I Did NOT See Force 2!

I was going to!  I set up a time to pick up a friend, I checked the showtimes, I was all set.  And then at the last minute, I couldn’t go.  For an interesting reason!

Well, I think it’s interesting!  On Thursday I checked the showtimes, it was at 2 theaters I could get to, and I picked the one I liked better and found a showtime I liked and texted my friend, and we were all set!  And then on Friday I checked again just to confirm, and no showtimes!  Out of the 5 theaters in my area that usually show Indian movies, suddenly it was only at 2 of them, the 2 that are really really far away (2 hours on the expressway).  What happened?!?!?!?

Well, I know what happened with me, my friend and I just met up at a sweet shop instead and talked and I ate 5 ladoos (but they had nuts on top, so it was healthy!).  Worked out great, plus we stopped at the DVD store on the way home and I picked up Dhanak and the new Rekha biography.  One of them is sweet and soothing and restores your faith in humanity.  The other looks juicy and nasty and scandalous.  A perfect combination!

Image result for rekha biography book


But what happened to Force 2?  Here’s my guess.  Remember a while back it came out in the media that Dear Zindagi was releasing two days early in America?  So it would come out before Thanksgiving?  I’m guessing the filmmakers remembered to tell the media, and tweet it to the fans, but completely forgot to mention it to the North American distributors until the last minute.  So now the 3 theaters near me that were going to show Force 2 are scrambling, because they don’t want to tie up the screens if they need to bring out Dear Zindagi just 5 days later.

At least, that’s my hope.  Because according to their websites, they still have Dear Zindagi with a 11/25 release date.  So hopefully that is just because they are only now learning that Dear Zindagi really has an 11/23 release date.

13 thoughts on “I Did NOT See Force 2!

  1. My local theater is currently playing, ADHM, Force 2, Rock On 2, Shivaay, and a Punjabi movie in 2D and 3D versions, with DZ slated to start on Nov. 23. Plus their usual contingent of non-Indian movies. I wonder why the difference.


    • Maybe it’s because my theater has more Telugu and Tamil stuff usually? It rarely has more than 2 Hindi films, and it still has ADHM and Shivaay. Maybe the concern is, if it took Force 2, and then DZ, it would run out of screens for Telugu and Kannada and so on?


  2. That’s interesting that Moviemax held on to the older Hindi titles. I think for the other main stream theaters, that Harry Potter may be taking over screens for the whole weekend. I was going to catch a late show of ADHM at my local theater on Thursday night, and they had switched to only daytime shows that day since they were showing Fantastic Beasts early.


  3. Now, you are scaring me. My local theater which shows all the Hindi films does not yet have anything listed for Wednesday besides Fantastic Beasts and Allied and it has 25 theaters!! They do have Force 2 and ADHM on for tomorrow still. If I don’t see Dear Zindagi Wednesday, I will have to cry.


      • Now, that sounds like a plan. Hmmm, I can just hear the judge now, “Let me get this straight: each of you decided to drug an entire table of relatives so that you could go see a movie in another language, made in another country? You say that this person, this ACTOR, what was his name, oh, Shah Rukh Khan is more important than friends, family, or country? I fail to understand.”


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