Late Breaking News Up Date: Stan Lee Announces India’s First Superhero Movie (WHAT THE HECK?!?!?)

Not “what the heck” to Stan Lee or to an Indian superhero, “what the heck” to the quote about it being the first Indian superhero.  You know, if you ignore all the others.  Oh heck, let’s just do a post about all the previous Indian superheros!

Oh, right, first the American news, just to get it out of the way.  Stan Lee came up with an Indian superhero Chakra who has a successful cartoon series on Indian TV and already had a successful animated film.  And now Phantom Films (Anurag Kashyap’s studio) has bought the rights, and it is set to be directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, co-founder of Phantom and director of Udaan and Lootera.  WHAAAAT?  I haven’t seen either of those films, I am willing to believe they are brilliant because that’s what everyone says, but I am just not seeing how either of them would lead somebody to hire their director for a bright cartoony superhero film.  But enough about this probably doomed and potentially disastrous project!  Let’s talk about the existing Indian superhero movies.

1. Mr. India!  Directed by future Oscar nominee Shekhar Kapur, starring Anil Kapoor as the son of a scientist who inherits a watch that turns him invisible as needed.  And, most importantly, features Sridevi’s all time sexy song number.


2. Koi Mil Gaya!  It’s at least half a superhero movie, even if the other half is more like ET-Flowers for Algernon.


3. Krrish!  100% a superhero movie!  By any definition!  He even has the sort of dim pretty reporter girlfriend who always has to be rescued.


4. Krrish 3!  The movie with the superpower of making Krrish 2 disappear into non-existence (because the series went Koi Mil Gaya-Krrish-Krrish 3 for no discernible reason).  And which also has a supervillain to balance our super hero.


5. Ra.One!  I don’t care how stupid everyone else thinks this movie was, I still love it.


6.  And you know, if we’re talking Batman style non-powered heroes, you could totally include Shahenshah.  Costume, double identity, fights evil, whole thing.


7.  Oh, and then there’s The Flying Jatt.  Which hasn’t even come out yet, so all we have is a poster.  Which is still more than Stan Lee’s movie, which just has a maybe-director.

So let’s see, The Flying Jatt comes out sometime this summer, if the Stan Lee film comes out next year, maybe it will be the first Indian superhero movie in 2017?  That’s still impressive, right?  Well, unless Bahubaali 2 comes out before then.  Then it will just be the first Indian superhero movie since the last Indian superhero movie.

13 thoughts on “Late Breaking News Up Date: Stan Lee Announces India’s First Superhero Movie (WHAT THE HECK?!?!?)

    • I was thinking that! Plus, there’s all the heroes with mythological style powers, like Bahubaali or Karan-Arjun.

      But even if you just limit it to science given powers with secret identities and masks, there’s still a bunch!


  1. hahaha I agree with moviemavengal re: tone deaf and indian cop movies.

    Flying Jatt – I’m kind of not looking forward to it because Tiger isn’t anywhere near Punjabi enough to pull this off. Salman/Saif Ali Khan aren’t Punjabi by any means but they managed to pull it off quite well. Anyway, I’m terrified it will be a horrible movie – we haven’t done proper superhero movies that well.

    Plus I think I am totally biased against Tiger Shroff now – his latest interview where he wants a maid more than a damn wife.


    • Oh, don’t tell me bad stuff about Tiger! I’m all pumped for Baaghi! I’ll try to forget that so I can enjoy it.

      Tiger is playing “The flying Jatt” and Farhan played Mikha Singh. and this just now struck me as odd. With all the Punjabi heritage actors in Bombay, they couldn’t find anyone else? At least Udta Punjab seems to be mostly casting actual Punjabis, right? Except for Alia.


  2. Farhan Akhtar – totally forgot about him. He actually did a good job I reckon.

    Hmmm Bhatts…I wonder if they have some sort of Punjabi ancestry since I know Bhattis do lol


  3. Tiger Shroff.The poor boy can’t act worth a damn but he’s so cute and sincere(like an over eager puppy) that I forgive him everything.I wish him the best for Baaghi.

    I want to add the Amitabh starrer Ajooba to the list.It’s an Indian-Russian joint venture directed by Shashi Kapoor and Gennadi Vasilyev.Wiki terms it as a super hero-Arabian fantasy film.I think the 90s TV show Shaktimaan deserves a honorary mention.Nazriya or her dad(I don’t remember) was shown watching it in Ohm Shanti Oshana.The theme music is imprinted in the minds of everyone who ever watched the show.


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