Combined Post: Happy Birthday Madhavan and Happy Baby Ritiesh and Genelia!!!

Okay, so I almost missed Maddy’s birthday this year, but the nice thing is, birthdays come every year, so I can put up a bigger and better post next year.  And Ritiesh and Genelia’s new little baby also came along today (that’s his tiny big brother in the header image), so I’m going to make Maddy share with them.

First, Maddy!  I first noticed him in Guru, in scenes like these, where he provides that little bit of leading man spark, once Abhishek gets too far into the old age make-up.


And then I saw him in Rang De but something weird must be going on with those rights, because I cannot find a single Rang De video on youtube.  So we will have to make do with this still:

Of course, I know his real big break was in Alaipayuthey, which I still haven’t seen, but I have seen the songs at least, and he is super charming.


I just got around to seeing Kunnathil Muthamittal a few months ago, and it just made me love him more.  Especially since he was willing to give so much of the movie over to his female co-stars.


And earlier this year he finally got the kind of big hero centerpiece reinvention movie he deserves, with Saala Khadoos!  So glad it was such a big hit!  At least, in the south.  It only did okay in the north.  But still, pretty good for a 46 year old!


And since he is such a nice mature 46 year old, I am sure he wouldn’t mind sharing this post with the new teeny-tiny baby of Genelia and Ritiesh (I am just assuming it is teeny-tiny because both it’s parents are pretty teeny-tiny).

Ritiesh, I love you forever for this song/movie, in which you were SO GOOD.


And Genelia, same goes for you, I will love you forever for this song/movie:


Well, and also this movie, which I haven’t even seen but I am completely addicted to the soundtrack:

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