Kangana and Hrithik Update: Suzanne Speaks Out!

I turned on my computer this morning to find an urgent email from a friend with the above image attached.  Which made me decide it is time to briefly dip my toe back into the madness that is the whole Kangana-Hrithik thing.

In case you, unlike me and all my friends, have not been desperately gobbling up every scandalous detail, here is the recap of the situation as it appears now.  Back in 2014, while filming Krrish 3, it was rumored that Kangana and Hrithik were having an affair.  Shortly after that, he got a divorce from his childhood sweetheart wife of over a decade, Suzanne.  And then it was rumored that he and Kangana were still seeing each other and it was getting serious.  And then that they were broken up.

All of this was water under the bridge until a few months back when Kangana gave an interview saying that her “silly ex” had stopped her from getting a role, which seemed to be a reference to Hrithik, since he had been considered for a part in the same film and presumably had said he wasn’t willing to work opposite her, thus forcing her out of the film.  Hrithik immediately posted a rebuttal on his Facebook page, again using no names, merely saying that “any women” who he is rumored to have been dating, he has not dated, and in fact, if there is a rumor about “any women”, than you can be sure he would rather date “da pope” (yes, spelled like that).

And then there was silence from both parties for a month.  Until it came out that Hrithik had filed suit against Kangana following the “silly ex” comment for defamation since he says she was never more than a co-worker!  And that she had then filed a counter-suit saying they were in love and about to be married!  Which was shocking enough, but what was really shocking was the explanations for why they had such differing views of their relationship.

Hrithik said that back in May of 2014, he found out that Kangana had been corresponding with someone by email pretending to be Hrithik.  And that after he gave her his real email address, she continued to write him, dozens of emails a day, for months, and he never responded.  And that he filed a report with the cyber crimes division about all of this.  Which turns out to be true!  At least the police report part of it, there was a report from December 2014 which the media got a hold of.

Meanwhile, Kangana claims that they were absolutely having a real relationship, and the only reason she couldn’t provide proof was that Hrithik hacked her computer and deleted all her emails!  And, more recently after Hrithik’s team released copies of some emails she had sent him that do sound a little dubious (one of them actually has her wondering if she is delusional and just imagining their whole relationship since he never writes her back.  If you want to read the full emails, they are here), she also claimed that he hacked her computer and sent those emails to make her sound crazy.

It’s still mostly he said-she said, but there are those emails which sound not so great, and Kangana is refusing to give her computer to cyber crimes while Hrithik’s computer and phone have both been checked and confirmed that he never responded to her emails on them (although of course nothing would stop him from responding on a 2nd computer that he didn’t hand over to cyber crimes, he can certainly afford two computers!).  Oh, and now Cyber Crimes has subpoenaed the Pennsylvania based company where the “fake” Hrithik email address is registered to find out who owns it.  To fight back, Kangana’s team yesterday released this photo:

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(the one on the left is the one they released, the one of the right is from a film premiere or something, everyone already saw that)

It certainly looks bad, right?  I mean, it is clearly candid, and apparently intimate.  However, Hrithik’s team responded today with a barrage of photos, all of them showing Kangana and Hrithik in the same outfits as the photo above, and which clearly show a large drunk party where everyone got a little handsie with each other, not a secret romantic encounter.  Moreover, Hrithik’s then-wife Sussanne was even at the party with them!  It looks like a wrap party for Krrish 3 maybe, with a lot of group shots and candid pics, and everyone being very loose and grabby with each other.  Check out the other photos released today:

hrithik roshan, kangana ranaut, hrithik roshan kangana, hrithik sussanne

Kangana, Hrithik



And then Sussanne tweeted the header image today, which clearly shows her at the same party, in front of the same set of stairs, being just as “romantic” with her husband as Kangana is in her photo that is supposed to be proof.  Unless they have world’s most amicable divorce, I just don’t see Sussanne being cool with partying with his mistress pre-divorce, or defending him now post-divorce.  Unless, of course, she didn’t know anything about it then and is only defending him now to protect her spousal support.  Which is certainly possible.  But either way, the photo released by Kangana yesterday definitely isn’t the smoking gun it first appeared to be.

And so we are still at sea, lost in the grey areas!  And I am very tempted to just drive to Pennsylvania and beat on the doors of that email company until they tell me who registered for the “hrithikroshan@e-mail.com” account!

Or, what about those hackers who just found Dawood Ibrahim’s phone records?  Can’t they start working on the Kangana-Hrithik-fake?Hrithik mystery now?

15 thoughts on “Kangana and Hrithik Update: Suzanne Speaks Out!

  1. My two cents.I believe they had an affair and once she started becoming more clingy or weird he severed the relationship.Who knows the truth?There were a lot of rumors that post divorce he was involved with Nargis Fakri and Kangana.Nargis is rumored to be everyone’s favorite partner for casual sex and usually ends up with a song or a minor part.She might not have any problem with casual mix.Kangana might not have taken kindly to being dismissed.


    • But I have to know! I want to know the ultimate complete and detailed truth of the whole situation! I want the Indian police to dedicate their entire resources to solving this, and then release a public statement outlining the entire thing. I don’t care how long it takes! But by next week would be great.


  2. Adhyayan Suman’s comments add a new twist to the tale.But considering that he speaks about tarot readers and black magic at the same time, it’s not clear how much of it is true.What’s obvious is that Kangana had a huge crush on Hrithik long before they had a relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Women and men. hahaha watch Jaby Koay on YouTube – he does reactions to Indian trailers and through that, has learnt quite a lot about Indian movies. Anyway, he has a huge crush on Hrithik Roshan too hahaha.


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