Wednesday Watching Post 1 Day Late: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on Dimple’s Birthday?

Happy Thursday! I skipped yesterday because it was my birthday (woot!) and instead I was driving around getting my free birthday things and opening presents and fun stuff like that. But today, I’m back! A year older! Ugh, I’m 37 now and I don’t like the number “37”. I really liked the number “36”, but “37” feels spikey and awkward.

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week of MY BIRTHDAY?

Happy Monday! And happy birthday week to me! I don’t think I’ve mentioned my birthday on the blog before? But now that I am a mature almost 36 year old, I think I can handle being the center of attention (blurgh). Especially since this year in Real Life I am going to be completely isolated, yaaaaaaaaaay! My dream birthday! I rented a luxury hotel room at super cheap rates, I am going to enjoy a king size bed and cable TV and a clean bathroom all to myself. Also, I booked a luxury pedicure and massage. Ahhhh.

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It’s Abhishek’s Birthday! Which of These 3 Talents He Posesses is Your Favorite?

Abhi Baby!!!! Surprisingly undervalued, but also seems to kind of like it like that. He struggled in his father’s shadow as a young man, but has matured into understanding the value of being overlooked and allowed to do his own thing. And he is very very good at doing his own thing.

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