Force 2, a Mini-Review/Summary (SPOILERS): John Abraham Was Good, But Nothing Else Was

Force 2 popped up on Netflix a little bit ago and I thought “why not?”  Well, there is a reason why not!  This is not a good movie!  It took one good thing from the first movie (John Abraham’s character), and then grafted on a bunch of things that weren’t good at all.  And therefore, as punishment for the filmmakers (Bad filmmakers!  Bad!), they don’t get a real review!  They just get a little mini one.  But full of SPOILERS! So if you liked Force and are kind of curious about Force 2 but not enough to watch it, you should just read this.

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Box Office, Censorship, and Casting News

Massive combined post!  Because I am trying to end the day/first year of blogging at exactly 999 posts, so I can’t split this up.  But I also don’t want to ignore any of these stories!

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