I’m Psychic! Big Plagiarism Story Days After my Plagiarism Post!

This is so cool!  It’s like I can control the universe!  We’ll know for sure if there is an announcement of a new SRKajol movie in the next few days.  Or a new movie about horses.

Right, the story!  Now, I am really not good at spotting these things.  But apparently “social media” is all a twitter about the similarities between the new Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song and some old song from someone called “Papa Roach”?  Thank goodness, one of the articles actually posted the original song, so I could listen and compare.  And yeah, so far as I can hear, they are exactly the same.



Pritam is kind of infamous for plagiarizing.  I mean, everyone does it, especially music directors, but they are usually a little more careful about it.  Here’s an article from 2013 with a bunch of other examples when Pritam was just way too obvious about it.

What I find kind of interesting, is that he usually “borrows” from other South Asian sources, non-Hindi film industries, popular musicians, etc.  This is one of the few times he has taken from a Western source.

And, at least when he is borrowing from the Indian places, he may not even have to do it without permission!  It’s not unheard of for someone to give permission for their less known song to be mixed up and re-imagined and used in a Hindi film.  For instance, Ajay Atul gets credit for “Chikni Chameli”, but it’s an open secret that he got permission to use a version of a Marathi folk song from an older Rajshri produced Marathi film.


And there’s another one I kind of can’t believe, because they were both big movies, with different movie directors, released within a few years of each other.  Both good songs, too!  Check out 20 seconds in to this one.


And 2 minutes in to this one;


So really, my point is plagarism-schmagarism, everyone does it, I don’t really care, but maybe you try to cover your tracks a little better, Pritam?  Oh, and also, I apparently have godlike powers and can cause stories to occur just based on random theme video posts I put up.

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