News Randomness: Salman Gives an Interview, Priyanka’s Brother is in Trouble, and Sultan Holds Steady in 2nd Week

I’m a little late to the party on the biggest item here, Salman’s celebratory press conference in which he offered all kinds of juicy quotes and Anushka addressed the ridiculous “bad feminist!” arguments against her character.  Rediff has a nice summary of the best bits.  But, better late than never!

So, Salman!  I am sure he said lots of other things as well, but there are a few things that leap out at me.  First, random Ranveer Singh slam!  Or, not really slam, more of “I see what you did there, buddy, and I am watching you.”  According to reports, Ranveer went to a Sultan showing in Paris (filming Befikre still, I assume) and lead a dance along during “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai”.  Salman was asked what he thought, and said “I wanted to break a chair on his head”.  But then went on to add, “Watch the film, don’t do stunts. They aren’t watching Sultan; he is making people watch him. We should charge money from him.”

There was this fascinating Ranveer profile a few months back which talked about how he is a naturally gregarious cheerful out there kind of guy.  He really does dress and do his hair and jump around and make huge public shows of affection like that just because that’s how he is.  But he is also a very savvy guy, and he knows that dressing like this and being naturally ebullient is great for his career and keeps his name in the papers.  And I feel like, that’s what Salman was calling him out on, in a “Yeah, I’m not really mad, but I can see that you are using my movie to create another ‘wacky Ranveer’ headline, and I don’t like being used that way.  And I don’t like that you thought I wouldn’t be smart enough to figure out what you were doing.”

He also indicated that he might be appearing or in some way be referenced in the Rajkumar Hirani biopic on Sanjay.  There had been some talk for a while that things were not good between Sallu and Sanju (mostly the rumors started because they haven’t officially “met” since Sanjay got out of jail).  The most recent rumor is that they are fighting because Salman wants Ranbir dropped from the biopic after the whole messy Katrina thing, but I don’t know if I believe that.  Actually, I don’t know that I believe any of this!  The feud, the reason for the feud, the whole deal.  Also, if Sanjay is fine with the grandson of his mother’s married boyfriend playing him, I think Salman can cool it with being mad about the guy his ex-girlfriend left him for, who then broke her heart, playing his best friend in a movie.

Anyway, the “yeah, I don’t believe any of these rumors” side of things got a little more support with Sanjay saying “absolutely, the film wouldn’t be complete without me in it!” about Sanjay’s biopic.

We also got an adorable view into Salim Khan’s social life.  Salman was talking about how Salim gives him advice and comments on his performances.  And in the course of this, he also said that Salim “keeps screenings for Waheeda Rehman, Prem Chopra’s wife, Hiroo Johar (Karan Johar’s mother) and Asha Parekh. They watch every film.”  Now I am picturing Salim Khan hanging out with a bunch of respectable older ladies watching movies!  I assume because they are Helen’s friends?  I know Waheedaji and Ashaji are and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the others are as well.  Anyway, what a nice thing to do and I love picturing them all gathered around and fighting over the popcorn bowl.

And the final cool thing from the press conference, Anushka addressed the issue I had heard vague murmurings about, that her character is being called “regressive” for choosing to have a baby and therefore end her wrestling career.  Which, really, so stupid!  Anushka puts it more clearly than I could, saying:

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and it’s fine. But I don’t agree with it. It was, in fact, progressive because she made the decision herself.  Salman’s character or anyone else did not force her to give up her career because of her pregnancy. Whether to have a child or not was a choice she made herself.”

Exactly!  That’s the point, that she made the choice HERSELF.  No matter what the choice is (and let’s not forget the stories of women being pressured into getting an abortion), what matters is that she got to make her own choice about what she wanted to do with her own body.

In other news, it’s Priyanka’s birthday (I’m too tired to come up with a birthday post, maybe next year), and her brother just had a police report filed against him.  For supposedly serving tobacco products in hookahs at his high class nightclub.  I’m not going to say it’s completely because he is the brother of a famous person, but it’s got to be at least a little bit that, right?  I mean, tobacco products in hookahs isn’t exactly the crime of the century.

And finally, Sultan second weekend!  I have now seen it 3 times, by the way, and enjoyed it more with every viewing.  The first time I was so stressed about what would happen next, I couldn’t really enjoy scenes as they occurred.  But now that I know everything that happens, I can focus on just enjoying it moment by moment, and there are so many enjoyable moments!

Anyway, there seem to be a lot of people like me.  It did drop off quite a bit from opening weekend, especially on Friday and Saturday, but the Sunday sales were almost exactly the same (around 15 crore) as they were last week.  So there must be a fair number of repeat viewers.


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