Box Office Update: ADHM Drops Off at Home, Soars Overseas

Yay, second weekend box office is available!  And that global-local/multiplex-singlescreen divide is popping up, just as anticipated.  Really, these films are not going to clash, besides me, there just aren’t that many people who would be interested in both.

At home first.  In the second weekend, Shivaay made 1 crore more than ADHM at home (17 crore to 16 crore).  Like I said after last weekend’s box office, Shivaay is a single-screen, it’s looking for a long run and a building word of mouth.  ADHM is a multiplex film, it’s looking for good reviews and internet gossip to drive a quick high run, and then be out of theaters.

And they are both well on track, even though ADHM is dropping off, it is also zooming towards 100 crore total, very good for a non-Khan film within the first couple weeks.  And Shivaay may have started slow, but it is picking up screens now and growing bigger in the second week than in the first.


That’s at home, what about abroad?  Same-to-same, expected pattern.  ADHM opened on maximum screens overseas, and, as I discussed, the Karan Johar brand techniques worked wonders.  Meanwhile, Shivaay didn’t really care.  Okay number of screens, but nothing spectacular.  And now, in the second week, it is getting the usual second week box office, nothing spectacular. (full figures, as always, pulled from Bollywoodhungama)

In the US, ADHM has only lost 6 screens in it’s second week, and is making $1,999 per screen.  Around $2,000 is respectable for a big film in it’s second week, and to not have flooded the market even on 296 screens beyond that $2,000 mark is very impressive.  Meanwhile, Shivaay is making $1,400 per screen on 70 screens.  So, slightly less than respectable for a second weekend.  But not really really bad (actually below or close to $1,000 would be really really bad).  People aren’t actively staying away, they just aren’t that interested.  And, more importantly, this is still in the range of what the distributor’s must have been expecting, 70 screens is still a reasonable number to have if each screen is still making well over $1,000.

In Canada, the contrast is a little more dramatic.  ADHM is on almost twice as many screens (29 to 17) and three times as much per screen ($6,200 to $2,440).  What is it with Canada?  Why do you love ADHM so much?  Discounting the actual figures, because Canada has super expensive movie tickets in general, just making 3 times as much as Shivaay per screen, versus the fairly close per screen figures in the US, is very impressive.

Australia is similarly dramatic, as is New Zealand.  Maybe it is just something about the Empire countries?  Australia even has Shivaay on more screens than ADHM, and yet it made a quarter as much money.

Maybe it goes back to what I was discussing about the unique appeal?  That ADHM is a modern sophisticated film, dialogue and camera work and all of that is very 2016, but at the heart it has a story that goes back at least as far as Andaz in 1949, if not earlier.  Oh!  Yes, earlier!  PC Barua had several movies in the 30s about love triangles in which the point was to let the woman choose what she wanted for her life.  And so the audiences in countries that typically reject these kind of glossy new age tales (Baar Baar Dekho, Ki & Ka, etc.) are responding to it, because at heart it is very old-fashioned?

(Notice how they are interacting basically the same as Ranbir and Anushka in ADHM?  except she has a dog)

Speaking of, the UK!  My little mini-India box office!  Shivaay, hilariously, made $510 per screen!  Yes, they have very cheap movie tickets there, but even figuring $5 a ticket, that’s still just 102 tickets sold aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll weekend.  Not good!  Meanwhile, ADHM made about $2,000 per screen.  On almost 100 screens.  Yes, a lot of this is just because ADHM is set in London, so there is that extra connection.  But I think even that wouldn’t have turned the tide as much if it hadn’t been a story people could relate to.

Oh, and the real story, Germany!  Also about $500 per screen on 12 screens.  So, not great.  But pretty good for a brand new market that has previously only been interested in Shahrukh.  I am sure Dharma is putting a check mark next to them in the ledger and planning to release more films over there.

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