Karan is Launching Jhanvi and Kajol is Playing a Single Mother!!!

Tragically, these are not happening in the same movie.  Kajol and Karan are still on the outs, and Kajol will not be playing mother to Sridevi’s daughter.

It’s been rumored for a while that Karan would be given the nod to launch Jhanvi.  Because, as I have previously discussed, Karan is the optimal choice to launch your child.  Safe, supportive, and very wise in building star images and promotion strategies.

And now Boney has come out and confirmed it:

Yes, Karan Johar has been talking to us about a film for Jahanvi and we’ve given our consent. But we don’t know which project it would be. Since Karan has recently acquired remake of rights of Sairat it is being presumed that our daughter would be launched in this project. – See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/confirmed-karan-johar-launch-boney-kapoors-daughter-jahnavi/#sthash.vAoM1L0X.dpuf

Isn’t that interesting?  That Boney and Sridevi of course were the ones to talk to Karan and handle the negotiations before handing over their daughter’s future.  But now that they have given the approval, they are hands off, and trusting Karan to do the right thing with her.

Also, Sairat!  I hadn’t bothered to look it up before now, looks like it is a young cross-caste romance with slightly unusual gender roles (the girl is the stronger one).  And it already was a bit of a crossover hit, outside of the usual Marathi film audience, so there is decent buzz around it.  Not a bad choice for a launch movie!  If it is the one Karan has picked out for Jhanvi (he still has Student of the Year 2 bouncing around, he could always switch her to that one instead).


While Jhanvi’s decisions are being made for her by her director and her parents, Kajol’s making decisions all on her own.  Well, with her husband.  But then, her husband is also her producer, so that’s sort of necessary.  But then, she could always be in a film produced by someone else.  Yeah, it’s not great.  Actresses go straight from their parents to their mentors to their husbands.

Ignoring that for the moment, I am very excited about Kajol’s next role!  It’s in a film by Anand Gandhi, the Ship of Theseus guy, based on a play he wrote.  The play is about a single mother with a focus on the mother-son relationship.  And Kajol will be playing the mother.  Yay!  Age appropriate strong character!  It’s the dream!  I wonder who will be playing her son?


7 thoughts on “Karan is Launching Jhanvi and Kajol is Playing a Single Mother!!!

  1. I know I’m showing my ignorance, but for more obscure actors could you include their last name (maybe in parentheses) the first time you mention them in an article? Like Jhanvi (Kapoor). I’m fine with Kajol and Shah Rukh and Salman and Amitabh and other current superstars. But when you start getting into pervious and future generations, I end up having to Google around until I figure out whom you mean.

    Just a thought . . .


    • Well at least with Jhanvi, the (Kapoor) isn’t going to help you much, since she is part of one of 3 Kapoor families, and I don’t even know how many kids there are running around Bombay with last name Kapoor waiting to be launched.

      In a larger sense, there is a reason for using the first names primarily. Because of how last names are often tied to general regional/caste level positions in India, there is much less variety in names. Especially once you get into movie stars, who all tend to pick from the same half-dozen acceptable names when picking their star name (Akshay Kumar and Dilip Kumar, for instance).

      What might be more important is to add a “son of” or “daughter of” to the name. So in this case, “Jhanvi (daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor, niece of Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor, cousin of Sonam Kapoor, half-sister of Arjun Kapoor).


  2. I wonder what happened to the launch of Sara (Saif’s daughter)? I thought she was starring opposite Ranveer Singh in one of the Dharma Productions.Suddenly the project is scrapped and nothing more is heard of.Is Karan washing his hands off her? Or will she be launched later? I don’t see Amrita or Saif for that matter, reacting kindly to Jhanvi being launched ahead of Sara.


    • Last I remember hearing was Sara and Tiger in Student of the Year 2. Which is a pretty great launch! Especially if Karan himself is directing SOTY 2.

      I think Saif and Amrita would be pretty happy with that, even if Jhanvi’s movie comes out first, so long as she doesn’t get a big name co-star and a personal Karan direction.

      And if they are really unhappy, you know what the big guns would be? Get pregnant Kareena to give Karan a call. Can you imagine anyone standing up to her under normal circumstances? And then add in pregnancy hormones!


  3. I think Student of the Year 2 would be more appropriate for Jhanvi’s launch. I’ve seen Sairat, and its remake in Hindi, especially by Karan Johar, is a terrible, terrible idea. The movie would not be so much ruined as tortured to death. And Jhanvi would be entirely the wrong choice for it for two reasons: (1) she is too urban and international in her upbringing and life experience to be able to portray a rural girl (albeit a rich one) convincingly; (2) more importantly, one of the big reasons for the success of Sairat was that both of the leads (male and female) were complete unknowns prior to the film’s release. This really helped the audience to think of them as just an ordinary couple, or “one of us.” While this might be Jhanvi’s debut film, she is far from unknown, and the baggage and public recognition of her as Sridevi’s daughter would completely kill the suspension of disbelief needed for the audience to identify with her character, rather than herself.


    • Just reading about Sairat, and watching that one song, I wonder if it might be better for Sara’s launch? She is a little more out of the public eye than Jhanvi, and to me at least she has a little more of a “natural” look to her.


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