Neerja Overseas Box Office: Per Screen Average is Shockingly good

The overseas figures are published in detail, yay!!!!  And, as always, thank you BollywoodHungama.  Oh, and the figures are so above average, I actually checked my math twice.

First, in America, as I thought, there were not nearly as many screens as there could have been, only 73.  For comparison, Fitoor opening weekend had 147 screens.  But, per screen, Neerja made over 7 thousand dollars.  Again, for comparison, Fitoor made less than 2,000.  These numbers are just crazy!  Unless there was some serious price inflation on tickets, that means Neerja must of sold out, or close to it, every single show on every single screen.  Even my showing must have had more people in it than I thought (and I thought it was pretty good for a Saturday afternoon).

That crazy high per screen average holds steady through out the overseas figures, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UAE.  It also won the weekend in America, in the UK, and in Australia, but not in Canada, Malaysia, and New Zealand.  In Malaysia, it lost to a Tamil film which had 4 times as many screens.  And in Canada and New Zealand, it lost to a new Punjabi film, I’m guessing because of the immigration patterns that lead to a larger Punjabi audience, combined with the rarity of a big overseas Punjabi release.

Checking the overseas box office every week, I am fascinated by how common it is for a Hindi film to have a low per screen average, and for a regional film to win the weekend.  The whole idea of the impenetrable dominance of the Bombay industry is apparently false!  They make plenty of flops that no wants to see, and there are plenty of regional films that do way better.

But then you have an interesting weekend like this, where the Hindi film is competing on an almost level playing field (not nearly as many screens as it could take), and is still dominating based purely on quality.

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