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Weekend WatchAlong: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Morning or Midday? For SRIDEVI!!!

Wooo, let’s do another watchalong! And it’s Sridevi Weekend, so we gotta do one of her films. Call me crazy, but I’m feeling SNAKE-Y!

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Grease Review (for Olivia Newton-John): A Movie I Had to Age into Appreciating

Oh Olivia Newton-John. I heard she died and the first thing I wanted to know was “What did Travolta say?” It’s rare that an onscreen pairing in American film is so strong that even when the real person dies, your first thought is of their onscreen partner. So let’s go back and look at that movie which had such an impact and think about why that impact happened.

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Aunting Report! Guess What is the ONLY Song that Will Calm This Child Down and Make Him Laugh?

Happy Tuesday! MommySister and Daddy might be coming home from the hospital today with Baby Brother! False alarms Thursday evening and Saturday morning which meant Auntie caring for confused Nephew A. Also, Nephew A got a 24 hour bug and threw up over everything on Friday. I had to throw away my dress. And then the real alarm started Saturday afternoon and I have been solo caring for a small human being since then. Well, the nanny was here for a few hours yesterday so I was able to wash my hair (HEAVEN!), but mostly solo. Once Mommy and Daddy and Baby Brother are home, it will get easier, right? Because babies make everything better?

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me As Dawdle in a Hotel Room?

Happy Monday! I got within an hour of my sister’s by 9pm last night and we made a decision for me to stay at a hotel within emergency call zone instead of arriving in the middle of bedtime when we are all tired. And now I am relaxing in my big huge hotel bed and thinking “do I really want to leave here and go be beaten up by a 2 year old who is mad at me for not being Mommy?”

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No WatchAlong Because Nephew B is Beating Down the Door to Be Born!

Based on latest reports from my sister, Nephew B is really REALLY ready to get here. So instead of a nice slow drive today ending with a pleasant watchalong, I’m gonna shoot for getting within a few hours of their house by the end of the day so I can be on call. Unfortunately, all the way there just seems EXTREMELY unlikely. Unless I get an Auntie adrenaline rush.

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