TGIF: Bachelors and Bachelorettes! Match Them Up or Pick One For Yourself!

This was VERY VERY difficult to research!!!!  Not as much information as I would wish on relationship status of the famous.  I decided not to include people who were married, or engaged, or in that all-but-engaged level like Rajkummar or Varun.  But just dating someone like Ranbir and Alia, fair game!  And I know I probably missed people (Arjun Rampal now divorced, Sushmita Sen never married, Tabu, etc). I am posting this earlier than the usual TGIF just so we all have time to make full careful considerations and decisions.

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TGIF: Rangoon Inspired Post, Men in Uniform!

I’m with holding judgement on Rangoon as a whole, but I am whole-heartedly behind Shahid Kapoor in a WWII uniform!  We already got a hint of Shahid in uniform in Mausam, but not nearly enough.  And not enough of men in uniform in general.  More uniformed heroes!  That’s what I say.

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TGIF Post, Men in Shorts: Who Wore it Better?

I’m liking this, having permission on Friday to just put up a super silly post to start the weekend off with a laugh.  And this one, like the last one, was suggested by a conversation with a commentator.  Moimeme mentioned a collection of men in shorts pictures, which seemed like a brilliant collection to have!

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Pyaar Kiya To Darne Kya and Sultan: Salman in Lots and Lots of Fight Scenes

Salman isn’t actually a wrestler or anything in this, but there are soooooooo many fight scenes!  And I kind of feel like I am getting a glimpse of what life was like in the Khan household when all the boys were young.  I’m picturing lots and lots of wrestling and fake fighting between brothers.

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News Round-Up: Dilip Kumar Court Case settled, Ranbir-Kat Struggle to Work Together, Salman Gets Death Threat, more Farhan Dating Rumors, and Bips Slowly Edges Towards the Alter

I was trying to come up with a theme for this, like court cases or messy break-ups or something, but I couldn’t quite make it work.  Court cases and also messy break-ups that could or could not involve court cases in future and have already involved court cases in the past?  Nah, not worth it!

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Wild Rumors about High Profile Break-Ups

So much gossip this week about break-ups!  I don’t believe basically any of it, but I still think it is worth talking about because of how it is reported and why it is reported and what that means socially/industrially.

(yes, I will be tying it all together with Raajkumar in Pakeezah as shown in the header image)

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SRKajol rewatch, Karan-Arjun Part 4: Lots of Fights, some with Lightning!

So, part one had babies, part two had Kajol, part 3 had “Jaati Hoon Main”, what do we have in this part?  Well, lots of cool violence!  That’s nice, right?  Plus, one very very short SRKajol scene that, frankly, doesn’t even work that well.  Really, come for the SRKajol, stay for the bodies flung through car windows.

(bullet point version of synopsis, for full film, available here.  Part 2 here.  Part 3 here. Part 4 here.  Final part here.)

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SRKajol Rewatch begins: Karan-Arjun, Part 1

So, yesterday I started a synopsis of Bajirao Mastani and it got very few views.  Today, I’ll be continuing that, and also posting the first part of my Karan-Arjun rewatch synopsis.  Let’s see which more people read! I’m guessing, it won’t be the one with the ridiculous plot in crazy concept of religion.  That’s right, I’m betting on a win for Karan-Arjun!  Box office-schmox office, SRKajol 4 LIFE!

(bullet point version of synopsis, for full film, available here.  Part 2 here.  Part 3 here. Part 4 here.  Final part here.)

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Salman B-day party: Update

Rediff collected photos that guests tweeted, tumblr’d, facebooked, etc.  Not much to learn here.  Amisha Patel is still desperate to be relevant and show off her breasts.  Salman is super cute with small children.  That’s about it.  But I appreciate celebrities giving up any sense of privacy so I can learn these small things!  Keep those personal photos posted on publicly accessible websites coming!

Salman’s Birthday Party: Guests and Gossip

So, rediff has now posted their pictures.  Lots of semi-interesting gossip here!  First, Malaika arrives, captioned as “Salman’s Munni Bhabi, as he likes to call her.”  Interesting!  So, Munni is of course a nickname for a small child (like he calls Shahida in Bajrangi Bhaijaan).  Whereas Bhabi is a respectful term for your brother’s, usually your older brother’s, wife.  Malaika is the oldest of the Khan family Bahus, but is not married to the oldest brother.  So Munni Bhabi is kind of a cute compramise.  Plus, it adds a new level to the Munni Badnaam song that Malaika did with him in Dabangg.

Next, Kangana Ranaut.  Who, at least in interviews, pretends to be above and beyond this kind of big industry party.  So, either she is a hypocrite, or she doesn’t want to offend Salman, or she is trying to turn a new leaf and break into the mainstream, which means a lot of networking and face time at things like this.

Genelia and Ritiesh are next, with Genelia protecting her tummy in a way that is not going to help with the pregnancy rumors.  I wish them well!  They are such a cute couple, and their current baby is cute, and I am sure any new baby would be cute also.



