Urmila got Married! To Celebrate, Here are My Favorite Urmila Songs! And Also a Wedding Photo

Urmila Matondkar got married!  I am so happy!  She sort of dropped off the radar over the past few years, so I was hoping it was because she was tired of the film industry and had a flourishing personal life, not that she was super depressed and desperate for roles.

She married a “Kashmiri based Businessman and Model.”  How is “businessman and model” a common combination in India?  I mean, it is the perfect husband, handsome and wealthy, but it is so odd to think of an important Vice President of some company taking a half-day so he can go shoot a toothpaste ad.  Maybe Ghajini was more accurate than it appeared?

Anyway, don’t they look happy together?

If you missed the Urmila heyday, back in the 90s she burst on the scene with Rangeela and a super-sexualized performance, that was also somehow innocent.

(Try not to look at Jackie Shroff’s speedo)

She made a whole string of hits in the next few years, many of them with Ram Gopal Verma, the director who “discovered” her.  RGV is known for constantly “discovering” young actresses, but most of them have just been pale imitations of his original discovery, Urmila.  Like Hitchcock constantly trying to find a new Grace Kelly.

But she also worked with other directors/production houses, my favorite of these films being Khoobsurat.  Of the 3 Khoobsurat films, this one always tends to be forgotten, not as modern and global as the new Khoobsurat with Sonam, and not as classic and beloved as the old one with Rekha.  But I like it!  Sanjay Dutt is a conman-criminal who is hired to turn shy glasses wearing Urmila into a confident beauty.


During this time, she also became known for being willing to do Item Songs.  Back in the 90s, it was still somewhat unusual for a Heroine level actress to agree to be in a film just for a song.  Now, of course, Kareena, Katrina, Aishwarya, even Vidya, do it all the time.  But Urmila was one of the first!  And this Item Song in particular was so popular, it was even sampled in Moulin Rouge.


Moving into the 2000s, Urmila made a big career change, stopped doing the cute roles and the sexy numbers, and switched to more serious and dramatic films.  Tehzeeb, Pinjar, Main Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara.  Of these, I like Tehzeeb the best, because it is dealing with family issues and tragedies, not big insolvable social/historical problems.  Also, great songs.

(This is Dia Mirza, not Urmila, of course.  But it gives you the best sense of what kind of a movie this is)

And then after that little creative burst, she sort of dropped off the scene.  Started doing more special appearances and less full performances, hosted TV shows, that sort of thing.  So I am glad to hear that she hasn’t been sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, but has been out in the world falling in love with a handsome younger man.  And I’m going to imagine it went like this, because this is my all time favorite Urmila song!

4 thoughts on “Urmila got Married! To Celebrate, Here are My Favorite Urmila Songs! And Also a Wedding Photo

  1. Urmila looks so happy! Good for her.The media is making a huge fuss about of the fact that her groom is 10 years younger than her.And how could you forget Urmila’s last film, the Karz remake with Himesh? You have to give Himesh points for not giving up on his acting dreams.Despite the fact that nobody wants to see him on screen, he’s back in a toned avatar.


    • Ten years younger or twenty years younger, he is still a lucky man if he gets to marry Urmila! I really like her. And also, I just looked up that film, and blech! “Dreamz”? With a “z”? So stupid! Although still better than the original title I remember hearing about, “Karzzz”.


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