Kangna Ranaut Almost Dies and Aishwarya Might Not Promote ADHM

Okay, I am gently dipping my toe back to the news pool, after being more or less out of it for the past few days.  Two nice simple easy stories.

First, Kangna Ranaut had my nightmare car accident. This is why I don’t drive on highways!  She was filming on location outside Atlanta, they were driving back at the end of the day, in the speeding left hand lane of the highway, when the driver of the car blacked out!  Kangna’s bodyguard, sitting next to him, managed to grab the wheel and steer the car across 3 lanes of traffic and into the guardrail.  No one was seriously injured, Kangana returned to work the next day.

Actually, that isn’t my nightmare accident, my nightmare is being in one of the other cars when suddenly a car starts speeding across lanes towards me.  Gah!!!  I wonder if it made local news in Atlanta, “dramatic almost multi-car accident on highway”?


And then there’s Aish.  This is just tiny news, rumor has it she won’t be part of the ADHM promotions.  Not because of the controversy (or so her people say), but just because her role is so small, really just a 20 minute extended cameo.  So giving time to promotions wouldn’t really make sense.

Or, alternatively, Aish is trying to distance herself from the film and is spreading the rumor that her part isn’t that significant and she wasn’t that involved in the film.  And is trying hard not to have her name associated with the promotions.  Really, it’s probably both.  That her role was always kind of small, and (possibly with Karan’s permission), she is gently making that clear and stepping away from the film.  A luxury Anushka and Ranbir don’t have, so they have no choice but to go all in on it. There’s also the whole confusing Bahchan-Thakeray family connections, which I was just reminded of when Amitabh tweeted this:

(Answer: Raj Thackeray!  Who is the head of the MNS which is leading the call to boycott ADHM)

Oh, and for the plot of the film itself, this means Ranbir and Anushka are endgame, yes?  If Aish and Fawad just have glorified cameos?


3 thoughts on “Kangna Ranaut Almost Dies and Aishwarya Might Not Promote ADHM

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better.Ash always gives controversies (even the silly ones) a wide berth and is diplomatic.She’s always conscious of the fact that she’s an industry outsider(even after marrying into the Bachchan family) and won’t get the support or leeway that someone like Kareena will get from the industry.


    • That makes sense. And I wonder if the rest of the industry grades her on a bit of a sliding scale because of that? Like, if Kareena backed away from one of her films at a time like this, I could see there being some bad feelings over it. But with Aish, I wouldn’t be surprised if she talked it over with Karan and he suggested that she start sliding away at this point.


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