DDLJ in text form

So, my sister is stuck on an Air India plane waiting for the weather to clear so they can take off, but luckily there is a whole “Shahrukh Khan Channel” available for in flight entertainment.  Which means she is sitting there texting me DDLJ updates as she waits.  Here is our conversation.  If you are a real SRKajol fan, you should be able to follow along:

Sister: Watching ddlj while plane de-ices.  Metaphor?

Me: No, Hum tum would be a metaphor

Sister: Currently at ruk ja o dil deewana

Sister: Squirty flower!

Sister: Sleeping in barn!

Me: Have they tried making the plane drink alcohol to warm up?

Sister: Not yet.  For one thing, this guy in a rugby outfit keeps racing it down the runway.

Sister: “And after this, nothing can go wrong” [Snow]

Sister: Swimming pool!

Sister: Hug!

Me: kuch kuch hota hai?

Sister: DDLJ…..Oh, I see

Sister: Palat

Sister: No, I won’t come to your wedding

Sister: However, you are falling in love, dear!

Sister: He tucked in his shirt all the way

Sister: Cowbell!

Sister: Farida Jalal!  Crying!

Sister: Tujhe Dekha

Sister: Bad hair

Me: Stroh’s Beer?

Sister: A small bell!

Sister: Handholding

Me: But it’s the wrong girl!

Sister: I know!

Sister: Mehndi!

Sister: Wink!

Sister: the jewelry! I can’t bear it!

Sister: wedding preponed!

Me: should she trust him?

Sister : yes

Sister: the photo!

Sister: and we’re off!

And then I guess the plane finally took off and my sister had to shut off her phone. But I am on tenterhooks! Will this be the one time that Bauji doesn’t forgive her?  Will Shahrukh get ride the train all by himself?  Maybe I should watch it straight through myself, just for reassurance.


(okay, the Bad Hair one may be controversial.  But can you really look at the image below and call it good hair?)



4 thoughts on “DDLJ in text form

    • The plan did eventually both take off and land. Flying Air India again next week. Other SRK options: Baazigar, Darr, Chak De India. What do I do???


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