Raabta Footnote: That Song! The One the Villain Sings! Where is it From?

I was just re-reading my SPOILERS review for Raabta and I realized I missed a big point, so I am going back to add a footnote.  When Jim Sardh walks home with Kriti and it starts to rain, they start to sing a song to each other.  And it was such an interesting choice, I just have to talk about it.

The big song reference people know from this movie is of course the title song, remixed and re-presented her, but originally from Agent Vinod.  It’s used brilliantly in the original (as one of the commentators pointed out to me, maybe filmilibrarian?)


But it’s also used well here, and kind of similarly.  The lyrics and the sound is so sweet, it kind of needs a cynical visual to undercut it.  Also, I am just assuming that Dips is playing herself in this cameo, which seems perfectly realistic, that some crazy liquor baron would hire her to lipsynch at his engagement party and she would show up, do the number and get out immediately.  And also, smart on Dips part, to keep her face in the public eye and keep her relationships with the industry alive, while she is stuck in the filming jail of Padmavati and, before that, XXX.


But that’s not the song I want to talk about!  No, while Jim Sarbh (the bad guy!) is walking along with Kriti (the heroine!) in the rain, he starts to sing this song:


Cute song, right?  And Madhubala is so pretty, and Kishoreda is so fun.  And it’s from a fun light movie too, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi is very silly and very happy.  Which kind of makes the contrast more disturbing.  This light happy association with this super dark odd guy.

Plus, if you want to take it to another level, the Kishore-Madhubala romance in Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi was about a beautiful woman falling for a funny awkward kind of guy.  Which might be how Jim sees his romance with Kriti.  He is the humble awkward nice guy, and she is the beauty.  And Sushant isn’t in the picture at all (or else he is Dilip Kumar if we want to get really meta).

Which gives us a whole unpleasant glimpse into Jim’s mind.  He is the put upon guy, the nice guy who can make her happy, and she is the beautiful woman far above him that he will win over with his sweetness.  Only, NOT AT ALL!!!!

4 thoughts on “Raabta Footnote: That Song! The One the Villain Sings! Where is it From?

  1. Cool. It was me that pointed out the Agent Vinod repurposing. I do love the melody of that song. The second song and it’s use in Raabta sounds really fascinating. Looking forward to seeing Jim Sarbh make it even creepier than it already sounds! I hope Sarbh doesn’t get stuck playing the bad guy forever. It’s a regular paycheck, but I would want to see him have a career like Irrfan or Nawazuddin.


    • i have hopes that he will have a better role in his next few movies. If nothing else, in Padmavati, Ranveer has to play the Big Bad, right? so Jim will need to be something slightly different.

      On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 3:03 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Look into my heart and tell me what do you feel when you see me. The song when sushant(shiv) goes off with other girls making feel jealous to kriti(saira) and then kriti in return do make feel jealous to sushant , as she goes dancing with that silent type guy jim(zack). There’s a song in the background as written in first line. I really want to this song, i have searched everywhere but not able to find this song. Can someone tell me where i can find the original song. Please please humble request!


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