Bad News and Baby News

Lots of not-so-happy news items today, but also a baby!  So if you slog through the less happy parts of the post, I will reward you with a baby at the end!

First, Ajay and Kajol are mad at Karan.  Because of something “personal”.  What?!?!?  This came up in an interview when Ajay was asked about the Shivaay-Ae Dil clash.  He said (according to Indian Express):

“I am not friends with him (Karan). Even Kajol’s equation is not as warm as it was. It is a personal issue… not due to any professional thing. It’s a personal hurtful feeling. It has nothing to do with the clash….I would not like to talk about it.”

Oh man!  This makes me so sad! I don’t care about Ajay and Karan being friends, but Karan and Kajol have been friends since they were teenagers.  What the heck happened?  As of 2014, they were close enough that she was showing up on Koffee.  Oh!  She was there with Ayan Mukherjee, her cousin!  Do you think Karan cheated on Ayan?  With Siddharth?


In slightly happier news, Ajay also declared his support for Ae Dil and Raees releasing as planned, along the same lines as the IMPPA, he doesn’t think Pakistani artists should be working in India now, but if the movie is already completed, why not let it come out?


In aso not so great news, Salman was burned in effigy in Uttar Pradesh.  Again, this is happening way out in the provinces, it’s not going to have an effect on his Bombay box office, and the majority of people may not care, just like the protests in Indore.  But, this is also the kind of thing that can snowball.  It starts with a protest here and there, those protests get good press, and there isn’t a huge public outcry against them, and then there are more and more protests and leading politicians start issuing statements and on and on.  We aren’t there yet, and we may never get there, but this little one-off protests are the thin edge of the wedge.


And finally, in really not so great news, Mahira Khan is rumored to be replaced in Raees.  According to Bollywoodhungama, they were considering shooting the last few schedules in Dubai or somewhere else overseas.  But now they have given up on that, and are planning on just re-shooting the whole thing with whatever Indian actress they can find in the next two weeks.

Now, I’m sad about this for two reasons (and also a little surprised! I guess the romance track must be really isolated from the rest of the film if they can even consider re-shooting her scenes?  Fawad in Ae Dil would be a whole different thing, based on the trailer it looks like he has a lot of scenes with all 3 other stars, overseas, so reshooting would mean getting the whole gang back together and flying to London for another 4 weeks).  First, I am sad because the filmmakers are bowing to pressure from interest groups instead of standing by their art and vision.

Second, I am sad because this just won’t be as good a movie.  What actress can they find in the next two weeks?  And how good can these scenes be, with Shahrukh’s performance and the directing and everything else, if they are re-shooting them all in a rush?


But, on the other hand, BABY!  Riteish tweeted a first photo of his new tiny little baby, who is tiny and cute (as babies tend to be).

4 thoughts on “Bad News and Baby News

  1. Well, Riteish’s baby sure is cute. 🙂

    I don’t know why you’re paying attention to the rumors about Mahira Khan being replaced. Hasn’t that already been denied? Even if it hasn’t, you’re relying on an article by Subhash Jha, who is not a reliable source, even if he does get published in Bollywood Hungama from time to time. This is just a recycle of his article in DNA, which paper also reported that Karan Johar is considering using “face replacement technology” to graft Saif Ali Khan’s face onto Fawad Khan’s in ADHM — and that report has already been denied.


    • I was holding off until BH picked it up. At the least, when they learn they are wrong, they usually post an interesting follow up explaining why they were wrong. So I will be able to correct myself as needed.


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