It’s My Father’s Birthday Today!!!

Also, Mickey Mouse!  And my best friend!  Truly, a blessed day!  And a busy day, because I have to squeeze in 2 celebrations (not 3, because I don’t celebrate with Mickey.  But I do have commitments to the other 2).

For my sister’s birthday I did sister songs, for my brother-in-law’s I did brother-in-law songs, for my mother I did nothing because I forgot (oops!), and now for my father I will do father-daughter songs!

Technically a father-daughter-would be son-in-law song.  But my Dad looks kind of like Amitabh (even if I look nothing like Aish), so I am including it!


Amitabh isn’t the father of the daughters in this song, but it’s still an Amitabh song.  And anyway, my Dad is much more Alok Nath in personality (a little sentimental, a little indulgent, a little bit of a fuss-budget sometimes) than he is Amitabh (he almost never throws me out of the house for a minor offense, or mentions the family honor)


Now, this is an interesting Amitabh one, because it is him being unrelated to all these people as a character, but the father of one and the father-in-law of the other in real life.


And finally, just for fun, my father’s two favorite Indian songs.  First, the one he refers to as the “dancing on the train song with the Frankie Avalon looking guy.”


And then the one he calls “the Ku Ku Ku song”.


And then finally, the sappy sappy scene, which always makes him leave the room because it is too sad (and also, as he points out, what was the teacher thinking putting “Ma” in as an option?)!  But it is also a father daughter thing, so it seems appropriate for today.  Although I don’t much like comparing myself to Little Anjali, blech!


11 thoughts on “It’s My Father’s Birthday Today!!!

    • I still can’t see it, but Dad has remained firm that there is a resemblance for the past 12 years. On the other hand, I had a big crush on Frankie Avalon, and now I have a big crush on Shahrukh, so there must be something in common.

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  1. How about the Babul song? It always makes me cry.The lyrics are so beautiful and touching.Amitabh is a bit stand offish.But Alok Nath does not believe in being formal with family.Does your Dad have Alok Nath’s penchant for throwing a party for every occasion?


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