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Merry Christmas!!!

I already posted some Holiday fanvids in my post-Thanksgiving post, but there are more!

(I know it is really a Mithun song, but it just feels right done by SRKelf)

(It’s from 2013, but I am sure they still wish us this year!)

(all I ever wanted was Christmas wishes from Salman Khan and an underwear company!)

(somehow both sexy and festive!)

And how did I not find this channel until today?!?!?  I have wasted my December!!!  I could have watched the video below 24 days ago!


Indian Film Celebrates Christmas! (yes, that’s Aamir Khan)

I always enjoy these slideshows.  There is such a random collection of people who choose to celebrate Christmas.  Which is nice, because Christmas is awesome, and anyone who feels like it should celebrate it.  And anyone who doesn’t, shouldn’t have to.  And going by the randomness of these, that seems to be the policy followed by the Indian film fraternity.

(well, it’s mandatory for the Kapoors, who always celebrate with the annual Shashi Kapoor Christmas lunch.  Which is also nice, because Shashi hosts it in honor of his late wife Jennifer, so it isn’t just a random holiday for them, it is a mandatory tribute to a beloved aunt/wife/sister-in-law/mother who started the tradition)

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Quantico-I’m Free! For 3 Months at Least!

I did it!  I got all the way through the first half of Quantico, watching just in case there is a moment that directly relates to or reveals something about Priyanka’s Indian career.  And there is not!  But I will be back in March (or whenever), just in case at some point she breaks character, faces the camera, and tells us all about what she really thinks about Kareena Kapoor, what the big fight with Karan Johar was about, and if Ranveer Singh actually hates her as much as he seems to in interviews (and vice versa).

So far, it’s just been a bunch of stuff that those who watch her Indian stuff already know: she is totally willing to do sexy scenes and kisses, her hair is great, she definitely has a new nose, and she has weird chemistry with powerful older men.  Oh, and she can’t act (duh).

What I didn’t realize before was how much she is willing to sell out her identity in order to make it overseas.  I know that she isn’t the one writing the show or producing it, but she claims she had her choice of scripts and concepts, and this is the one she chose?  One that turns a Christmas episode into a New Years one because they didn’t want to deal in anyway with whether a Hindu and a Muslim would celebrate Christmas?  One that, last week, dismissed her Om bracelet as a symbol of her personal identity, rather than a sign of her being a practitioner of the 3rd largest religion in the world?  One that argues we should avoid violence against the Muslim community because it will turn them against us, not because it is wrong?

In his interview last month with Vogue India, Shahrukh Khan was once again asked why he has never taken a role in an American film, despite being the most popular international star:

“I hope everyone who ‘goes across’ does very well. We’re the biggest filmmaking country in the world and it’s time we were outbound. Yes, if there’s a film with the right role for me, I’ll do it. But I’ll be honest; I’ve never been offered such a film….They should be [afraid of me]. They have to offer me something that doesn’t disrespect my audience of 1.2 billion. I’d never disrespect that,”

Not just Shahrukh, but all of the major stars have given some version of this explanation.  Aamir, Salman, Amitabh, they don’t want to work overseas unless it is something that respects them, and respects their audience.

So the biggest thing I learned about Priyanka from my death march through this show is that she doesn’t respect her audience, and she doesn’t seem to respect herself much either.


The 4 Kinds of Fanvids

So, I am a huge huge sucker for a good fanvid, have been for years.  Going all the way back to when I was in college and I would take a break from studying to browse around and try to dig up a new SRKajol vid.

After over a decade of loving these things, I think I have figured out 3 categories of fanvids, specific to Indian fandom.

First, there is fanvid that expands on the themes of an existing artwork, for instance this fabulous one from Alina Yuvvraaj:

Or these, from lalilly:

Then there are the fanvids that expand on the particular awesomeness of a particular star.  Like this, my all time favorite from Zizi K:

Or this one from Alina Yuvvraaj again:

So, both of those kinds of videos, based on a particular movie or a particular star, you can find in any fandom.  Where I think it starts to get unique, is in the next two categories.


First, there are the videos based on a particular mood.  Since Indian film follows the Rasa theory, where the goal is to evoke a particular mood at a particular moment, rather than a cohesive mood through out one narrative, a wide variety of films might have particular scenes that flow seamlessly between the borders of their individual movies.

Like this, the moment when you are in love without realizing it yet and happy (from half a dozen different movies with the same moment).  By Zizi K again:

Or this, which evokes the specific mood of “young and drunk at a club”, by MRSEMRAAN:

Or this, which has the very specific-to-Indian-film emotion described right there in the title.  Women who are sad, and the men who love them from MRSEMRAAN again:


And then finally, there is my favorite category, the totally made up full narratives that go across multiple films and, occasionally, all the way into real life footage.  This is really unique to Indian film, because Indian film is uniquely cohesive film to film.  The same jodis play the same characters going through the same narrative beats over the over again.  And even into real life, in interviews and publicity tours, they interact the same way.  And who knows, maybe it is even related to the reincarnation in Hinduism!  According to some versions, even Ram and Sita were reborn multiple times and lived out their story over and over.

