News Round-Up: Preity Engaged! Also, Salman has a Concert, Shahid Might become a Father, and Real Life Rang De in Delhi

Really, I care about one of these stories much more than the others, but so long as I was doing a news round up, I figured I might as well hit them all.

I’m going to save the best for last, and start with the most depressing.  Apparently there was a march on India Gate today as part of the ever expanding issues with the Jawarlal Nehru University protests.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the whole India Gate march thing really was just invented by Rang De Basanti.  I find it fascinating, that a film from just 10 years ago has managed to pervade the national consciousness to such an extent that it is just a normal thing now to march on the Gate in protest.

Also big news in the India world, Salman is having a live concert!  In Surat in Gujurat.  I can’t remember, but it feels like local just straight up concerts are kind of rare.  Overseas tours, sure, big public appearances everywhere from Malaysia to London.  And big performances as part of like the IPL opening ceremonies or any of the awards shows or like the Police Benefits.  But just to have a concert to have a concert feels like a big deal.  And it is being treated as such!  Salman has been trending on twitter for a couple of days, and the coverage has now reached the point of hour by hour updates as he arrives at the airport, drives to the venue, etc. etc.

Speaking of actors whose names start with “S”, Shahid and Mira are possibly pregnant!  I find their whole marriage so interesting, because it has been just shockingly public.  So many instagram posts and public appearances and all this stuff.  And it’s not like she’s famous for anything besides being his wife, or like they are promoting a particular project, or anything.  It’s just promoting “Shahid, the sweet husband., you should hire him for your movie!”  And now they are rumored to be pregnant, which I am sure will lead to many instagram photos of her growing belly and their eventual perfect baby and all of this stuff that I, personally, would hate to share with the whole world.  But then, I’m not a celebrity, or someone who volunteered to marry a celebrity, so they probably look at it differently than me.

Although, if the whole lack of privacy part was removed, I wouldn’t really mind marrying Shahid.

And finally, and most importantly, Preity finds love!  Finally!!!!  Back in her hey-day, she was famously dating businessman Ness Wadia.  They even bought a Cricket team together, what could be a greater sign of commitment?  And then it all fell apart right around the time her career also fell apart.  The whole thing was terrible for her.  And then in 2014, she filed a complaint against him for sexual harassment, because of his actions while they were watching a Cricket match together.  Which is why it is so important, as part of a break up, to make clear joint custody arrangements for your cricket team.

The way it all played out goes back to the Indian media having a different idea than the American media of how to handle dating.  In People magazine (which I read assiduously.  Did you know Kim thinks Kanye tweets too much and it is tearing them apart?), when someone starts a public relationship it goes from “rumored to be a couple” to “issued a statement saying they are excited about new love” to “look at these adorable pictures of the happy couple” to “sadly decided to part, but looking forward to a new chapter”.  But in the Indian press it goes from “rumored to be a couple” to “why aren’t you married yet?” within, like, a day.  With the immediate sequel, “why don’t you have kids yet?”  If a relationship doesn’t end in marriage, than it is an automatic fail, because why would you want to bother dating someone if you don’t want to marry them immediately?  And, of course, why would you get married if not to have children?  Of course, sometimes relationships do play out like this (see Shahid and Mira), but sometimes they are just dating and seeing where it goes.  This is why so many Indian celebrities opt for secret relationships and secret marriages!  They get enough pressure about this stuff from their own families, they don’t need a whole nation of Aunties thinking about their reproductive organs.

Of course, this is just for the women.  For the men, the assumption is, if you don’t marry the girl, you were just “having fun” with them all along, so it wasn’t a fail, it was a success!  Which goes back to poor Preity filing the sexual harassment charges against her ex because 5 years after they broke up, he still didn’t think he had to respect her boundaries.

But now she is engaged!  To some white guy from LA, apparently.  My immediate thought when I found out she was engaged to an American was “oh!  I wonder if I know him?”  But I do not.  He seems fine?  From the blurry photos currently available?  Some exec at some company in LA.  Rumor has it, they have been dating for a while but she kept it under wraps, probably for the above mentioned reasons.  And now they are planning a wedding, possibly within the next few days, but in LA with just family.  With a possible follow up big blow out thing for all the celeb friends, Manish Malhotra lehenga, whole deal.  The only part of this that has me worried is that her fiance’s name is “Gene Goodenough.”  Really?  You’re marrying the guy who is just “Good enough”?

Anyway, in general, good for Preity!

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