Happy Birthday Ekta Kapoor! Most Powerful Woman in the Industry!

You may say Farah or Zoya has more power, and maybe if you just look at the films they produced, okay.  But if you look at all the stars and stories and production changes Ekta has done through film AND television, there is no contest.  So, for her birthday, here are 18 reasons I love you, one for every hundred episodes produced of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (1833 in total).

1. You were only 19 when your father suggested that you and your mother start a TV production company as a subsidiary of his production house, and you immediately took charge.

2. Your first hit, Hum Paanch, not only launched Indian TV sitcoms, it discovered a young actress named Vidya Balan.

3. I love you because, although it took 6 years before Balaji hit it big with Kyunki, you were still only 25 when you started running your soap empire.

4. I love you because your soap operas are truly women focused, dealing with female villains, female heroines, and issues of home, children, and marriage.

5. I love you because, when the soap operas started to weaken and fail, you weren’t afraid to take a step back and refocus the entire company.

6. I love you because you took your time with the new track, making a series of low-budget co-productions before taking a real risk with your films division.

7. I love you because one of those early careful low-budget films also happens to have an all-time great song sequence in it.

8. I love you because you first real bigger budget bigger star film had an all time great trailer.

9.  I love you because it also had all time great songs.


10.  I love you because you followed up that success, with an even bigger one, taking a chance on a heroine from an old TV show, and a script that was even more scandalous than any of your soaps.


12.  And an artsier one, with black comedy plot, and yet still a super catchy song!


12.  And then you went for an old school classy romance, just to keep us on our toes.


13.  I love you because you are unapologetically unmarried, at age (now) 41.

14. I love you because you don’t spend a lot of time on publicity or personal appearances, with barely even a wikipedia page to your name, preferring to let your work speak for itself.

15. I love you because your father is Jeetendra, and you have achieved the difficult task of overcoming his fame, and being known as “Ekta Kapoor-head of Balaji Films” not “Ekta Kapoor-Jeetendra’s daughter”

16. I love you because you are a loyal sister who keeps throwing work to her brother when she can.

17. I love you because, when you do go to awards shows, half the time you bring your mother with you.

18.  And I love you because, in your own quiet way, you are revolutionizing film just as you did TV, with strong female characters, taboo-breaking plots, and a strong sense of what sells.




4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ekta Kapoor! Most Powerful Woman in the Industry!

  1. Ekta has made some great movies.She’s also immensely talented.But she has also singlehandedly brought down the quality of TV soaps.If you could see the quality of the earlier DD TV series (which had a finite no: of episodes) and the crap that’s currently being shown on TV now, you’d weep.All the heroines have to be nauseatingly self-sacrificing.Sisters,best friends in fact anybody who’s smart and sassy and provides support to the heroine has to turn out to be the vamp and secretly lusting after the heroine’s guy.The guys have mostly been reduced to props -usually the fate of heroines in masala movies.Even historicals(like Jodha Akbar) have been reduced to kitchen drama.


  2. You nailed it.Pakistani soaps have a finite number of episodes.They follow the script and the shooting is over before they even show the first episode.The Indian soaps just go on for ever and ever….But they PK soaps are not completely free from the melodrama either.


    • Interesting! It sounds kind of like in America, cable versus broadcast. Or American versus British. American regular broadcast TV has a 24 episode season, and then it can run for years, and there just isn’t enough story to fill that much time. It’s so refreshing to watch a “limited” series, and know that it will really truly be over soon, before the actors get tired out and the writers run out of ideas.


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