Anyway, one of my favorites, which seamlessly moves between real life and film.  Almost convinces me that Kajol really is eating her heart out, from MissCinemaObsessive:

and then I watch this from lalilly and feel better:

(see, they’re just friends after all!)

Or this one, where she actually does get him, even though he is himself and she is village-Kajol, from Zizi K:

Or this, where it’s not just SRKajol, but SRKajol vs Kajol/Salman and Kajol/Saif, from LUANSU (LUANSU was also the first fanvid maker I found, back in college):

It’s not just SRKajol, I literally screamed with delight when I found this one, hitting up the scandals old school!  And using all film footage to tell a real life story, very impressive! From TheMelicrazyy:

And this leads into the bonus subcategory, fake storylines pulling together multiple films, but with stars who never actually acted together!  Because actors and their characters are so consistent across films, and all films are so consistant with the kind of scenes they include, you can actually craft a narrative revolving around people who have never been onscreen together (my favorite of these is the Abhishek/Kajol/Rani “Teardrops on My Guitar” that was briefly posted like 6 years ago by Nouf89, and then pulled down.  My white whale!  If someone out there has it, please send me a copy!).  But these are nice too.  From rmskch:

(this is so impressive!  Remember they have only been onscreen together for less than ten seconds in her friendly appearance in KANK)

And I had never even considered these options, from 3bit89:

(none of these three has ever costarred with each other in anything!)

So, did I do this right?  Are there the same number of categories as promised in the post-title?  I think so:

  1. Fanvids expanding on one particular film
  2. Fanvids expanding on one particular star
  3. Fanvids combining multiple films with the same mood
  4. Fanvids combining multiple films with the same moods/stars into a narrative
    1. Fanvids combining multiple films with the same moods/stars into a narrative even if the stars never acted opposite each other


This doesn’t seem “intolerant” at all!

So, “intolerance” is the new political hot potato among the filmi set.  It started with a bunch of intellectual artists giving back their government awards, the “awards wapsi” movement, in protest of the recent spat of religious violence and Modi’s not very emphatic reactions against it.  Some artists who had been involved in the film industry were included in this movement.  And on the other hand, Anupum Kehr (so lovable onscreen!  So hard to love off it!), decided to lead an anti-award wapsi movement, arguing that it was an insult to the Indian people to have these awards so cavalierly returned.

The big names were all successfully avoiding dealing with the micro-issue of Awards Wapsi, and the macro-issue of the Modi/BJP election and the changes it wrought, until Shahrukh decided to actually respond in his birthday interview.  In response to a question, he said “there is intolerance, there is extreme intolerance… there is, I think… there is growing intolerance” and “It is stupid… It is stupid to be intolerant and this is our biggest issue, not just an issue… Religious intolerance and not being secular in this country is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot.”

This got the usual responses, a bunch of hot-tempered politicians suggesting he “go back to Pakistan”, some other politicians apologizing-but-not-really-apologizing for their colleagues’ behavior.  And the BJP lost the election in Bihar.  A lot more went into the BJP losing there, but there is no way that SRK didn’t know that people were going to the polls in Bihar as he was talking, and that what he said could move a few thousand votes off the BJP ticket.

SRK having opened the floodgates, the next step of course was for the other two Khans to weigh in, as the most popular and powerful Muslims in India.  Salman, hilariously, was cut off before he could give a full statement when Sonam Kapoor at their joint press conference literally leaned over and ripped the microphone out of his hands.  He did manage to say something nice about how his family is so interreligious (Hindu born but Muslim convert mother, Christian stepmother, Muslim father, and Hindu sisters- and brother-in-law), but I doubt he will say anything more controversial than that until after his many many court cases are settled.

Aamir held off for a week or so, but when he did finally speak, he went hard.  He opened by saying, “Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time, she said, should we move out of India? That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make to me. She fears for her child. She fears about what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers everyday.”

He then went on to discuss bigger issues in his typically passionate-yet-somehow-boring manner, but that opening! Man!  That is something!  Especially putting it in the mouth of his Hindu wife, pointing out that these issues affect not just the members of the Muslim community, but the many non-Muslims who care for them.

Anyway, many many people responded by saying this is not an intolerant country and if he thinks that, he should leave, because we can’t tolerate him (basically).  And a few days ago, the first court case was officially filed.

“Advocate Sudhir Kumar Ojha lodged the FIR against Aamir and his wife at Town police station in Muzaffarpur district under sections 153 (wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot), 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc), 153B (Imputations, assertions prejudicial to national-integration) and 154 (Sedition) of IPC.”

I just, do these people not see what they are doing?  In anger at being called intolerant, they are burning pictures, blackening posters, making death threats, and now, filing court cases.  Now, does this sound more like tolerance, or like intolerance?