Neerja: Full Weekend Figures, Beats Airlift Per Screen

Well, “steady”.  With the understanding that the box office is always going to drop off a little after the weekend.  But it didn’t drop off nearly as much as it could have.

According to BollywoodHungama, it went from 4.7 crore on Friday to 7.6 on Saturday, to 9.71 on Sunday!  And then it dropped down to 3.7 on Monday, and 3.4 on Tuesday.  Which is fine.

But that is only have the story, the other part is the screen numbers. Let’s compare that with Airlift, the most recent high quality patriotic film.  Neerja only opened on 700 screens, compared to over 2000 for Airlift.  Which made almost 12.35 crore on Friday, 14.6 on Saturday, and 17.35 on sunday. So, on slightly less than half as many screens, with no big name male star involved, and no holiday weekend, Neerja has a better per screen average than the biggest hit of the year so far.

Of course, this could all go away next weekend.  But, there’s nothing big coming out (I am super excited about Tere Bin Laden 2, but I don’t know how many other people will be), and World Cup hasn’t started yet, so it’s possible that Neerja has another strong weekend, and ends with a good solid total collections.  Which I would love!

Sonam deserves credit for opening a movie, not just for this one, but for Aisha and Khoobsurat and Dolly ki Dulhi.  They all did fine, if not spectacular, and no one gives her credit for having some real star skills.  And Shabana can always use more confirmation that she is actors actor.  And mostly, I would love it if a really really good movie got the overall box office to prove that a good film can play anywhere in India on any weekend just because it is that good.


2 thoughts on “Neerja: Full Weekend Figures, Beats Airlift Per Screen

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