News Round-Up: Ranveer is At it Again, Salman Has a Video Game, and Prithviraj May Work With Akshay

At what point does Ranveer stop being charming and start being irritating?  ANOTHER twitter video in honor of a Khan?  Come on, Ranveer!  Get a new schtick!

This time, he’s doing Aamir and “Pardesi”.  Which doesn’t even make sense!  The Darr video at least was in Switzerland to begin with, so it made sense to do it while he was there, but “Pardesi” was originally in some Indian hill station, nothing to do with Europe!


Also from twitter, Salman has a video game!  You can play as one of 3 avatars, his hero from Dabangg, from Ek Tha Tiger, or “Prem” from ???  The Prem character is supposed to be an action hero, and I don’t know when he has played Prem as an action hero?  Anyway, I find this whole idea fascinating, and would have been much more interested if it actually was a video game where you played Salman Khan.  Balancing film schedules, and charitable commitments and family responsibilities.


And then the final story is from actual news sources, and is an actual industry story, but is also fairly unreliable.  A tweet direct from the star, that I can believe, but something reported as possibly true on various websites?  Not so much.

Anyway, filmibeat and some other sources have it that Prithviraj is going to do another Hindi film, a prequel to Baby with the same heroine but no Akshay.  Now, I haven’t seen Baby, so I have no idea how this would work, but it seems odd.  Is the heroine more than the usual action heroine?  Did she mention a past love interest or adventure that might explain the need for a prequel?

What makes total sense to me is the reference in these reports that Prithviraj’s Hindi return was supposed to be Happy New Year, but he ended up backing out because of “date reasons”.  “Date reasons” being the standard polite way to say “I don’t like the way the film/my character is shaping up so I am bowing out before this goes any further”.  I am assuming he would have played the Sonu Sood role, in which case he absolutely made the right decision.  That role was a thankless part, and it would have regressed his career, not progressed it.

(Although, is Prithviraj at least shorter than Sonu Sood?  Would him being in the movie have made Shahrukh look a little less itty-bitty?)

10 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Ranveer is At it Again, Salman Has a Video Game, and Prithviraj May Work With Akshay

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  2. He is playing Tony. In the trailer Manoj bhajpai says worlds Most wanted criminal Tony and shows Prithviraj.

    Prithviraj said in an interview that it is just a cameo and he wont be able to do a full fletched role in a Hindi film for another 2 years because of his other comittments including his directorial venture


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