This is just too weird! (Reel Incest in India)

According to rediff, which only reports things when they move from “hot rumors” to “everyone knows about it,” Shahid’s brother and Amrita Singh’s daughter are making their debut opposite each other.  Which adds up to some very disturbing connections.

“Amrita Singh’s daughter” is also of course “Saif Ali Khan’s daughter”, which means she is “Kareena Kapoor’s stepdaughter.”  And “Shahid Kapoor’s brother” could of course also be known as “Kareena Kapoor’s almost brother-in-law.”  Which all adds up to “ew ew ew ew ew!”

(Aw, they looked so cute together!  Back before they broke up, only to come back together in this weird almost in-laws fashion!)

I think this might be the worst film casting incest since Neetu co-starred with her boyfriend’s uncle in Deewar.


(which is more disturbing: that she is 17 and he is 37, or that she married his nephew 4 years later?)

Or Saif romanced the wife of his mother’s most famous co-star in Being Cyrus.  Who, bonus, was herself a famous co-star of his wife’s uncle.

(Saif’s Mom and Dimple’s husband; Saif’s uncle-in-law and Dimple; Saif and Dimple.  He is as shocked us we are)

Or Madhuri romanced Vinod Khanna in Dayavan in 1988 and then romanced his son in Mohabbat 9 years later.

(Vinod and Madhuri; Vinod’s son and Madhuri)

Actually, this kind of thing happens disturbingly often!  I guess when you have only 4 real families running the entire town, and everyone works so much that they only people they have time to date are co-stars, it gets kind of hard to avoid these odd overlaps.

Also, never mind, the most disturbing of all of these examples is Vinod and Madhuri.  WARNING: Once you watch the opening of the video below, you can never unsee it.

(I know it’s not Vinod’s fault, but the low-angle shots!  And the slow slow slow fall down on her!  It’s like something from Jaws)

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