Baar Baar Box Office and Aamir’s New Look!

Global figures are out for Baar Baar!  And Bollywoodhungama says that they are “dismal”, but I’m not seeing it?  But maybe that’s just because I am missing some extra information, like how big was the budget and how much were the distribution rights sold for.  Oh, and also a new weird photo of Aamir

So, I pulled out my handy calculator and I divided the Baar Baar Dekho box office by screen count.  And I came up with around $5,000 for every country.  Well, except Germany, where only Shahrukh films really play.  And Malaysia, where only Tamil films do.

$5,000 is usually a perfectly respectable opening number per screen.  Sultan, for instance, only made around $7,000 per screen opening weekend and was considered a massive success.

But BollywoodHungama says it is dismal!  And I have learned to generally trust BollywoodHungama when they make statements like this.  So I wonder if they know that Baar Baar needed to make a certain amount to break even, and the overseas box office was supposed to carry it through and didn’t?  Or that the filmmakers had lost faith in it already and cut the screen counts?

The closest comparison film would be Kapoor & Sons, also a Sidharth movie, also with no real big stars in it, also great songs, good production values, and aimed squarely at the multiples audience.  And it also made about $5,000 per screen.  But on about 20 more screens than Baar Baar had.

So, the only way Baar Baar is dismal, is it the budget was way way more than Kapoor & Sons (possible, with all the CGI) and the expectations were correspondingly high, and have not been met.  Cannot WAIT for the budget reveals to come out in a week or so!


Oh right, and I promised you a picture of Aamir as well!  He is making a special appearance in a film directed by his former manager (I think this is also how Shahrukh ended up in Bhootnath, and Hrithik in some children’s movie about Krishna).  So, here it is!  His new look for his unknown cameo in an unnamed film!


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