New Befikre Trailer! Things Are Looking Up!

“I’ve been looking the landscape over…”  I’m I the only one who has that Gershwin song in their head whenever they read “things are looking up”?  Moving on, Befikre!  New Trailer, and I actually like this one!  Oh, and also it was passed by the censors.

The first trailer was just a bunch of kisses.  The next trailer was a bunch of kisses and ridiculous exhibitionist dares between Ranveer and Vaani.  And the trailer after that was Ranveer and Vaani doing catchy sexy dancing.  So a rip-off of Love Me If You Dare with a lot of sex.  Our hero and heroine looked fairly selfish, and also shallow.

But this new trailer, this I like!  And not just because Vaani’s hair is different, and much much better.


Look!  They are doing things for others!  Going out in the world!  Being kind!  Learning skills!

Not only does this make me like the characters better, it gives me hope that I am supposed to be liking the characters better.  That those earlier songs really were supposed to be selfish, like they felt to me.  That the film will show us how they grow up from the silly dares and sex obsessed young people into something that is a little more worthy of our interest.

The censors also think it is worthy of our interest, and passed it without a single cut!  Which either means they made a merit based judgement that the message of the film was worth the race-y content.  Or they were afraid that Aditya would appeal their decision to the Supreme Court and once again prove how little power they actual have.  I’m thinking it’s probably about 10 times more likely to be the second than the first.

Also, is this just going to be ADHM all over again?  They meet, they try a romantic relationship, they move on to being friends who are closer than most lovers?


(oh, and in case you think I was hallucinating that Gershwin song, check this out)

(Wodehouse, Gershwin, Fred Astaire, and Burns and Allen: wouldn’t you think the end result would be a lot better?  Stupid Joan Fontaine ruins everything)


4 thoughts on “New Befikre Trailer! Things Are Looking Up!

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  2. Not sure I see/hear the musical connection, but then I don’t have a very good ear. What intrigues me is that it seems this is another, “we’re friends, but we’re not” type story, albeit with hints of a more conventional ending. WHY (or as Karan always says it, Vhy) is this the story Adi wanted/needed to tell? He told his father that he had to tell it…last movie they ever got to discuss. I’m as happy as the next one to see an Aditya Chopra love story, but wondering if there are any surprises, twists here.


    • Yes, exactly! What is it that makes this the story Aditya really really wanted to tell? The film that is for his daughter’s first birthday, the last movie he talked about with his father? I’m just not seeing anything special about it. Unless there is a twist we aren’t seeing at all yet.


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