You Ready for Sweet Stories?

I wasn’t going to do a news post today, because the Befikre trailer already took up my “short update on the industry” news slot.  But then a story came up that was just too sweet to ignore!

You ready for the sweetest thing EVER?  Aamir Khan is hosting Geeta Phagot’s wedding!  He got close to the family while researching the characters for Dangal, and now Geeta is getting married, so Aamir is traveling to their village as a guest from the bride’s side, and is hosting the “shaadi ka joda” for her.  He is also personally picking out gifts for the groom’s side from the bride’s side.  Awwwww!

And then the cynical side of me reads that Aamir is staying in “constant contact” with Mahavir Singh Phagot about all the prep details, and I suddenly remember all those delayed films and the stories of Aamir taking over the editing bay and forcing re-shoots and re-writes and so on.  “Mr. Perfect” is not necessarily the guy you want to take a deep personal interest in your wedding.  Now I am picturing an entire village in Hariyana slowly going from “oh wow!  Aamir Khan is calling me!” to “NO!  Not Aamir AGAIN!  I thought we’d finally settled on the flower arch instead of the chiffon!”

Although once the wedding starts for real, apparently Aamir is a great guest!  Check out this video of him singing “Aati Kya Khandala” (I think in a duet with Kiran?) for Arpita Khan’s wedding.


And, so long as we are speaking about Arpita Khan’s wedding and happy things, Best Photo Ever!!!

Image result for arpita khan shahrukh salman


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