Quantico-Joe Cocker?

So, last night’s Quantico was predictably confusing and morally irritating.  The FBI is fine with keeping a gross procedural error internal in order to keep a serial killer in prison?  Even if that procedural error was a sign that their agent was going down a path which would lead to considering cold-blooded murder to cover it up?  And none of their recruits considered the possibility that this gross procedural error could have lead to the wrong person being imprisoned, which is in fact why the courts would release them?

More importantly, real world-wise, this continues to play into the misconception that the American court system is weighted heavily towards the accused and not the prosecutor, instead of the other way around.  I am fairly sure that if gross procedural mistakes were found in an investigation by the FBI, eventually the wrongfully accused would be released, but it wouldn’t exactly be instantaneous, and they would pretty quickly be re-arrested and tried again.

But what I really cared about was the late in the episode revelation that Alex knows 70s-80s music because she listened to her mother’s record collection in Bombay.  Why in the world would her mother have a bunch of American records in Bombay in the 70s and 80s?  Because the import restrictions were still in place, which would have made those records super hard to get.

Is this a subtle clue?  Is it possible that she was always obsessed with American culture to the point of purchasing records on the black market, which explains why she came to America/married an American?  Still doesn’t match up with her potentially being a Pakistani agent, but maybe she had a ton of Nazia Hassan records also?

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