HOT UNVERIFIED RUMOR!!!!!! Kareena pregnant?

This is so unverified that it is almost certainly false.  But also, so hot that everyone (including me) is reporting it anyway.

Why is this so hot?  Besides the general “babies are exciting!”?  Well, because a Kareena and Saif baby brings us ever closer to that moment when everyone in the industry is related by blood to everyone else.

I don’t know why this is so exciting, it should be something to dread, because of course once it happens, there will be no way to ever cast a romance film.  We are already running into problems with that, just from all the past relationships and break-ups and make-ups between people.  I did a whole post on it.

But Anil Kapoor starring with his sister-in-law is a whole different thing from actual blood relations opposite each other.  It’s already starting to come up, for instance Sonam Kapoor was originally scheduled to be in Ram-Leela.  But then Salman dropped out, and SLB offered the role to Ranveer instead, which meant Sonam and Ranveer had to flip a coin and figure out who would get to keep the part, because of course they are second cousins, and it is just weird to have them play love interests!!!  And Kareena herself has said in interviews, half-jokingly, that it hurts her career that no one will cast her opposite Ranbir, since he is the hot new star, but also her first cousin.

(Of course, no one blinked an eye when Ranbir’s mother co-starred with his great-uncle)

Part of this is changing mores in India as well, which make cousin-level romantic relationships taboo.  Raj Kapoor, for instance, married his second (or first?) cousin once removed.  She’s usually referred to as his “aunt”, but I think that means “aunt” in the Indian sense, so a woman of his mother’s generation, but a cousin, not a sibling of his mother.  It was also less common for women in film families to act, back in the day, so while various first and second and third male cousins from the film families would end up in movies together, the heroines were brought in from outside.

But now we have more and more women from film families in the industry, and a greater taboo on cousin relationships.  And a greater awareness in the press of how all these people are related!  And this is why the possibility of a Kareena-Saif baby is so exciting, because depending on who this hypothetical baby marries, and then who their baby marries, we could be only 40 years away from the singularity, in which everyone is connected.

Let’s say, just for fun, that Navya Naveli marries Aryan Khan.  That means Raj Kapoor’s great-granddaughter and Amitabh’s granddaughter is now married to Shahrukh’s son.  And of course the Kapoor’s have been inter-marrying for ages, so this baby would also be distantly related to the Mukherjee’s, which brings in the Chopra’s, and the Devgn family, and the Samarth family, and the original film dynasty, the Kumar/Ganguly family.  And if you look at film history, this baby would bring together Ashok Kumar, India’s first film star in the 1930s, with Raj Kapoor, India’s great auteur and founder of Indian film from the 50s, and then Amitabh, king of the 70s, and Shahrukh, king of the 90s.  One child, a 100 years of film.

(And then of course the Ganguly/Kumar’s bring in Madhubala through marriage, which also brings in Dilip Kumar through their love story, which brings in Saira Banu through marriage, and possibly Shahrukh Khan, if the rumors of his distant family connection with Dilipsaab are true)

And then say that baby is a girl, and grows up to marry someone a few years older than her.  That means the Naveli-Khan baby could marry, say, Azad Khan, Aamir’s son, which would connect it with the Aamir Khan family, which is distantly connected to Imraan Khan and Ali Zafar.  Or, it could marry one of Hrithik’s kids, which would be a connection to the Roshan family, and the Prakash producing family, and the Feroz Khan family.

But now there is a Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan baby potentially in the mix!  If that baby grows up and marries AbRam Khan, say, that would connect the Tagore political-film-literature family and the Kapoor film family (which brings along the Mukherjee, Chopra, Devgn, Ganguly/Kumar, and Samarth families), with the Shahrukh Khan family.

And this isn’t even bringing into the mix Aarav Kumar, grandson of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia and son of Akshay Kumar (and step-grandson of Sunny Deol).  Or Jhanvi, Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter/Anil Kapoor’s niece/Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s cousin.  Or Nyssa, Kajol and Ajay’s daughter.  Or, of course, Adira, Rani and Aditya Chopra’s baby.

If everyone marries within the industry, into families of equal power and fame, and it all works out just right, we could be looking at one massive complicated family network within the next two generations.  Which would then mean gotterdammerung as casting directors through up their hands and give up.  But it would be exciting!


7 thoughts on “HOT UNVERIFIED RUMOR!!!!!! Kareena pregnant?

  1. btw in my kerala hindu community, my cousin is the one i should marry traditionally… She is called my ‘mura pennu’..(mura cherukkan For boy) which means my customary bride


    • Interesting! My college roommate’s family was from Andhra Pradash, and her grandparents were cousins, and had a child marriage (very Brahmin, very traditional family).


    • Do not look at the Kumar/Ganguly family tree! It will drive you mad. They really did marry eeeeeeeeverybody in film, starting back in like 1929, so if you count marriage connections, everyone but Shahrukh Khan is now connected to everyone else already.


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