Amrita Rao is Married!

That feels sudden!  Because I barely knew she was dating anyone.  Because, sadly, the media isn’t exactly falling over itself keeping me up to date with the goings on of Amrita Rao.

Amrita Rao is one of those people I have a hard time recognizing because her face is so symmetrical that it looks like everyone else’s.  Also, Dia Mirza.  But when I do know it is her, I enjoy her!

I never managed to get all the way through Ishq-Vishk (too much sexual humor!), but from what I’ve seen, she and Shahid really are adorable in it.


And then she got the really plumb role, the young tomboy in Main Hoon Na, and she was lovely in that, had a really sweet little sister vibe with Shahrukh.


And finally, there was the next big career highlight, Vivah!  Where she is sweet and demure, and kind, the culmination of all her previous sweet and young and naive characters.


And then, I don’t know, she just kind of disappeared?  She had a small role in Raajneeti, I remember, because I didn’t recognize her in the trailers until I looked at the cast list.  And I think I saw a blind item in a year or so ago implying that she went off on a salon owner because they didn’t recognize her.  Poor salon owner probably has the same problem I do.

And now she’s married!  I’m so happy for her!  And is on a TV show?  That’s nice, I’m glad she’s still working.  Her husband is a successful DJ, they’ve been dating for 7 years, and it all sounds very pleasant.  Good for Amrita!  And, to celebrate, let’s have one more song:



4 thoughts on “Amrita Rao is Married!

  1. She did try to get rid of her ‘sweet and demure’ label and make a comeback with Shortcut.But unfortunately it didn’t take.’Good’ girls who refuse to shed their clothes have a short career in Bollywood.They almost always try to make a comeback in a modern avatar -like Amrita and Mohabbatein’s Preeti Jhangiani.

    I have the same problem with symmetrical faces.Take for example Imraan Hashmi’s heroines in the Bhatt movies.They all sort of blend together-tall,slim with straightened colored hair.Except for Kangana.I think her tight curls helped to stand out from the crowd.So much so that anyone with that kind of hair is now casually referred to as having ‘Kangana hair’.


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