Box Office: Raazi Rises, Parmanu Places Second

Happy Tuesday!  Now that the holiday is over, I’m trying to get back on a regular schedule but it is HARD. Anyway, that means Tuesday box office time. (as always, figures from renttrack by way of bollywoodhungama)

Raazi dropped a few screens again this week, going down to 86 screens in America but holding at $3,200 per screen.  Meaning it is still solidly the most profitable Indian film playing in America, beating Parmanu in both per screen figures (Parmanu is only $3,100 per screen) and total number of screens (Parmanu is only on 41 screens).

That screen count is really exciting, it means theaters and distributors are betting on a well made film starring a woman over a less well made film with a man in its very first week.  And it was the right bet, seeing as Raazi is doing slightly better per screen even in week 3.

The per screen isn’t consistent everywhere, but the screen count is.  In Canada, Parmanu beat Raazi, $2,700 per screen to $2,500.  But Raazi still had more screens, 13 to Parmanu‘s 10.  In the UK, it had 33 to Parmanu‘s 24.  Only in New Zealand and Australia, those solidly action territories, did Parmanu win out, 11 to 8 in New Zealand and 24 to 14 in Australia.  And that was a bad bet, Raazi made about $1,000 more per screen in both territories than Parmanu.

Of course, the real question is whether anyone besides me is even tracking these numbers.  Later week profits are important for the theaters, but not for the producers, they get their big profits upfront.  And not always for the stars either, they get the big publicity and everything in week one.


For comparison, Raazi is well on track to beat Baaghi 2 for overall global box office.  Just has to edge out a few more crore in the next few weeks.  But Baaghi made the majority of its money that first weekend, thanks to a ridiculously high overseas screen count.  It was a sprinter, not a marathon runner.  And so Baaghi 2 and Tiger Shroff got all the media attention and glory and so on right away, while Alia and Raazi already feel like old news, even though they are still playing.

(I don’t have a clever reason for playing this song, I just think it is pretty.)

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