Sick Day Songs

I’m still sick.  Way too sick to deal with anything emotional or challenging like a post about a movie, or even gossip news or box office.  Instead, I am sitting around listening to super soothing songs.  Just in case you are ever this sick (and I hope you aren’t!  This is terrible!), I’ll share my play list with you.

The first two have been my go-to soothing songs since college.  I got sick a lot in college (living in the dorms was basically the same as living in a petri dish).  Plus, test stress and roommate problems and juggling jobs and school.  Lots of reasons to need soothing.  And these two songs were always there for me.  Bonus, not only do they sound super nice, the visuals are super relaxing too.

(Such a violent complicated movie, and yet this one song is like floating in warm jello)

(I guess Akshaye is sick in this song too, but love sick, not fever-chills-sore throat sick)


The visuals aren’t that relaxing for this one, but if you forget that, and the plot of the movie it is in, and just listen to how it sounds, this is an excellent song for curling up under the blankets.


Average movie, average song visuals, really soothing refrain.  All those vowels!


I bought this soundtrack the first time I was in India, and the day after I bought it I got hit by general jetlag/heat exhaustion/altitude sickness (I was in Pune) which laid me out for the next 3 days.  And meanwhile, I listened to this song over and over again, because it was so happy, but not in a way that made me feel like I needed to get out of bed and do something.



Now this one is good for my sick days for two reasons.  First, it’s super slow and low energy, while still pretty.  Second, the one time I was in Budapest (where this was filmed), I was as sick as I have ever been in my life (fever so high I actually passed out), and it hit right before the flight, so I had to be deathly ill during two 5 hour international plane rides, and a 3 hour lay over.  So whenever I watch it, I remember being that sick and that uncomfortable, and think “okay, so at least this time I’m not THAT badly off!”  Also, in case you are wondering, yes, I do get sick every time I go on a trip.  I have learned to just accept this fact about myself and travel as little as possible.



Now, this one is good when you are so sick/medicated that you are hallucinating a little bit.  Super pretty to listen to and watch, and also kind of surreal.  But not in a scary way, just in a sort of simple way.


I find most of the old classic Lata and Asha songs too complex for when I am sick.  I don’t need something that requires that much effort to listen too.  But this song is just so simple and lovely, it’s like a little lullaby.


And finally, when I am really really sick and I just want something to wash over me and give me faith that someday I will be better again, this is my go to:


11 thoughts on “Sick Day Songs

  1. I didn’t even read your post. I just saw the pic you had for this on the main page, so just wanted to ask — do you really feel you are on your deathbed?! Why did you choose that pic from KHNH otherwise? 🙂

    Get better soon. Now I’ll look at what songs you picked.


    • I was going to do one from Devdas, but I thought that might make it look like I was just hungover 🙂 And they never really give movie characters a runny nose guzzling orange juice kind of sickness, right? It’s always the really beautiful tragic fatal diseases. I guess if I was a movie hero, I would just flex my biceps and think of my mother and magically cure myself of anything short of death.


      • Well, it used to be coughing up blood. 🙂 No matter what illness the character was supposed to have — TB, cancer, heart attack, or just unspecified — the unmistakable sign that s/he was about to die was that they would cough up blood. 🙂

        Now that I’ve read the post, I’m still mystified. Except for one or two, all your songs are so depressing! How they came to be your “soothing” playlist, I cannot fathom. Still, your choice.


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