Varun Story That Isn’t a Story or Is It?

I’m not quite sure why this is even reported, because there’s the whole story, and then it ends with “but then it didn’t happen and may never have been a real thing after all!”  I guess the story is that it was even a little bit believable to begin with?

According to the probably false or at least not confirmed rumor, Varun was offered a 300 crore deal for the satellite rights to all his future movies by Star TV.  Now, to make this even a little bit believable, Varun would have to be very very powerful and very very popular.

First, popular, since 300 crore is a huge amount of money.  Salman was offered 500 crore in a similar deal, which is a lot more, but not as much more as it could have been, you know?  A deal of this nature in general is almost unprecedented, it means Star must be pretty sure that every Varun Dhawan film will be a hit simply because it is a Varun Dhawan film.

(I liked Dishoom, but I didn’t like it “let me write a check for 300 crore for every other movie this guy makes” enough)

Second, powerful.  I mean honestly, how exactly was this supposed to work?  Varun would put something in every contract for every film saying that the satellite rights were already pre-sold to Star?  I could see Salman doing it, because he usually produces his movies, but so far as I know Varun hasn’t produced anything for himself yet.  So then it’s just a matter of leaning on the producers and using your star power to get the deal to go to the TV channel you assign?  Or something?

But then the article goes on to say that this deal, which may not have even been a real deal, has now fallen through.  So this whole thing is a big fat nothing.  Except that people were willing to believe, even briefly, that someone would pay 300 crore for Varun Dhawan TV rights, and that Varun had the authority to sign that deal.



5 thoughts on “Varun Story That Isn’t a Story or Is It?

  1. This came out months ago! If I remember correctly, the deal fell through because of Salman’s deal. Both Salman and Varun have the same management agency so the agency demanded that Salman’s deal gets increased if they wanted to sign Varun and then the TV channel decided that they didn’t want to give Varun the deal.


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