Vidya Balan Kidney Stones! (Happy New Year)

So, according to this, Vidya and her husband (UTV/Disney head Siddharth Kapoor, brother of Aditya Roy Kapoor) were on their way to an undisclosed location, actually on board a plane ready to take off, when she experienced such intense pain that the paramedics were called and she was taken off the flight.  So she will be spending the New Year in bed, in a hospital, waiting out kidney stones.  But is this her worst New Year’s Day?  Let’s look back at Vidya’s past few years and decide!

So, all the way back to before she became famous, Vidya was first cast in a Malayalam film opposite Manmooty.  The film’s release was delayed, for one of the innumerable reasons a film can be, but it was blamed on Vidya.  She was labeled “bad luck” and cast out of the Malayalam industry.  So New Year’s 2001 was probably pretty bad.

In 2002 and 2003, she was signed for films, and then later dropped and replaced with other actresses.  That’s got to sting!  2002 and 2003 New Year’s couldn’t have been very good either.

Finally, towards the end of 2003, she was signed for a Bengali film that actually got release in 2004, and critical acclaim.  New Year’s 2004 would have been a good one.

Leading to her first actual Happy New Year of the 2000s, 2005, following the release and critical acclaim of Parineeta, her first Hindi film.  2006 wasn’t bad either, collecting her awards for Parineeta in the first few months, followed by the massive box office hit Lago Raho Munna Bhai.

2007 wasn’t a very good year.  Out of 5 films (Guru, Salaam-E-Ishq, Bhool Bulaaiyya, Heyy Babby, and Eklavya), none of them gave her a good role, and none of them gave her good reviews or box office.  A bit of a downer of a year.

The slide continued in 2008 with Halla Bol, another film in which her role was too slight to make an impact, and Kismat Konnection, which is just plain bad.  Even worse, it was during this time that she was rumored to be dating Shahid Kapoor (on the rebound from Kareena), and in later interviews, she talked about how she had a serious self-esteem problem because “someone” in her life at that time kept telling her she wasn’t pretty, she weighed too much, she didn’t look right.  Shahid!  SHAME!!!

By 2009, Shahid was out of the picture and things were on a good track again.  She did Paa opposite Abhishek and Amitabh.  Most importantly, she finally figured out how to dress for her body type, and stopped being a regular on “worst dressed” lists.  With traditional hair, saris, jewelry, and make-up, she is a beautiful beautiful woman.  In mini-skirts and curled hair, she looks like the lady who lives next door and has cats, dressed up for a wedding she doesn’t want to go to.

(Vidya!  Always wear saris!)

In 2010, she released Ishqiya, which brought her the same acting accolades she had gotten 4 years earlier for Parineeta.  Life was good, but something even better was on the horizon.

2011, No One Killed Jessica comes out, and Vidya starts getting international accolades.  On the personal front, she starts dating powerful producer Siddharth Roy Kapoor.  Yes, he had been married before, but at least he didn’t tell her she was fat!

2012, once again she improves on the year before with the record breaking Dirty Picture!  Hailed as the only female “star” of Bollywood, the only woman who can truly “open” a film, she becomes a major mover and shaker in the industry.  And she gets married!  And then at the end of the year, Kahaani comes out, and her status as a woman “star” is set.

2013 starts another slow decline.  Roles like Kahaani and Dirty Picture don’t come around every day.  She is stuck, once again, playing the wife or the love interest to the hero who has the more interesting parts.  And, post her Dirty Picture weight gain, the whispers about her body start up again in the press.

2014, another role as a wife, followed by a picture with her as the star!  Which flops.  Ending the Vidya-enessaince.  Not a good year.

2015, probably glad to see the back of it.  Her worst reviewed, and just plain worst, film of all comes out, Humari Adhuri Kahaani.  It’s embarrassingly bad.  And, worst of all, her role isn’t even that good in it, clearly directors are no longer interested in her acting abilities.  Plus, her costumes stink.

And now, here she is, in a hospital somewhere in the world, waiting out 2015 with kidney stones.  Well, at least she has her fabulously wealthy and powerful husband at her bedside.  That’s one up on New Year’s 2000-2012.  But I think 2012 is still probably her best year.  She had the husband, she had the career, she had the acting challenges, and she had the good fashion sense!

Oh well Vidya, maybe 2016 will be better for you!  It could hardly be worse.  First, you just have to pass 2015 like a kidney stone.



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