Phillauri Podcast-Carcast is Up!

Continuing my experimenting, Dina and drove home from Phillauri last night and discussed the movie the whole way.  Feel free to listen in! (as always with these, we are assuming you have already seen the movie, so if you don’t want to be lost and haven’t seen it yourself, hop over here to read my SPOILER review)


5 thoughts on “Phillauri Podcast-Carcast is Up!

  1. Aren’t you planning to watch Anarkali of Arah? You started talking about the next feminist movie and for a moment I thought you meant AoA. Naam Shabana seems good too. Wanted to hear your thoughts on AoA.


    • There’s a good chance we won’t be getting Anarkali, so I am trying not to plan on it. Our theater has started doing no more than 2 Hindi films at once, and all the other regional. If they keep Phillauri or Badrinath another week, that means they will probably take Naam Shabana only and skip Anarkali.


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