Fire at “Make in India” Event! (Amitabh is fine)

Just a little bit ago, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Hema Malini were almost BURNED ALIVE!!!  Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.  But it was exciting!

Bombay is having a “Make in India!” week, to promote homegrown productions.  Naturally, this involved a lot of live performances and appearances by members of the film industry.  Can you imagine if Tom Cruise was invited to sing and dance every time Los Angeles was trying to throw a big festival?  Or maybe he is!  I don’t know how things work in Hollywood!

Anyway, at the event this evening, a fire broke out on stage and spread rapidly.  Aamir was getting ready to go onstage, saw it start, and was able to leave promptly.  But I guess he witnessed the evacuation, because he tweeted congrats for how well the organizers handled everything.  Hema Malini was in the audience, and also left safely.

But, most importantly, Amitabh is fine!  He had just performed, and the fire broke out just as he was leaving the venue.  Thank goodness!

(also, do you think this is going to be an over-all benefit or negative for the event itself?  Certainly the fire is going to get way more publicity than a perfectly carried off event would have provided.  But on the other hand, is spontaneous combustion really the best publicity for things that are “Made in India”?)


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