Happy Birthday Farah Khan! Congrats to the most successful woman in film!

So, I found out through Amitji’s twitter that yesterday was Farah Khan’s birthday!  And I MISSED IT!!!  This is horrible!  I feel like I should airmail her a birthday cake or something.

Well, instead, I will write an article about why she is so awesome.  Not 50 reasons, like I did for Salman, but just 21.  So she can pretend she is still younger than Shahrukh.  (Apparently, it is also her cousin Farhan’s birthday, and all I have to say to him is WHERE IS DON 3?!?!?!?)

  1. She is the most successful woman in Indian film, and if you look at her credits sequences (love them!), you will notice that at least half her assistant directors are also women.  Boom!  Feminism!  And practical mentoring and helping of young women who otherwise would not be able to gain experience as it would be unsafe for them to work in an entirely male environment, like other film sets (Farah started out by assisting her uncle)
  2. She produced my all time favorite movie that no one else likes
  3. She is Farhan Akhtar’s cousin and never mentions it, even though it would make her look good because he is all artsy.
  4. She is Sajid Khan’s sister and she mentions it all the time, even though it makes her look bad because his films are idiotic.
  5. She openly talks about her post-pregnancy with triplets tummy tuck.
  6. This.  Her big break moment, when she realized she could film it with the music going double time, and then slow it down in post-production and still have the movements and lipsynch match the song.

7. This.  Because I think it was the first time she worked with SRK, and she already knows exactly how to do a song to make him look good, and work with his dancing “strengths”


8. This.  Soraj Khan was supposed to do it, but was late to the location, so Shahrukh called up his friend Farah, and asked her to do it as a personal favor, and then convinced Aditya Chopra to give her a chance.  She came up with the whole thing, and filmed it, in only a few days.

9. This.  Just because I love the dancing balloons

10.  This.  Because it is awesome and makes me want to live in this version of America!

11. She casts her delightful former child star aunt in her movies, and makes sure to include a glamour shot from her youth in the background so we see how pretty she looked.

Daisy Irani.jpg

12. She is the bossiest, grumpiest, least glamourous woman ever while on set, and everyone still respects her.  (see below)

13. She married a younger man, and then gave him a glamour shot over the credits of her next film.


14. She had adorable triplets and let’s us see them in the credits of her movies.

(I’m just gonna leave up the whole thing.  But if all you want is babies, go to 4:53)

15. She named her film studio Three’s Company, combining a reference to adorable babies and my favorite bad 70s sitcom all in one!

16. This, the first and best massive Indian history homage song, which she put together to help launch her little cousin’s first film.


17.  That she turned that Indian film history idea into an entire film, and then included a song that went even bigger with it.


18.  That she is constantly getting Shahrukh wet


19. This song, in which she convinces Aamir Khan to be ridiculous

20. This song, which was filmed with absolutely no safety controls.  Well, they did have one person at the front of the train yelling “Duck!” when they came up to tunnels, so the cameraman could protect the technology (the dancers were expendable).


21.  And finally, this song, which I think is actually better than “Chaiyya Chiayya”, and possibly the best thing she has ever been part of.  Love conquering hate and war, and all that good message stuff.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Farah Khan! Congrats to the most successful woman in film!

  1. Something I noticed in the O Jaana clip – a continuity problem with Stripey-pants Girl. Her top starts off as a crop top then at about 1:17 to 1:30 it covers her torso as far as the top of her pants. Then it becomes crop top again….


    • I’m gonna guess that they realized she couldn’t maintain modesty with that raised arms move, so they had to lengthen it just for that (also, that’s Mahima Chowdry! From Pardes! And Baghban! And nothing else! So no wonder no one recognizes her….)


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