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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week of Zero????

HAPPY SHAHRUKH MOVIE RELEASE WEEK!!!!!!!!  The most wonderful week of the year!  And blessed is the year in which it occurs more than once (2017).  This has been a long hard slog, getting through 2018 with no release AT ALL for more than 12 months.  But the dark time is finally over!  Light is coming!  Our Lord and Savior will arrive again on December 21!  And I guess also on December 25th, for those who follow other faiths.

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All I Want for Christmas is Referrals!!!

Yes yes, it is that fun time again!  The time for you to read/ignore the monthly reminder to promote me.

If you want to give me something nice for Christmas, just tweet my posts to your friends, or mention me in comments on other sites, or recommend me to podcasters/bloggers/professional writers/editors/whoever you may know.  I’m bad/unlucky at this kind of thing, so I really need help through personal introductions.

So, that’s what I want for Christmas!  A little surprise present of “hey! They like me! And they make other people like me too!”

Sunday ReRun: Loins of Punjab, Still the Best Movie on the Indian-American Experience; At Least, in New Jersey

I just watched this movie for the 4th time, and it is still So. Good!  And such a hard sell!  I’ve seen it 4 times partly because people will only watch it if I sit next to them and force them to.  Because the title alone really isn’t enough to sell it.

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It’s the Season of Giving! Consider Giving Me an Annual Christmas Bonus!

It’s that time again, the time I remind everyone that it is a good thing to tip people who provide a service, even if that service is writing on the internet.  Think of it this month as giving me a Christmas bonus.  I provide a service all year, you can give me a special gift just this once.


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Saturday Small Talk! You Should All Catch Up on Yesterday’s Posts!

Happy Saturday!  I get to sleep in, then do laundry, then go over to my friend-with-a-baby’s house and watch a movie with her and Baby, and then come home and go to bed early so I will be ready to lead a really tricky meeting on Sunday (I get to lead an open conversation about race between 5 white people, and then break the news I am leaving the committee because I am donezo)

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FanFic From the Comments! Middle-aged Married Rani-SRK Rediscover Their Spark on a Couple’s Trip to Europe

I love FanFic from the comments! Partly because it is always more fun when it is written as a collaboration, partly because it means I know at least one person will be interested in reading it. Although really, you should all read it.  Not all my FanFics are good, but this is a really really good one.

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Friday Classics: Akaash Vani, the Movie I Have Been Waiting For

TRIGGER WARNING. This film has the most accurate evocation of rape I have seen in, like, ever.  Not dramatic or exciting, just painful and miserable and shameful.  And done by your own intimate partner.  So, don’t watch it if you can’t get past that.  But DO watch it if you want to see a hopeful consideration of how someone can survive such an experience.  And either way, READ THE SPOILERS.  In this case, they won’t ruin the movie for you, and they will give you a lot to think and talk about.

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Ten Indian Films to Start Feminist Discussions!

This is NOT “Ten Feminist Films”, because that’s a wee bit subjective.  And it’s also NOT “Top Ten”, because that’s a way bit subjective.  Instead, these are just ten films that bring up interesting discussions around gender.  If you ever want to have a real downer of a movie night, you can show these and then make people discuss.  Feel free to add on your own options both for films and discussion questions in the comments!!

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