Merry Christmas Part II

Well, if we are on our usual schedule, my family is now in hour 4 of Christmas morning present opening.  We take presents VERY SERIOUSLY in our family.  Each person opens one at a time while we all watch, and each person gets about 25.  So it takes quite a while.  To clarify, not all 25 are good presents.  They can range from a blu-ray player (my “big gift” about 7 years ago) to a joke pencil (one of my 4 gifts for my brother-in-law this year, DON’T TELL HIM!!!!).  But no matter the value/quality of the gift, they are always wrapped, with a note including a clue that must be read out loud and debated and appreciated before the gift is unwrapped.  So the time adds up.

As a second Christmas post (first one here), I thought it might be nice to put up some pictures of some of my favorite film-themed gifts from Christmases past.  And Christmas present!  One of them is from this year.

Here is the mug moviemavengal gave me last year, which now sits proudly on my desk at work, cheering me up whenever I look at it:


Really, you have to see it from every angle:





Last year was a good year for presents.  I also got this lovely picture from a friend who ordered it all the way from India:



And this homemade star, which is now the pride of my Christmas decorations:


Here it is in context:


By the way, someone asked in the comments if I would put up a picture of each of my Christmas trees.  That seemed a bit much, but I thought I would give you a tour of one of my 4 decoration areas in my 500 square foot apartment.  The light up pig was another gift last year and I LOVE it, the little nativity scene in a box is from Mexico and was a gift from my sister (I have it out all year, and then I open the doors in December so you can see the little people), the angel I bought for myself at the local German Christmas Market a few years back, the snowman is from this year’s White Elephant gift exchange at my quilting group (you can’t see it now, but it’s got a place for a handle inside so the light shines through all the little stars and it looks really pretty), and the Christmas tree is self-explanatory.  Oh, and the fabric is this lovely pattern.  I bought 12 yards of it a few years back and made all my friends holiday aprons.


The same friend who made me the star also made me what used to be my favorite Christmas decoration and is now my second favorite (after the star), this lovely ornament:


Again, you need ever angle:



And finally, this year’s SPECTACULAR present, again from moviemavengal.  Handmade and one of a kind!  Be VERY JEALOUS!!!!





3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Part II

  1. Merry Christmas, Margaret! Your family’s gift opening ritual sounds like loads of fun! Thanks for showing us some of your gifts. But alas, I can’t see most of the pics (except the first one of the last ornament). I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or if there was trouble with your images appearing, but I thought I’d give you a heads up.


  2. OK, ignore that last comment. Suddenly I can see all the presents! And a lovely lot they are, too. I particularly like Moviemavengal’s presents. 🙂


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