And not even from the first short story collection Chronicles of Avonlea, but aaaaallllll the way in Further Chronicles of Avonlea.  But it’s SO GOOD!!!! How can I resist I remake?  And it is just crying out for Shahrukh.

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TGIF Bonus Post: What Sweater Should My Sister Make for Dog Hazel?

My sister is visiting, and has volunteered to make Dog Hazel a little sweater for the winter.  Knitting takes time, so now is the time to pick the pattern so it can be ready by chilly weather.  Dog Hazel has terrible fur, is already cold just with air conditioning, so she definitely is going to need SOMETHING.  But what?

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Friday Classic: Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, Strong Women Fighting and Performing as Equals with Strong Men

Finally watched it!  Months and months later.  And years late to the whole Luv Ranjan genre.  And I am fascinated!  It is so much better, in so many ways, than I expected.  Oh, and this is an insanely long review, partly because of the huge block quote in the middle of it.  But it was too good to shorten!

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