Happy Pride! A Selection of my Queer FanFic

There isn’t a terrible lot of it (although it will be added to by today’s post), but I thought, for Pride, I should give us all some options for our Queer fantasies.

Back when Karan’s book came out, I got super worried about his marriage.  Well, that’s not true, I have always been super worried about his marriage.  I just want everyone to be in love and happy and paired up!

Anyway, the book in particular inspired me (especially with what he wrote about some of his friends) to come up with the happy ending I would write for him, were I the scriptwriter of the universe.  You can read all 3 options here and vote for which one you like the best!  I am awfully fond of “he realizes he had love all along and ends up with best friend of 20 years Manish Malhotra” myself.

Image result for karan johar manish malhotra

(Jitesh Pillai is also part of this love triangle)


And my other Queer post, I imagined a Fan sequel in which Gaurav’s girlfriend-ish in Delhi and Aryan’s assistant in Bombay fall in love.  They both deserve happiness!  You can read that here (along with some kind of dark S&M Shahrukh-Kajol fiction, if you are into that kind of thing)


Oh, and it isn’t the main storyline, but in one of my Bahubali fanfics, I decided Sudeep and Subbaraju have a long time secret relationship.  You can read that little detour here.

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