New Podcast! Dina and I Talk About Jacobinte Swargarajyam

Another podcast!  And another week when there was no movie to see in theaters, so we watched a DVD!  Another Nivin, Jacobinte Swargarajyam.  Because I know it would be unlike any movie Dina had ever seen before.  And I was right! (you can read my original review here)

I know not everyone loved this movie, but I did!  And most of all I was fascinated by how different it was than any other film, such a simple undramatic story, no romance, no big villains or heroes.  And, thank goodness, Dina saw the same things I did.


7 thoughts on “New Podcast! Dina and I Talk About Jacobinte Swargarajyam

  1. Please watch Mohanlal’s classic romantic movie Namukku Parkkan Munthirithoppukal by Padmarajan. He is the director of Innale, the malayalam movie you have watched. This film is so beautifully created and with mohanlal’s natural performance, this movie is so easy to watch through. You can find it on with english subtitles; you will have to hide your vpn as hotstar isn’t accessible in united states.


    • Hotstar makes me so angry! They bought up all those rights, which means any movie on hotstar isn’t on einthusan or youtube or anywhere else. But then they made it impossible for me to watch overseas. I’d even be happy to pay a monthly subscription cost to get access, but they don’t allow it.

      If I can figure out hiding the VPN, or find a different website, I will definitely check this out.


  2. I just loved the climax of this movie for the way it busted typical cliches and presented things in a very realistic manner. I mean, one would expect Nivin and his dad having a lengthy,emotional conversation when they meet in the end where the father would thank him and shower him with praises and things would end in an emotional hug, as is the cliche.But father-son relationship is not too official after all. So both of them are standing in the balcony confused what to do. And now the mother enters, takes the father’s hand and keeps it over the son’s shoulder. Now they look at each other and smile. THAT’S IT. WOW!


    • YES!!! I was so excited to show this movie to Dina, partly because I really like it, but partly because she is also a film scholar, and knows all those standard tropes, and would be able to fully appreciate how this film subverts it. There is no easy resolution, there is no big speech and moment of touching his feet or anything like that. Because life is both simpler than that (father and son love each other, they just need to be reminded of that), and more complicated (you can’t erase 4 years of sorrow and struggle in a moment).


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