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Discussion Post: (inspired by Shahrukh’s Speech) What Movies Do You Think the Critics Did Not Treat Fairly and Wish People Would Watch?

Remember, the person with the most comments before the end of the month gets a free Shahrukh-in-a-bathrobe-with-alcohol poster! It’s beautiful and I know you want it. Give a comment, or preferably many many comments (you can choose multiple movies and have a separate comment for each) on this post to help you win.

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Thursday Telugu: Mirchi Review Part 2, VERY VERY LONG

Like I said with Part 1, Mirchi was the first true Telugu film I watched, and I was super excited and wrote a very very long email to moviemavengal/Pardesi about it. And then a few years ago I took that email and turned it into a very very long review. Part 1 went up a bit ago, here is Part 2.

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Happy Varun Dhawan Day! Final Review, Most Recent Film, KALANK!!!

Well, that was fun!!!! If it had released 20 years ago, it would be a solid hit and forgotten in a month, and then it would pop-up on TV occasionally and people would say “oh yeah, that movie!” I don’t know how it will do in today’s world at the box office, but at least critically I want to treat it as the nice unambitious pleasant fairy tale it aspires to be, not as the Great Noble Brilliant Movie that it wasn’t even trying to be. I suspect other reviewers might ding it for not being the Great Noble Brilliant Movie they thing it should be without realizing it never wanted to be that.

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Happy Varun Dhawan Day! Humpty Sharma Part 2

I already compared and contrasted the first halves of DDLJ and Humpty.  And that got so long that I decided to break at intermission and talk about the second half today.  This may be slightly too much thought to put in to Humpty (although it is a very good movie.  With a terrible title), but it is interesting as an example of how DDLJ has forever changed and influenced the Indian romance film.

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New Student of the Year 2 Song! (also, Bharat teaser)

Did you know it’s also Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday? I didn’t! Sachin, my friend Dina, and Varun Dhawan. Clearly 4/24 is an auspicious day. Anyway, I don’t think the new SOTY2 song is in honor of any of them. Unless maybe Dina? She does like Tiger quite a bit.

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Shahrukh Critic’s Choice Award, Full Speech With Transcript

Shahrukh’s main point was that critics should go the extra mile and have respect for their profession, don’t just sink into popularity contests and click competition. And my favorite Hindi film critic working today, Raja Sen, proved why he is my favorite by shooting the entire speech. Other people there caught a minute here and there and posted the excerpt. Raja Sen paid attention and treated Shahrukh’s message respectfully and got the whole thing.

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Silly Sunday Bonus: Film Noir Remakes! (Red Chillies, check this out!)

I’ve hit a rich stream of B-grade film noirs on TV. The B-grades are sometimes better than the A-grade ones, you could get grittier and darker and weirder when no one was looking. Anyway, there are two that I think would work really well as dark weird gritty Indian remakes. (note for my sister: Don’t Read This! We are watching them together when I visit)

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