Dilip Sahib Was in the Hospital and Himesh is Getting Divorced!

It’s an epidemic!  Of people publically acknowledging the problems in their marriages and taking legal action instead of just living in misery and hypocrisy!  Oh, and also Dilip had another brush with illness, but is home again now.

I was just thinking about how divorce is, and isn’t, addressed in the celebrity gossip because I am gobbling up the new completely unreliable and absolutely delicious Rekha biography.  I was wondering if the whole affair/no affair controversy would be handled differently today, when a public divorce and acknowledgment would be a more viable option.  Would that have made the rumors less believable?  That if nothing official and legal was happening, than it was all just a publicity stunt.  Or would it have made no difference at all?

I mean, look at Himesh Reshammiya!  He just went to court and filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years.  No big media circus, no hiding out of the country, none of that.  They even issued matching statements, emphasizing their commitment to co-parenting their son and that the split was a mutual decision.

In honor of his maturity and good sense, my favorite Himesh song:


Meanwhile, Dilip Sahib!  Another health scare!  Saira noticed a swelling on his leg and brought him in to the hospital.  They checked him over and sent him home again.  So far so good!

You know, if I were a massively important and famous film figure, I think I might want to be the third or second to last to die.  This incredible amount of focus on every little detail of Dilip’s health, Dev didn’t get that.  It’s only now that we only have the one Golden Age star left, the entire country has turned it’s attention spotlight on this one poor old man.  As am I, because it’s Dilip!  Once he goes, who’s next in line?  Shashi?


6 thoughts on “Dilip Sahib Was in the Hospital and Himesh is Getting Divorced!

  1. The way he’s dressed now, the hair cut which is supposed to make him look younger,the six-pack the younger girl friend all points to a midlife crisis.Though I really wonder what dirt Himesh has on his producers. It has got to be blackmail,right? Otherwise why else would they back him while he tries to relaunch himself again and again.A six pack and a good haircut do not make you a star.The Khans- who must be of his age group -got to be where they did after years of hard work.And more importantly they have talent and they started early in their twenties and built up their fan base over the years after giving successful films again and again.He should have stuck to his music.He’s a good music director.But his singing…ouch.As for his acting, the less said the better.


    • I suppose there is a slight chance they are giving him launches because they want him to agree to do the music for their next movie, so still blackmail, but with talent, not dirty secrets. But although he is a good music director, I don’t think he is THAT good. So yeah, you’re probably right, it must be blackmail.

      and if he is going through a midlife crisis, his wife is probably better off without him! Suzanne Khan seems so happy, post-divorce.


  2. It isn’t all about “acknowledging” problems in marriage. The divorce laws have been made less restrictive (for Hindus and, to an extent, for Christians. They’ve just begun trying to reform Muslim divorce law, to the loud protest from Muslim religious “leaders”). You’re too young, I think, to remember the days in the U.S. before no fault divorce and community property marriage laws became enacted. Nowadays pretty much most states have such laws, but it wasn’t always the case, and at that time Americans, too, just “lived in misery and hypocrisy”, to quote your words. Anyway, in India, in the olden days before divorce became easier, people with severe problems separated and lived their own lives, so at least they weren’t miserable.


    • Actually, I was thinking about a different phase in American society, which India thankfully seems to have escaped altogether. When Divorce was possible, but it was such a Terrible Thing that it was never talked about, and everyone just pretended the marriage never happened. Kids might never see their fathers again, there was no such thing as joint custody, and if you were a public figure, you had to talk as though the marriage was a terrible terrible mistake and your current relationship was the first “real” one. You couldn’t say “we had a lot of good years together, we will always be friends, it was the right thing to do at one point but we’ve grown apart.”


  3. Like and Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh apparently asked Dimple for a divorce many times, but she wouldn’t agree, even though she was living apart from him and had her own lovers, supposedly because she didn’t want to give up her claim on his properties.


    • Isn’t Dimple with Sunny? Whose wife won’t give him a divorce? I assume they still won’t be “official” even now that Rajesh is died and Dimple is single, just because it’s easier this way.

      Not Dimple and Rajesh, I don’t think they would ever have gotten back together, but I am interested in couples like Neetu and Rishi and Randhir and Babita who went through such a rough patch that, if they were in a different society/legal system, they would probably have gotten divorced. Only instead they just lived separate lives for years and years, and then ended up coming back together. I’ve seen the same thing sometimes with divorced couples in America, grew apart, got divorced, lived their lives, and then ended up growing back together again. Only it’s more awkward to come back together, because you are officially divorced and you have to explain to all your friends why you are back together and so on and so on.


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