Weekend Worldwide Box Office: Baahubali is in Germany!

Oh, I wish I was in Germany!  I could eat sausages and cheese and incredibly rich cream cakes, and watch Baahubali on the big screen again!  5 times just wasn’t enough!

So, I didn’t report last week’s collections, because it was just too depressing!  Fan came out, and then dropped off a cliff the second day.  More at home than overseas, but still a little bit overseas.  But this week it has all kind of leveled off, so I can pretend this is the natural 3rd week level, not the level it’s been at since 12 hours after the film came out.

Not that the box office matters so much in this case.  For one thing, the satellite rights sale (55 crore) and the opening day box office (19 crore) were both so freakishly high, and the budget so (comparatively) low (85 crore, plus 20 crore publicity/prints), that YRF is already solidly making a profit.

And in terms of Shahrukh’s star power, which I care about deeply both as a fan and an industry watcher, it has already had a massive positive effect.  That huge opening figure and satellite rights sale, those are both down to his name alone.  Clearly not the film itself, since everyone haaaaaaaaaated that, and spread the word very rapidly that it was terrible and no one should buy tickets.  Plus, it really is one of the performances of his career, just amazing, and a resounding response to all those critics who claimed he was coasting after Dilwale.

Moving on!  This week!  Let’s look at Baaghi!  It’s actually doing really well.  Especially in UAE, Pakistan, and Australia.  Although, just a reminder of how “really well” means something different depending on expectations, it’s making about half as much per screen in the US as Fan did opening weekend.  Which was a huge disappointment.  Whereas Baaghi is being considered a big hit.  Only no one ever adds the second part to these statements, “Fan was a huge disappointment for a YRF Shahrukh movie with a large promotional campaign; Baaghi is an exciting hit for a low budget action movie from Sajid Nadiawala’s studio with a hero in only his second film.”

And then of course the big news, Baahubali is finally out in Germany!  I expect that they will loooooooove it!  It’s very Wagnerian, isn’t it?  It made over $4,000 Euros the first weekend on 29 screens.  Meanwhile, again just in Germany, Theri is on one screen and made 20 Euros.  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!??!?!?!  How much are movie tickets in Germany, anyway?  Oh, apparently the average around 8 Euros.  So, it’s 2 or 3 tickets.  For an entire weekend/week.  Yeesh!  Don’t release a Tamil film in Germany!

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