Casting News Update: Sonakshi Dabanggs, Aamir Dutts?

This is one of those posts where the news is way more exciting than anything I could say about it.  So it will basically be just me repeating the facts.

First, Sonakshi confirmed she will be in Dabangg 3!  Yaaaaay!  And what a relief!  I love that the character came back for 2, that instead of doing a reset and a new romance, they were brave enough to continue the relationship set up in the first film.  And I love Sonakshi in general, and especially as an action heroine.  She brings a great spice and strength, even to the most underwritten role.  So, if Dabangg 3 is Sonakshi as a mother of bouncing baby Salman’s, balancing flirtation with her husband, constant kidnapping, and running a household, I am dee-Lighted!

(See, directors!  Married people can be romantic too!)

Second, rumor has it that Aamir is part of the Sanjay Dutt bio.  Which makes sense, because he is friends with Sanjay, and of course close with Rajkumar Hirani.  What does not make sense is the rumor that Aamir is playing Sunil Dutt.  Great part, of course.  I’m sure there will be juicy father-son scenes, and Aamir will enjoy doing his usually chameleon thing, turning himself into someone who legitimately looks like Ranbir Kapoor’s father.  Also, it’s nice that they are thinking of one of the few actors who actually worked with Sunil Dutt, and is roughly the right age.  Remember, Parampara!  And by the way, the age difference between Sunil and Sanjay was 29 years, and the difference between Aamir and Ranbir is 17, so that’s not actually that far off.  I mean, it’s not close, but it’s not like Waheeda playing Amitabh’s mother in Trishul.



But, for me, there is one big big problem with this casting.  Which is that Sunil Dutt was famous for being one of the tallest actors in the industry and Aamir is………………….not.


(See how even a regularly sized coke bottle looks enormous in his hands?)

6 thoughts on “Casting News Update: Sonakshi Dabanggs, Aamir Dutts?

  1. It will certainly completely change the dynamic of any father-son “confrontation” scenes, especially because Ranbir is himself a six-footer.

    Stools to the rescue? 🙂


  2. Apparently Dabangg 3 will have a female Big Bad.Kajol has already said no, but here’s hoping Sridevi gives her nod to the project.Of course it will be all about Salman glorification as usual but a female villain will be a nice change.IIRC Kajol’s last negative role was Gupt.

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    • Oh, I like that! I saw that there was supposed to be another heroine cast, and I was afraid it was going to be some sort of strange Krrish 3 love triangle thing. But I like the idea of a female villain much better. If Sridevi turns it down, I would love to see Juhi or Madhuri take it on.


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